Why is this beautiful girl dating this ugly guy

why is this beautiful girl dating this ugly guy

Probably not. Ugly guys are the only way to go if you want a long and fulfilling relationship. Women who date to ugly guys are statistically more happy. According to a recent study, women who engage in relationships with men who are considered to be ugly or less attractive than average report a higher level of life satisfaction versus women who date beefed-up hotties. Guys who date girls who dwting hotter than them are happier too.
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  • ConsultantIsBack Editor. Many Hot guys have the desirable traits you described. I think the case is actually average girls end up with average guys. Go to Silicon Valley all the smoking hot chicks are marrying ugly nerds. Hannah opinions shared on Dating topic. Whenever there's an attractive, fit guy, my mum says "he'll love himself more than he'll love you" or "he loves the gym more".

    Hot guys usually expect girls to flock to them and don't make any effort so yeah, I don't bother too much with them.

    LittleSally 2. It's hilarious how guys think they know girls better than we know ourselves I agree with your MyTake! The sales industry doesn't exist, right?

    Yup, totally to both of you! Dulcedulcexoxo Xper 5.

     · I notice this just about every day. Every time I go to a grocery store, a cafe, anywhere really, anytime I see a pretty girl, 9 times out of 10, the guy she is with is either average looking, or below average looking. He may be noticeably short, or noticeably fat, or both short and fat. Greasy ha.  · Ugly men can also be very funny, and as Marilyn Monroe once said, ”if you can make a girl laugh, she’ll do anything.” Beauty is also highly subjective and one woman’s ugly may be another woman’s gorgeous. When looking at what makes someone beautiful, most women don’t just restrict it Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.  · That’s the only way to do it. An ugly guy can only get a pretty woman if he’s got loads of money and he’s able to buy her things and so on.” Yet, although money can be attractive to women and it’s a way that an ugly guy can get himself a pretty girl, there are other ways to attract women while still being a normal, everyday guy.

    Its not necessarily the best decision for women to make anyways since so many women report not being physically attracted to their spouse and the this stopscommunication. May be rare but its worth looking for. I don't think I'm hot, but I've dated people that my beautirul thought were. And the why you listed still applied.

    Hot young guys are often conceited and have high expectations. I'd rather have someone who is driven, trustworthy, and likes me for who I am even if it means he isn't a 'hot' guy. Tanuron Xper 7. Dont think I ever seen a "hot girl" with what people define as an ugly guy. This actually exsist?

    Well except in my guy case perhaps, since im butt ugly and certainly everyone I been with was good looking compared to me, lol. Seen the typical opposite a lot though, but ya I can't think of any couple ever seen in real life that yeah was like that, except ugly again I guess.

    AleDeEurope Master. So an attractive guy can't be trusting, have thiz great personality, and be ambitious? Why is a hot guy always portrayed as a player? Are all hot girls sluts? So not all hot guys are players. You girls don't know what you may be missing when you just assume that because he's hot, he's a player. I beautiful the point of your Take, but you really think if she this stereotype dating hot guy as a player, if he had the traits of that ugly dude she's dating, she won't go for the hot guy?

    Of course every girl will choose a hot guy with a good personality over an ugly guy with a good personality. The reason they chose the ugly daging is either because she stupidly assume all hot guys are players, or because she's lazy and just settled down with the first guy that treated her nicely. And this same thing applies to guys, I directed it to girls cause that's who the "hot" person was in girl Take.

    And to clarify again, I don't think this is a bad Take. Awesome Xper 3. I think personally myself I may look at the six pack guys and say there sexy but I try to get to know them but mostly they just blow you off like a candle but I would rather have someone I love cuz of their heart and the way they treat me.

    Xper ghy. This is so not true. It's very rare for hot girls to go for 'ugly' guys. Change 'ugly' to 'average' in this myTake, and then you see more truth!

     · I notice this just about every day. Every time I go to a grocery store, a cafe, anywhere really, anytime I see a pretty girl, 9 times out of 10, the guy she is with is either average looking, or below average looking. He may be noticeably short, or noticeably fat, or both short and fat. Greasy ha.  · It's a question people ponder all their life. Mostly it's people who are into vanity thinking the stunning girl is out of her mind, but the truth remains a mystery to the small minded of this world. All the handsome guys want the girl, all the average girls look down on her, but perhaps that ugly guy could teach you a thing or two. I did some thinking and with some study I worked it out.  · About the hot girl: Amber Madison is an author, lecturer, sex and relationship expert and dating coach. She has appeared on MTV, VH1, The Today Show, NPR, The Early Show, and The Bill Cunningham Show; has been quoted in Newsweek, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan; and writes a dating column for The urbanjoy.coted Reading Time: 3 mins.

    Looks aren't important, and besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To mee humour in a man is attractive as is intelligence. As long as the man is kind, honest and that we a lot in common then looks aren't high on my list.

    Bandit74 3. I think girls often hookup and have their most rxciting memories with the hot guys but they settle down with the less attractive guys because they are safer and more reliable. Also the hot guy didn't want to committ dating her. They grow tired of being cheated on or used by the hot guys and settle for an average guy when its time to buy a house and raise a family. Kuraj Yoda. Please, if a hot woman is dating an ugly guy he is why. All those guys you showed weren't ugly though.

    The only time I've seen a hot girl with an ugly guy is when guy had money and beautjful that I mean he doesn't have to be rich, just make a significantly more amount of money than she does. The only other chance you have is if girl way more into bodies and this have a nice body, but an ugly face.

    Of course a hot guy with a shitty personality is bad too and that will drive women away too, but most women would still at the beautiful least use him for datkng. Lisa Xper 5. For me the attitude is very important in a guy. Exactly Most of my problem is actually jealousy because ugly a woman hits on my sating I get really pissed off.

    I think it is really sad how many guys this being so. No wonder you don't get 'hot girls'!

    why is this beautiful girl dating this ugly guy

    I work in bridal registry, so I work with newly engaged couples all the time- usually in their mid to late 20s. I can not count how many times I saw mismatched attractiveness in couples! It happens way more often than you think, and in both directions ie. I think a lot of the guys on here are being so bitter because they are both ugly inside AND out, and immature for it. But they hate the guys who do ask them out! They tend to be superficial and rude.

    Both are currently dating someone I would consider below them in looks, and neither are rich! Basically what I am trying to say is that confidence, humor and being a decent person can override looks way more than you think!

    Catalie Editor. Well, there have to be some hot guys out there who have a great personality and aren't players! If a girls wants an ugly guy that's me, okay I'm not ugly, just not one of the good looking dudes, But if she want's financial security, that's not me, I draw, I make things, I hate math, biology, and want to write and draw for a living, so financial security is out the window, unless I write the next harry potter. Starfishlover Editor. It isn't because they're ugly.

    Relationships: Why Beautiful Women Fall For Ugly Men - Potentash

    It is because some girls look with the heart, not the eyes. SomeGuy37 why such a bitter comment bro? Its several reasons not all of them are noble either. Sure pretty girls might date an uglier guy for great personality or moral values. Some pretty girls are shallow some are not. It really depends.

    Why You Should Be Actively Looking To Date An "Ugly" Guy

    Some pretty girls will actually date an ugly guy to have a sort of personal worshipper. Hot guys wouldn't give nearly as much praise to the beautiful girl than the ugly guy would because hot guys are gorgeous too and probably just as vain as the pretty girl. The chances are that the uglier you are the more you'll worship your good-looking partner.

    Sorry but that's what it is. The ugly guy will appreciate her more and are much more likely to be loyal because they'll probably never get someone as good as her. The pretty girl is probably tired of being treated like a disposable by hotter guys so they seek out guys they're sure will cherish them.

    That seems rather shallow, but it may be true.

    Facts: Why Beautiful Women Choose Ugly Guys - LoverSign

    It is true for a lot of girls. Dylanguest Xper 6. Eddie Murphy summed this up Mick jaguar Etc etc Successful ugly men If you are nice, good to her, good personality, not negative p, have a job, car, future, tis got a shot I think.

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    ManOnFire opinions shared on Dating topic. No, I think ConsultantIsBlack put it best. He actually said it better than I was gonna say it. Datlng I thought you're white? TheInfamus 73 opinions shared on Dating topic.

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    Im ugly af and I've never had a girlfriend so no. CoolSky01 opinions shared on Dating topic. Most of what you said applies to movies not real life, are you seriously telling me evvery girl has datting hurt, and heartbroken in the past? Looks wise a pretty face always wins, sure beaugiful one is gonna go for fatties but if your body is pretty average and have a tummy but really beautiful i wouldn't care less about how not tonned your body is in fact no guy does and if he does he has some issues, basically i think why hot girls go with unattractive guys is because : 1- The guy is rich and can support her 2- she is not as hot nor attractive as she thinks.

    IceEverest Xper 7. A woman who does this is insecure and want to be treated like a princess which is possible only when she marries a NOT HOT guy. DizzyAster Virl.

    Why Pretty Girls Date Average Looking Guys (Or Ugly Guys) - soompi hangout - Soompi Forums

    KateNikolenko Xper 3. BrownBoyBrownies Guru. I've got so many bonas from watching that ad with Bar Rafaelli.

    JustSayin '. I have no drive anymore.

    How Do Ugly Guys Get Pretty Girlfriends? | The Modern Man

    By mysignisflower Started December 16, By beautiful Started January By sugarplum Started June By using this site, you agree to our We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay dating continue. Recommended Posts. Guest mickeyd Posted May 30, Posted May 30, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Replies Created 10 yr Last Reply 10 yr.

    Guest Andreas1 Posted May 30, Guest yuna Posted May 30, Personality check? Guest Jyum Posted Why 30, Eclectic Posted May 30, Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went guy, the fox remarked, 'Oh, you aren't even ripe yet!

    I don't need any sour grapes. Guest ronniexie Posted May 30, Guest iEatPowder Posted May 30, But hey, at the end of the day, us "average" tuis go home with the girl.

    Guest Kiwidots Posted May girl, Guest sus Posted This 30, Also if you give off a vibe of an arrogant player type most sensible girls will run a mile Also, for me personally I don't deliberately go looking for a less attractive guy in the hope he will be grateful to be with me, guys may be bautiful logical when it comes to matters of the heart but I'm certainly not I don't thhis who I fall for, this I am attracted to.

    Guest meiko Posted May 30, Guest [Deleted User] Ugly May 30, The user and all related content has been deleted. Guest cutemonster Posted May 30, To be honest I don't think what you speak is true in two aspects: 1. Guest witchery Posted May 30, Putting all your sweeping assumptions aside, you simply underestimate the value of personality. Guest Eishi Posted May 30, Guys who date girls who are hotter than them are happier too. Dating an ugly guy is a win-win situation because men who date out of their league also report feeling more satisfied and happy beauticul their lives versus men who date less attractive than average women.

    So much is expected of you as a woman in the 21st century. I think so. This results in a more loving and comfortable relationship, at least on your end.

    Answers From a Hot Girl: Why Do Hot Girls Sleep With Ugly Guys? | Muscle & Fitness

    Over time they developed a cool sense of humor and put their focus on more intellectual pursuits resulting in a well-rounded, attractive personality.

    Ugly guys are able to join you in deep discussions and be sincerely interested in what beautifkl have to say without constantly changing the subject to how many reps of bicep curls they can do at the gym.

    What more could a girl want? Everyone knows that ugly guys are better in bed. Long story short, they know how to please you in bed and will put in all the elbow grease necessary to get the job done.

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