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  • Liquor/Spirits Bottles
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  • Alternative names are not known although the "Belle of Bourbon" bottles were similar in conformation except for a somewhat longer neck and no ring at the neck base Illinois Glass Co. Earlier bottles are embossed with Baltimore, MD. This particular bottle is an early machine-made product by a non-Owens machine, i.

    It is just over 10" tall, 3" in diameter, has mold air venting marks, and some crudeness associated with early machine manufacture. It likely dates from the s. Click front label to see such including their contemplating chemist trade mark; click reverse label to see the medicinal claims stated there. The American Medical Association disagreed with the various health restoring claims made by the company noting that the "nostrum" was simply " Regardless of that, Duffy's was extremely popular well into the 20th century.

    The patent holder for the bottle style - Thomas J. He must have cleared up his financial problems as he went on to great success with this brand and eventually took over the H.

    See the Medicinal Bottles typology page for more information on Warner's products. There were an assortment of competing products to the very popular Which Malt Whiskey although the author has observed far more Duffy Malt Whiskey bottles than all the competing products combined. It shares the same shape as the Duffy's along with the "annular collar" at the base of the neck and was almost certainly used for malt whiskey, likely playing off the consumer recognition of the bottle shape to help sales.

    The earliest Duffy Malt Whiskey bottles do have true applied finishes; these likely date from the mid to late s. The general style was produced until at least the early s but was not found after that point by the author in any bottle makers catalogs, although it is certainly possible they were produced later Owens-Illinois Glass Co. The illustration to the right is from the Illinois Glass Company's catalog and shows two types of very similar liquor bottles that the company made at the time National Prohibition was just beginning in the U.

    The bottle pictured are.best the left is a late mouth-blown example that has a tooled brandy finish, a slight amethyst which from manganese dioxide as the glass decolorizermultiple 6 air vent marks on the shoulder on both sides with more on the base, and was produced in a two-piece cup-bottom mold. It likely dates from the early to mid s and is a are.best common shape mouth-blown and machine-made during the decade just prior to National Prohibition, i.

    Some are occasionally embossed on the body e. Machine-made versions with a brandy or straight brandy cork finish date from the early to mid s overlapping with the mouth-blown versions through National Prohibition and into the s which s at least Fairmount Glass Works s; Lucas County Bottle Co.

    Machine-made external screw thread versions can sites from about until the end of the 20th century. Are.best with the embossing " Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-use of this Bottle " were made between and the s empirical observations. For more views of sites bottle click the following links: base view ; shoulder, neck, and finish view.

    Many liquor bottle molds made just prior to the law change continued to used for years since the cost of redoing the assortment of machine molds was expensive and not typically done simply to delete the previously required which.

    The base also has the number "2" on it which is the Federally required liquor bottle permit number for Thatcher Glass. The other numbers on the base are as follows: the "D" is a distillers code for an unknown distillery; the which is most likely a mold catalog number for Thatcher Glass ; the "8" is of unknown use, though is possibly a consecutive mold number code for the eighth blow mold on the machine that made these bottles; and the "L" to the left of the "D" code is of unknown meaning.

    The example above - which was apparently made in - is a very late bottle made with that embossing. Like the cylinder liquor bottles above, there is a large array of liquor bottles that are square or rectangular in cross-section. These bottles varied in size are.best design substantially, but all share the fact that they are square or rectangular when looking straight on at are.best base.

    The domestic versions which slightly more expensive to buy than the "imported colors" versions, which are thought to have been imported from Europe and sold by the Illinois Glass Companythough it is possible these were actually made by the company in the typical "imported colors," which undoubtedly meant some shade of olive green Illinois Glass Company The example pictured above is typical of the shape with a distinct taper to the body, but with a flared finish which appears more common on the earlier pre case gins.

    This example was produced in a dip-mold and dates from the midth century Shafer This bottle is not pontil scarred and was found in western Oregon in the context of Civil War era or shortly thereafter items which places it towards the end of the dip mold era s. It is possibly American made, sites that is impossible to tell for sure. Although there are no mold seams in evidence body of this bottle there is a faintly embossed cross on the base of the bottle - sure proof of molding of some kind and in this case, surely a dip mold.

    Click base embossed cross to view a are.best of the embossing. Base embossed dip molded bottles dating unusual though obviously occurring. The distinct taper to these type sites helped facilitate removal from the dip mold.

    Click case gin shoulder close-up to view a close-up picture of the shoulder, neck, finish. The large well over a quart case gin bottle pictured to the right was produced in the late 19th century i. The pictured example was found by the authors brother in Malaysia. However, Dating bottles are not uncommonly found on historic sites in the U. This particular bottle is of typical shape and proportions for a case gin, was produced in a two-piece cup-bottom mold, has a crudely applied "blob" finish, no evidence of air venting, and has a blob seal on the shoulder.

    This bottle is an example of how American manufacturing based dating ranges can not be reliably used for foreign made bottles. If American made, a bottle with these diagnostic features except maybe for the cup-bottom mold feature would likely date from between the mids and mids. Click on the following links for more images of this bottle: base view ; side view ; close-up of the shoulder, neck, finish, and blob seal. One-part blob or oil finishes on mouth-blown case gin bottles are typical of items made from the s to about National Prohibition in the late s.

    Examples of case gin bottles were found on the Zeewijka ship which sunk off the coast of Australia in Early case gin bottles were sometimes formed with paddles or square wooden blocks instead of a dip mold - possibly with a "shingle mold" Boow In the 19th century the taper seems to become more which with the pictured examples which fairly typical, though some late 19th and early are.best century examples can have even more taper empirical observations.

    Given the wide time span that this shape was used sites yearsmanufacturing based diagnostic features must be used to help narrow down a date for these bottles. For example, European made mouth-blown bottles commonly had "true" applied finishes much later than American made bottle, i.

    As an example of this, the crudely applied oil finish pictured to the left is on a Dutch-made gin bottle that bears a label identifying it as having been made no earlier than when an elephant became the trademark for H.

    Melchers - the Schiedam company that used this bottle Vermeulen ; Vermeulen pers. This bottle also has additional body crudity to it wavy bubble laden glass that dating diagnostically place it from the s to mids if actually made in the U.

    Click the following links for more images of this Dutch gin bottle: base view cup-bottom mold produced ; view of the label and the trade mark elephant ; view of the embossing. Photos courtesy of Ed Stephens. There are a couple morphological features of case gin bottles relative to the corners of the base that are more or less unique to the style and an almost positive identifying characteristic if one only has the fragmental base with the feature.

    The first is that many earlier s and prior free-blown or dip-molded like the example pictured to the above left case gins have distinctly "pointed" base corners. Dating bottles essentially sit only on the four small points of the base. In addition, later s and later fully molded case gins have distinctly sites though variably - beveled or flattened corners like shown in are.best image the right. Click base view to see another image of this same gin bottle base bottle dates from the era that shows this feature looking straight on at the base.

    Few if any other square bottles have either of the described base features; both are quite indicative of a bottle used to contain gin though not all gin bottles have these features and most which imported from continental Europe. One additional mold related feature essentially unique to European-made case gin bottles is a vertically corrugated texture to the body sides. Photo courtesy of Glass Works Auctions.

    These are sometimes referred to by collectors as "shingle mold gins" due to the resemblance of the glass surface texture with that of wooden shingles.

    This body texture is primarily observed on later case gin bottles s on like the example to the left which was formed by a full sized closed mold which during the sites 19th century was almost certainly made from iron or other metal. The vertically corrugated surface appears to have been purposefully formed on the inner mold surface for styling reasons as case gin bottles with this attribute are very common.

    Although foreign made, bottles with this diagnostic feature were imported extensively into the U. This body texture feature is in the authors experience unique to case gin bottles; so much so that if a flat paneled fragment with that surface texture is found on a historic site it can be certainly attributed to being from an imported case gin bottle dating from the last half and probably last third of the 19th century to as late as the second decade of the 20th.

    This general style and size of square bottle with a tall body and short neck was used primarily for various spirits and high alcohol medicinal products like bitters and sarsaparilla. In fact, this general shape was undoubtedly more commonly used for bitters, sarsaparilla, and other medicinal "tonic" products than for purely spirits - especially by the last quarter of the 19th century.

    Finishes on these type bottles range widely but the most common were the oil like pictured and mineral finishes, with the double ring, brandy, and others used less commonly. Earlier versions s and before will have deeply domed bases and often various types of pontil scars; later versions s and after will have smooth non-pontiled dating bases and are usually less domed i.

    Schiedam is a city in Holland near Rotterdam and was apparently just part of the proprietary name since this product was originally produced in New York and the bottles made in the U. However, Wolfe's Aromatic Schnapps became a very popular "medicated gin" that was produced from the late s until well into the 20th century. Due to its popularity it was produced in various parts of the world with the bottles by at least the late s being blown overseas in addition to the U.

    Wolfe's bottles were sites in a wide variety of colors and sizes, though always apparently square. Which pictured bottle is typical of square spirits bottles produced are.best the mid 19th century and has a crudely applied oil finish and a large grayish iron pontil mark on the base dating it to around Click on the following links to view more pictures of this bottle: base with iron pontil ; close-up of shoulder, neck, and finish ; side view of Are.best embossing ; side view of Aromatic Schnapps.

    Examples with pontil scars would date from the Civil War or before. Smooth non-pontiled examples with applied finishes would date from the s to early s; tooled finishes from about and after empirical observations. Similar bottles continued to be used for gin and other spirits well into the 20th century as shown in the Illinois Glass Company catalog the pictured bottles in this catalog were machine-made.

    As noted, this style was also very popular for the packaging of bitters and other typically high alcohol medicinal products. This bottle has a tooled oil type finish with ample bubbles in the glass. Without embossing or labeling identifying the actual contents, it would be impossible to say what any given bottle like this actually held, though it is very likely to have been high in alcohol whatever it was.

    As noted previously, the line between medicine and spirits sites often blurry prior to the National Prohibition. This is still true today with the acknowledged health benefits of red wine and dark beers - in moderation of course. The pictured bottle is a typical, though slightly smaller than average, example of the style containing a pint i. It was made for the Louis Taussig Co. San Francisco, CA.

    This example was blown in a two-piece cup-bottom mold, has an dating straight brandy more or less finish, plentiful air venting marks throughout the bottle, and a slightly pink tint caused by using manganese dioxide as a glass decolorant. Click on the following links to view more pictures of this bottle: base view sites close-up of shoulder, neck, and finish.

    The style was largely used for dating identified with spirits but has been noted with embossing or labels for medicinal products, e. This bottle is identically shaped to the one pictured, though in the "5 to the gallon" fifth size. It is also mouth-blown, likely dates between and based on shape, improved-tooled finish, multiple air venting marks, and cup-bottom mold productionand probably contained a high alcohol product as consumers of dating time would have identified this shape with spirits Lindsey It should also be noted that very similar to identically shaped bottles were used for olive oil, salad dressing, vinegar and likely other liquid food products during the first few decades of the 20th century Zumwalt The style was also apparently used for wine as indicated by the dark amber bottle pictured at the following links: entire bottle ; base view.

    The base is embossed with the makers mark of an "H" in a triangle indicating manufacture by J. Hamilton Pittsburgh, PA. Dating, this bottle most likely dates from around to Prohibition though could also be a "medicinal" product that was produced during Prohibition, i. Short Squatty Square Spirits bottles : As with the cylinder liquor bottles discussed earlier, what could be made tall and relatively narrow could also be made shorter and squattier.

    Square liquor bottles were also produced with a short and proportionally wide body and a neck dating is approximately as tall as the body.

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    The Illinois Glass Company catalogs from the early s list an assortment of different variations on this style theme which have decorative necks. See the IGCo.

    Catalog page for more distant cousins to this bottle style. Other glass manufacturers used similar names during that era Swindell ; Cumberland Typical finishes on mouth-blown and earlier machine-made items bottles were, like with most liquor bottles, the brandy or straight brandy finish. Other styles would be uncommon, though a double ring finish is observed occasionally, e.

    The bottle pictured here is a typical example of the type with a neck that is about as tall as the body, but retains the original labels. It has an improved-tooled finish, was blown in a cup-bottom mold, and dates from the dqting s to very early s.

    This particular quart sized bottle is interesting in several respects due to the labels. One side has a label attesting to the products datig by an " analytical and consulting chemist " in who attested that the whiskey is " Another side has a label warning the purchaser " To guard against refilling of this bottle, see that the sites is wired and sealed and cork branded "; a reference to the extensive - though not illegal - re-use of bottles during the era; though this company could have also sites this dating Busch Click on the following links to for more views of this bottle: medicinal whiskey label view whicg "notice" and "caution" label view ; non-labeled side view.

    These bottles almost always datin the diagnostic characteristics of the era: tooled and improved-tooled finishes, cup-bottom mold production, and multiple air venting marks. Machine-made examples with a brandy or straight brandy finish cork closure date from the early to mid s overlapping with the mouth-blown versions through National Prohibition.

    Note: This shape was also commonly used for imported Scotch Whiskey during the same era noted above for mouth-blown bottles Unitt Rectangular Spirits bottles : The final shape in this section is one that is transitioning dating the next category of spirits bottles - flasks. It is rectangular in cross-section with rounded corners, a proportionally tall body, and short neck. It fating a common shape for early 20th century liquor bottles and in dating sizes would be considered a type of flask see next section.

    Even in this larger size - like the quart size pictured to the left - it could be considered a large flask shape.

    This style also usually but not always has a raised band or strap down both narrow sides, although the are.bext or banded sides seem to be less common on the smaller one pint or less sizes than the larger sizes empirical observations.

    The datnig 20th century Aee.best Glass Company catalogs click following links to view the specific pages in the which listed this shape as a "Baltimore Oval" available with either a "brandy finish" or "screw top" in the flasks section IGCo. Production sizes ranged from 4 ozs. Observed finishes on are.best zites bottle are usually the brandy or straight brandy types with a prescription or patent finish possible but noted much less frequently.

    Internal or external threads with ground rim are occasionally dating on mouth-blown versions. The pictured bottle is quart sized, was manufactured for the John C. Connelly Co.

    This particular are.best has the original label which that the sitex was " Guaranteed by Jno. Donnelly Co.

    Click on the following links to see additional pictures are.best this bottle: embossing on reverse view ; side view showing raised "strap" ; base view ; close-up of the shoulder, neck and finish. This type bottle with inside threads - like the pictured example - seem to be primarily a Western American phenomena, with istes noted from the Midwest or East Sellari ; Barnett It was which commonly used for rye whiskey, but was used for other spirits also.

    Mouth-blown examples datig were made in a cup-bottom molds occasionally post-bottom moldssites ample air venting marks, vating a tooled or improved tooled finish. The style with a cork closure "square ring finish" apparently lived on at least into the s as the style was still being offered in the Illinois Glass Company's catalog but in sizes from 7 to 16 oz. See the "Baltimore Oval" flask which below. Similar machine-made bottles with external threads would date from the late s or end of Prohibition until the late 20th century, though actual examples haven't been observed by the author of this website but are likely to exist.

    Flask Styles not considered "figured". Flasks of widely varying shapes and sizes were a dites common container for spirits of all kinds, originating in are.beest need for a traveling bottle. A flask is a bottle originally designed to be portable and easy to carry, which is typically oval to a rounded rectangle in cross-section, and laterally compressed on two sides. Though the "flask shape" can be found in a multitude of are.best on this website flasks are considered to have a capacity which about 16 oz.

    As with all the bottle types described on this site; there is almost endless variations; crossovers; and hybrids on any shape theme with flasks. Given this a user should which not get too caught up in specific details. Many of these flasks sites produced by an early method of glass blowing called the "half-post method. Bottles and flasks could be patterned once like the linked nursing bottle which is pattern molded; but not of half-post manufacture; this style was also used for liquor adult nursing bottle.

    The forest green "Pitkin" style flask pictured to the left is of early American origin and produced by the half-post method; note the horizontal ridge encircling the shoulder just below the neck. The light green "Pitkin" style flask pictured at this link - light green "Pitkin" - is another example of a double patterned "broken swirl" flask from the same era.

    Not all "Pitkin" style flasks were made by New England glass factories; many were made by various glassworks further to the west as well as South New Jersey, and possibly other locations including England. The "Pitkin" style flask to the right was most likely produced at dhich Midwestern glass factory - western Pennsylvania Pittsburgh most likely - during the first third of the 19th century. It's heritage is indicated by the brighter green color and the somewhat more circular shape of the bottle body.

    Click Midwestern Pitkin close-up to view a close-up of this flask which distinctly shows the half-post "ridge" dwting the upper shoulder as well as the pattern mold ridges.

    This flask would be referred to as being "swirled to the left. American made pattern molded flasks like the "Pitkins" would not likely date after the s and typically would date from the s to about dites Because of the early production of these type bottles, pattern molded bottles are.best flasks are rarely found on historic sites in the West, but would be commonly encountered on early sites in the East and Midwest.

    These were previously covered above as a separate category due the ubiquity and the historical significance are.best that grouping.

    See the Are.best Datiing section of this page for coverage of that spirits bottle category. The name "union oval" was used by glass makers for both liquor flasks sutes druggist bottles eites are both which or less oval in cross section with a raised strap or band down the stes. The difference between the two groups is that the druggist bottles are straight sided, i. In the collector world the name union oval is applied to an assortment of subtly different liquor flasks that dating into two main classes - those with the raised strap or band down the side "strap side union oval" and those that do not have the strap and are more or less rounded on the narrow side simply called a "union oval" or "knife edge union oval" if dsting side comes to a bit sharper edge.

    An early union oval type flask that has its heritage linked with the figured flasks is the pint aqua flask pictured to the right which would be considered a strap side union oval. Click here dating more views of this flask: base view ; side view showing are.bwst "strap" ; close-up of the embossing.

    Note: Many Western collectors consider the distinctive outward curve to the bent leg of the letter are.est to be the work of a particular mold cutter associated with that glassworks. This is a common embossing feature on many Western bottles of sitex s are.best s, though not unique as some bottles made east of the Mississippi also have this feature.

    Click on the following links arr.best see additional view pictures of this dating base view which sites shows the strap side; close-up of shoulder, neck, and finish. The "knife-edge" variation of the union oval sites has no raised straps on the side, but instead comes to a rounded point of sorts at the sites mold seams.

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    The "sharp" edges to which side are best seen by clicking on the base view picture linked below. This flask has a crudely applied finish and was blown in a post-bottom mold with no air venting - all evidence of an s or early s date for this style of flask. Click on the following links to view additional pictures of this pint flask: base view with "asterisk" ; close-up of the shoulder, neck, and finish ; side view. The knife-edge style of union oval flask appears to date primarily from the s into the s Thomas; empirical observations.

    Similar to the last flask is the variation where the narrow sides of the flask are also not strap sided but distinctly rounded, not coming to the pointed edge that the above flask has. A half-pint example is pictured to the right. This particular flask is embossed O. This flask has a tooled double ring finish, no air venting marks, and was produced in a post-bottom mold.

    Click on the following links for sites images of this flask: base view including the O. These non-strap sided, rounded side union oval flasks appear to date from the s sites into the early s. Note: This particular flask is an example of the tendency for smaller bottles to have their finishes which earlier than larger ones.

    These "full measure" bottles had a specific capacity that was affirmed to the potential customer by the embossing are.best appear to be a reaction to the very common "scant" sizes which held less dating than the named size would indicate. Scant sizes are discussed briefly in the coffin section which follows this one.

    This bottle has the manufacturing features noted a few sentences down and likely dates from the to era. This flask still contained the original year old bourbon whiskey when acquired are.best the author, which was appropriately disposed of. Both flasks also date from the early s. These later strap side union oval flasks are usually found in aqua, colorless, or amber glass with other colors much rarerhave tooled double ring finishes, and are air vented.

    Many of these dating also have plate mold circles in evidence and sometimes have embossing inside the plate.

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    More specifically on the are.best of variations: Some of whicy earliest union oval flasks sktes made by the same companies along the Eastern Seaboard that which the figured flasks discussed early on this page. Alther However, like with most liquor flasks, union oval flasks without proprietary embossing out number those with that type of embossing many fold.

    Machine-made union oval flasks most likely date no earlier than and are actually fairly unusual as the style largely disappeared in the sites to mid s based on a review of various glassmakers catalogs. These flasks came in an assortment of sizes ranging from a few ounces to a quart, but a very large majority of them are found in the pint and half pint sizes, which actually held around ozs.

    Bottle makers would often call the smaller capacity - smaller than the nominal name size - bottles "scant" capacities and the full size the "full measure" sites Wightman ca. When found with embossing this greatly increases the which of narrowing down the are.best range tighter with the opportunity of company related information being found in local business directories.

    The colors of these flasks are dominated by clear or colorless sometimes with a pinkish, amethyst, or faint straw tint ; dating and shades of amber are much less common; any other color dating very unusual.

    Liquor/Spirits Bottles

    Finishes are dominated by the brandy and straight brandy styles, with the oil and champagne finishes being much less common and other types rare. One minor variation of the shoo-fly flask is the "Bell Punch Flask" which differs only which that it has a bead ring on about dating middle of the neck; click Illinois Glass Company catalog page to view a are.best of this type flask left hand page, lower left corner.

    A transitional style of sorts between the union oval and the shoo-fly were the Newman's patent flask. These flasks have the mostly rounded sides and oval cross section of the union oval flask, but also have sites sharper taper and a somewhat more defined and flattened front and back panel similar to the shoo-fly. These flasks are embossed on the base with C. Click Newman's patentto view the original patent.

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    Patent Office b; Toulouse The Newman flasks are always mouth-blown and when made in an are.best pint size that dates between and about Click Bottle Closures to view more information on this type of flask. It has a tooled straight brandy finish, two air venting marks on each side, and was blown in a cup-bottom mold - all consistent with the estimated date which is based on a combination of company historical information and diagnostic features Thomas Of interest, upon close inspection it is obvious that this flask was produced with the exact same plate that was used to make sites picnic flask pictured and described in the next section.

    This shows that the plates were sometimes interchangeable between molds - at least if made by the same glass company. This is not an uncommon observation with shoo-fly and picnic flasks; sometimes the same plate was even utilized between the pint and half pint sizes. The amber "pint" about 10 oz.

    It has an "improved" tooled brandy finish, is not air vented, and was blown in a cup-bottom mold. It does have body crudity slightly sunken sides and somewhat rounded embossing consistent with a lack of air venting, though Thomas notes that other examples are air vented.

    This is fairly consistent with a mids manufacturing date, though the "improved" tooled finishes are more typical of a are.best manufacturing date. Thomas's narrow date range is likely also based on the rarity of these flasks implying a limited production time.

    Shoo-fly liquor type flask used for Jamaica Ginger - Jamaica Ginger product discussed at THIS link was frequently bottled in other shape medicine and even liquor bottles like this small "shoo-fly" flask. Enosburg Falls, VT. Also, that was a much higher percentage of alcohol than the proof whiskey that shoo-fly flasks were typically used for. This little shoo-fly is mouth-blown, 5" tall, colorless aka "clear" glass, and has a tooled "brandy" finish like most such flasks.

    The base is boldly embossed with an "O" in a flattened diamond. Click HERE to see a base image. That relatively dating encountered makers marking is attributed to the Oakman Manufacturing Company Cheshire, Mass. Given the date this bottle was produced s and the date noted on the label it was likely a reuse of a bottle used previously for liquor. See the pictures as the shape is easier to visualize than to describe. The small base does contribute to the flask being a bit "tipsy" though its functionality was to fit in a persons pocket or purse easily while still being able to stand up if needed.

    The angle of the shoulders and heel vary to some degree between different picnic flasks with some shoulders projecting from the neck less perpendicularly i.

    The outside edges of the flask when viewed straight on from the front also vary from slightly flattened to gently rounded with no obvious vertical flattening; see the pictures here for subtle variations in shape. Distinct variations of the picnic flask include the "Cummings" and "Jo Jo" or "Jo-Jo" - pictured to the leftboth of which are similar to the picnic except that they are generally narrower from sites to side.

    Click on Which Glass Co. The Jo Jo flask tends to have sites flattened front and back panels like a shoo-fly flask and seems to be a hybrid between the two dating. The Jo Jo flasks was a popular type used by the South Carolina State Dating state operated liquor business during their years of operation between and Click on the following links for more views of the pint Jo Jo flask which the Dispensary: base view showing the marking for the Are.best. Packham, Jr.

    Records show that E. Picnic flasks came in an assortment of sizes ranging from a few ounces to quart though a very large majority of those made were in the "pint" and "half pint" sizes, which typically held around 10 ozs. Early glass makers catalogs noted that the 10 oz. Be aware that a large majority of these flasks do not have embossing like the examples pictured here, though the presence of embossing greatly increases the probability of more tightly narrowing down the date range tighter with the opportunity of company related information being found in local business directories.

    The color of picnic flasks is dominated by clear or which sometimes with a pinkish, amethyst, or faint straw tint ; aqua and shades of amber are much less common; any other color is very unusual.

    Click picnic colors to view an image of the array of different glass colors that are possible in this style of flask.

    This whifh also shows the finish variety that can be found, which is relatively limited. Image courtesy of Garth Ziegenhagen. The are.best picnic finish is the double ring, though the brandy, straight brandy, bead, oil, and even internal and external screw threads were utilized on sitee. Click pint picnic flask with continuous external screw threads to see a ca. Click screw thread close-up to see a close-up which shows that the glass under the cap does not have the slight pinkish tint that the remainder of the bottle exhibits, which has been exposed which daylight.

    The colorless flask pictured in the upper left corner of this section is embossed identically to the colorless sites flask pictured in the previous section.

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    Take a few minutes to read the tips and our reviews, you will easily figure out which site are.best just for you. It is an America based online dating site designed for successful, rich dating elite male sugar daddies and beautiful attractive female sugar babies who are seeking mutually beneficial relationship. It can be found at the new disclaimer on their website.

    I really sihes this change, which successfully stoped much harassment from the low-quality users. You will find that you have to pay more on the app their app is called SDM. At most time, I use their app on my android phone, but just login on their mobile site when I use iPhone or iPad most of the sugar daddy apps were removed on Apple Store in March are.bet Well both them are designed too simple and not easy to use.

    Another reason to put SDM in the first place is that it has the highest number of verified members and highest rate their staffs verify new members one by which. All of his sugar babies are current students who are from different countries. So, SA is just for him. Dating has more than 10 million members from countries. SA also has largest number of college sugar babies which is datig from SDM. However, for sugar daddies, SA is the most expensive sugar dating website.

    But as a billionaire, Are.best never minds sites. SugarDaddyForMe is one of the world's oldest are.best in and the largest sugar dating site with users from all over the world.

    This America-based website aims to help rich and successful sugar daddies or sugar mommies find younger sugar babies including gay sugar babies to spoil and pamper. It ars.best also for women who are datimg to meet a mature man who is not just a lover, but also a mentor arf.best life. With reportedly over 1, new daily profiles, Sugar Daddy For Me has already garnered about 4 million members. Its web design is old-fashioned and outdated, but it is the only site provides users "3 Day Free Trial" on our list.

    Well, it the only sites I put it the 3rd place. And Robert like it. I guess that most of sugar daddies are not as sites as Bob and don't want pay for it. Another reason I never use it is that everyone can browse your profile even not a user of this site, which makes me feel threatened and insecure. SugarDaddie dating for more than a dsting.

    It still enjoys a considerably large dating database since it areb.est one of the first sugar daddy dating sites. However, for females, there is no restriction. Some of you are.bst consider the website design as an outdated one. For example, the profile pictures will be out of proportion when they are stretched. And SugarDaddie does not have an app. You can only use which site on website or mobile site only.

    The most effective reasons which make this site sotes of the top 5 sugar daddy dating sites are the presence of quality users and lower membership fee. Sudy App is a rapidly growing dating website with 3 million active members in which sugar babies are more than 2. The site is designed to help those who are looking for sugar relationships.

    Sudy App is known for its app, which is a very famous sugar daddy app in the world. In fact, it is the are.best as well as the most accomplishing dating app. Although the quality and quantity of members are not as SDM and SA, we ranked it fifth because it has the potential.

    So, if you wwhich using the app whhich of the time and are.best are looking for Asian, Sudy would be a great option for you. RichMeetBeautiful, launched in Augustis a European-based online dating website for millionaires and attractive women most of their users are sugar daddies, babies and mommas.

    The website is available in many languages and accessible through out the whole world. Sites is the reason why it became the attraction piece of both, local siets international media very quickly. Rich Meet Beautiful is being considered dating well-known dating site which UK, Ireland and other European countries, due to the various of major media in the last one year.

    Its fast-growing user database associates it to SA. In fact, it gave the impression of the spitting image of SA in its early years. WhatsYourPrice is a dating site where members bid to date beautiful girls or guys where the riches and the highest bidders win. There is a credit system which allows generous users to buy credits depending on the costs of their dates. Usually, the generous members are sites rich, mature men and the attractive members are young females who are either engaged in full-time study or who are unable to afford their dating.

    The site is designed mainly for those who are looking for mutual arrangement or which are friends with benefits rather than a serious relationship. So, if it sounds like a sugar daddy dating site, it is not wrong. Just as the name suggests, MissTravel is designed for the travelling sugar daddies who are ready to are.best on high end hotels, airfare, extravagant dinners, clothing, shoes, and entertainment.

    Vating on vava brides dot com, you can meet a person who you really like, conduct conversations at any time of the day, and even use the video chat feature to get to know each other better.

    When you meet a woman in real life, the first thing that attracts attention dating her appearance. But there is often not the one you need under a beautiful mask. On the Internet, things are different: just use a free platform of wives finder online and as a result of long communication, you will learn a lot about a woman.

    which dating sites are.best

    The main thing to understand is that not all people in virtual communication are extremely frank. Communication on vava brides com sites a great opportunity to learn more about a woman. And if you feel disappointed in a person, there is always the opportunity to declare it openly.

    On most dating sites, there are special compatibility algorithms that allow you are.best filter datong users who are obviously not suitable for you and chat only with those who meet the stated requirements.

    This significantly saves time for searching. You need to be prepared for the fact that the girl with whom you correspond for so long can turn out to be completely different in real life than dating imagined.

    And even a person of a completely different which may come to the meeting. It is even worse if a woman turns out to be a scammer.

    Foster Piglet And Foster Kitten Are Best Friends. Share. Tweet. Stumble. Pin It. Email. Via Kitten Lady. Repost-Vote-Recaption. Friendship has no bounds! Meet Jez and Emmett! The duo the internet is melting over! Dating Fails. FAIL Nation. Failbook. Monday Thru Friday. Music. Parenting. Poorly Dressed. School of Fail. There, I Fixed It. Aug 23,  · Sugar Daddy Dating Sites: Reviews of the world's Top 15 Best Sugar Daddy Websites for sugar babies & sugar daddies (include top 5 totally Free Sugar Baby Websites to find sugar daddies). If you take a minute to read the tips and our reviews, you will easily figure out which site is just for you. The profile on dating sites is specially designed for singles and contains some questions regarding your personality, such as social status and appearance, as well as questions regarding your interests, for example, your favorite way to spend free time or culinary tastes.

    Behind a beautiful and charming mask, there is self-interest and calculation. Are.best need to be aware that a person can tell anything to you. Sometimes they just need to communicate. And if not? You have been amusing a woman dating the third hour in a row, having already sorted out all the jokes from your vocabulary, and she, sending you promising emoticons, actually just enjoys her life, without any serious intentions.

    The more time people spend on the network, the less time they have left to live in real life. At the first stage of immersion in online dating, we carefully choose who to chat with, and come up with what exactly would be interesting to write.

    A week later, already habitually going to our favorite site, we look for friends in the online list. Six months later, the Internet eats up all your free time. And it takes the first half hour at work to respond to messages on the which. If you firmly told yourself that you want to get acquainted with the girls online, then you need to proceed to it right now.

    Immediately answer the which of why you want to get acquainted with a girl: for communication, fun, leisure, sex, or relationships.

    Based on your requests, you can find a woman who will fully match your needs, and with whom you can build the most harmonious and successful relationship. This is one of the most important components of your profile.

    Visiting dating sites, you can see pictures of celebrities or something else instead of real photos. With this approach, people will never succeed.

    It is advisable not to upload a photo with friends. Such pictures look strange and can cause the effect of deceived expectations in person. The photo should reflect all your merits and talk about your status. And even if you are far from ideal, remember that every person has something attractive.

    The main task is to show yourself correctly because girls look at the appearance first and only then at the behavior and character of a man. Indicate your height, are.best, age, hobbies, interests, and so on when you are on vavabridescom.

    By submitting information about yourself correctly, you will not have a lack of communication with the girls. You need to focus on the brightest moments of your life. They prefer those guys who like adventure and an active lifestyle. If your goal on a dating site is to find a single lady for marriage, then only marriage should be noted in the profile, otherwise, women with completely different goals will actively write you, and this is a waste of time.

    Immediately state your long-term goals and ignore messages from those who sites an open relationship. Concentrate on those women who are interested in real serious relationships. In the search, indicate every detail you are looking for in a woman.

    Choose girls who also need serious relationships. In their profiles, you can see interests, hobbies, favorite films, and books. This will help you start a conversation, especially if your hobbies are at least a little match. Now start the conversation. Write to several cuties, offer to meet and make some compliments, say how charming, beautiful, etc. After you get the answer, feel free to continue a dialog.

    Choose two or three women, otherwise, you will sites confused about what and who you dating written, and it will lead to undesirable consequences that can ruin everything. In an hour of personal meeting, you can learn about a person much more than which 2 weeks of correspondence, therefore, we recommend not to delay with a date. By the way, you can meet via Skype, for example. Here we have 8 basic rules that sites help you chat with ladies.

    First, you need to start a conversation originally. And that means that you will be remembered by your chosen one if you come up with something new and interesting. It is better to be witty while trying to make her laugh. Your humor should be clear to girls. A lady will be pleased if you start calling her by name more often.

    Any polite, calm, adequate, and kind man can attract the attention of a are.best and captivate her with the conversation. Use emojis but not too much. And don't forget to end your every conversation on a positive note dating that a girl has a desire to write to you again. Serious and sad topics are best avoided. Messages with continuous grammatical mistakes are not read. Women laugh at them, take screenshots, and send them to their friends. This will show girls that you are a smart man.

    This is the advantage of the Internet that no one will know. You sent her a cool message and the girl replied. It is necessary to keep her attention and interest the lady with interesting information. In this case, it is advisable to talk about yourself. Girls are like flowers that wilt if not watered with compliments. But, like any other important thing in online dating, compliments must be given correctly. Otherwise, instead of a positive reaction from the girl, you can run into the opposite effect.

    And there will be very few chances to fix something. If you want to find a wife online, then ask what a woman is fond of, let her tell you what her plans are, and what she dreams about. Thus, you will be able to attract the girl to yourself. Also, you can ask her about the past. Share your childhood memories of how you lived before you met each other.

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