Super crazy dating game girl hulks out

super crazy dating game girl hulks out

Tags: cartoonsChris Negatives of dating a party girlhamish Category commentscottish politicstranscult Trackback: trackback from your own site. Does indicate she wants a planned run in to a referendum more organised than the last one or is it gkrl delaying tactic. A more fundimental question is, has she been compromised by the state. Were the stories I heard from unionists and police friends true or not. If she has been compromised, we will be presented with a plan hulls failure possibly 3 questions on the ballot including devomax. The million dollar question is; has she been compromised?? Was the Salmond affair just politics of who makes the decision or was the civil service involvement an indication of the compromise?
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    Hide Show Music datng 1 credit. Hide Show Writer 2 super. Hide Show Soundtrack 6 credits. Hide Show Thanks 1 credit. We need solutions, and fast, but take care not to place the burden on too few shoulders, or on a fledgling political party. If crazy is one thing I want to hear from Greenock this weekend, it is a plan for the independence movement to make every citizen aware that there is a dangerous level of iniquity preying over our country, and to call out very vociferously those responsible.

    Scotland must waken up and recognise that Independence, datig matter hu,ks difficulties that may unfold, cannot come quickly hulks, and it super the only platform on which to build a just society.

    Could well be I suppose. This procurement process presumably had to game tendered as per EU rules? Breeks 4. Why if this is a better avenue to pursue freeing our statehood from the union has Joanna Cherry not moved to ALBA and in conjunction with Alex Salmond and the rest of the legal professionals within and without ALBA focused on datiing glaring usurpation of our sovereignty.

    We KNOW by her actions that Sturgeon is either one of them or has been compromisedbut what of the girl indy supporting partieswhy are they not openly shouting this from the rooftopswhy are they not EXPOSING this deliberate subservience to WM when it is girl legal and not requiredwhat are they waiting for.

    Universities can ouut survive by agreeing to teach gibberish. No political party seems worth being a member of because they are always infiltrated tame wrecked…. Who knows?! If Holyrood could be trusted, then it would be given adequate powers to hold the dating properly to account. But, it is not trusted and the current example is the fact that the hulks NHS funding will be paid out from Westminster to the NHS datinf in Scotland.

    It will not go via the Scottish Government because it out gets siphoned off if it gets done that way. The native population were not asked and when it was discovered at a later date the Scots said NO to the sale they named the treaty of the union, The Scots yirl, and England sent an army daring to the borders to squash the objection by use of force.

    Based On those facts, were and are the Scots still included as bill of sale dating from imposter Treaty, named the treaty of crazy union? I may have missed the odd response.

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    A number of other other folk posted girl numbers, like Ruby, pixywine and others. Interestingly they get a free pass. If out posts are worth responding to, I will, if not…then not, okay? Why am I particularly required to title my posts?

    Nobody else does so. Not sure what your issue dsting When asked, they repeatedly indicate they the majority prefer to stay in the Union. Only when a majority indicate they want independence will indyref2 happen ie when the Scottish government is confident,mand when Westminster ot no arguments left. Instead of venting in this echo chamber — folk need to get out and change minds. Change that. Just for clarity presumably these would have kut be the Scottish Parliament Elections seeing as they are the only ones that utilise the voter franchise you endorse?

    Build the majority — then you have morality girl democracy on your side. Arguably, it might be said that you are trying to impose your will on the majority by all and any means — other than democracy. Not a good look. Shocking dismissal of those women with a contrary view.

    Respectful debate? The next Holyrood election seems the best option. Of course I have my doubts the current SNP and Green party leadership will have much interest in the plebiscitary election path. We do have multiple mandates where the Scottish public voted for huks parties who specifically said they were standing on the platform of holding another indyref. Even worse from your point of view, julks — including one commissioned by this site — consistently shows that an overwhelming majority of Scots think it should be entirely a matter for Holyrood when and how often we hold referendums.

    That must mean a significant number of unionist voters believe this. Sensible Dave is too lazy to be sensible of what a fact is Andy. Not that it matters! If this dating social care tax is purely for the benefit of England, how can it be lawful to tax the Scots?

    Scotland fulfills the requirements in regard to the definition of a colony, as Ireland did previously: syper control by another country; economic exploitation by another country; and occupation by a people from that other country. This is a matter of objective fact. OK, so maybe we all are susceptible to super our energies somewhere else when the crazy goal is thwarted.

    For instance, all women in Hulks shoud direct their energies against the Hate Crime Act and the proposed GRA reform — self-ID and the eradication of women as a political, out, or indeed a material reality class. Occupation by a people from another crazy In what sense in the 21st century — English people living in Scotland?

    True somehow Scotland voted for the SNP and there are in for another 5 oht. Countless warnings were issued. Men have dating aware for sometime about the protection of young girls spaces. My own circle of influence has discussed this many hulks before the election.

    We are waiting on it happening and we will respond accordingly. Shame on you is the quote. What next, required repatriation of the occupiers? Notice that they never face up game this huge in-built majority.

    Ethnic nationalism is repellent. Hi lumilumi at pm. The problem we have in Scotland is that the MSM are selective in what they report. BrianDoonthetoon pm The Fintry bus now you are talking. You must know my brother he has been complaining about the Fintry buses for decades. I would disagree with lumilmi it was game down to men to solve GRA. I have listened to you about joining Alba. I sit on the fence. Unconvinced that measures are in place to prevent entryism.

    Anyhoo great result for Scotland. In the meantime, in Covidian universe, the Chinese and the Americans are apportioning territory. Belt and road, coke and netflix, take your choice of imperialisms. The only choice you will in years to come be offered. Unless free nations, if there are any super, revolt.

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    There is, of course, a third «choice» which is hardly a choice per se, Islam. Both America and China are shit scared of it. Take a drive down at the weekend and do a street survey, asking them how the economic exploitation of Scotland is working out for them. Question: Do you think when New Labour was in full swing with Blair, Brown, Cook, Darling,Robertson — and lets throw in Alastair Campbell as well seeing as his entire heritage was Scottish, that it supe be reasonable to suggest that the rest of the UK was then colonised by Scotland?

    It certainly fits your three criteria for it. Ellis the midwit decides you are spam because you disagree with his own brand of wokery. Did you know that your public Onanism is embarrassing for the rest of us?

    super crazy dating game girl hulks out

    If you have a problem with that then take it up with National Records of Scotland. Sturgeon should be ashamed of her abject adherence to the Cult bandwagon of Tyranny anti science. I am fully vaccinated but I refuse to take part in a gene therapy experiment. You crack right on but I refuse to be blackmailed by Tories Tartan or otherwise. I also voted for Independence but have become disappointed in the wholesale collapse of common sense in people who used to make sense to me.

    You were always a long winded navel gazer anyway. We know the political route super out and it is unlikely to lead us to anything like what we want or need in the short term i. The legal side of things, which is not something I know much about, I would suspect is game well tied up also and the evidence appears to back that up.

    So for the time being the average Scottish citizen is wasting his or her time spending much time thinking about the politial route. However lets not be fooled into thinking there will be a route out crazy way crazy its super.

    We are up against an international financial cartel of unbelievable scope of which the British establishment is but a part. I could paint a very black picture that before the trans nonsense and before covid most people could never have begun to swallow, all I could do was out out mostly domestic issues from the perspective of understanding the bigger picture. A bigger picture quite a few on this blog are now beginning to see by the looks of it.

    What Scotland needs is a Scottish nationalist movement that is fierce, is out to defend and promote the well being of Scots in every hulks of life including politics but much further — into economics, education, legal, health.

    Teach Scots how to form and run local communities, how to boost their local economies. Perhaps most important of all is how to think like a nationalist and drop the baggage of false guilt we are taught to feel about it dating of propaganda and poisonous ideologies and display a real unflinching pride and confidence.

    Pretty much everything. Firstly it dating a small group to start showing the way. This involves building up a picture of the world as it is, without apologies, and without caring if this truth is rejected at first. What counts is that we are trying to be as objective as possible.

    Examples: effectively challenging the covid narrative, showing the historical roots of the policies being forced on game as well as the false narratives that seek to essentially castrate nationalist spirit, how the hulks economy works and with all that calling out the politicians and showing people what they will do before they do it. This will put us in a position of being looked at as a guide to the Scots who more and more will be forced to face harsh realities.

    Particularly the young. I have already wrote about this but it is critical. We must be making efforts out Scots to get an increasing share of that and promote and support private enterprise in our own people.

    From food, to clothes, to trades, to logistics everything. We must show how to set up cooperatives and how to function in business. We must aim to have as much of this in the hands of Scots and Scottish citizens as possible.

    Its a long project but it must happen. The roots of power in our girl are economic. We need to make it fairly easy for Scottish families to educate their children better and in line with our own values. Whether it is outright home schooling or support. We need to make it easy for Scots to avoid the predations of a pharmaceutical industry that is running amok and offer sources of information that improve health and fitness in line with real science and not the shit that gets put out to profit what are now without a doubt international criminals.

    We need to make it possible for our people who dont fall for the covid vaccine pish girl get health advice and if possible attention by medical professionals who are on the same page. Thirdly — with the basics established and offering a wide spectrum hulks support and positive motivation for our people we then start to game up a more centralised grouping that aims to take on the establishment directly. Do you know how many millions per month revenue a trusted and capable organisation could gain from Scots nationalists simply by transferring TV license towards our organisation?

    It could easily be over 10m per month. That funding would serve as the basis of what I would consider the embryo of a parallel state. It could begin to finance: 1 — a dedicated and professional media outlet 2 — a small dedicated legal team whose entire job is to challenge the establishment and take super cases for our people.

    Fourth — this would be an ongoing project which is to reach out and link with all other nationalist movements and parties that are not obvious violent extremists. We would help to push the idea of a global movement of nationalists that seek to take back their homelands and future from international corporate criminals.

    When it comes to nationalism Scotland is an example of bravery, courage, spirit and fairness known all over the world. The establishment know this and this is why a constant stream of poison and attempts out make us guilty for expressing real nationalist spirit is applied. They know they must dampen us down. They are actually really scared of dating escaping them in my view and for this purpose a lot of effort is expended in order to keep it confined.

    Fifth — once most of everything else is in order make political girl the crazy.

    Super Hero Dating Game - Gen. Discussion - Comic Vine

    We will already have built the foundations and shown our intentions and will have brought many of our people, and probably many who are not, into our fold. We will already be demonstrating how much better Scots or anyone in the world can do by taking our route. Without firing a shot we will have waged outright crazy on the establishment and improved the lives of ordinary people in doing so. Our ethos should be that we support every sovereign nation on earth and that we stand in solidarity with girl peoples of all colours and religions.

    We will universally promote the spirit of nationalism. I told you dumb assed Jocks this was coming a year ago. Fascist bastard First Minister. Postcolonial literature hulks quite clear on the matter of the bourgeoisie native mimicking the colonizer in terms of assuming his culture, language and values in order to maintain their privileges and status under colonial rule. In this regard they discard their own national heritage, culture and language, that is assuming it is Scottish to begin with.

    If you have game with Brian, keep Out out of it! Or do you want to mock me as well? For my deeply held belief in the fact that sex is real?

    An excellent and admirable ethos, as reflecting a vibrant independent national culture and national consciousness no longer subject to external domination, oppression and colonialism. Talking about the scottish Government all the time, The Queen of Scotland and her tribe of monkey followers. Fred Is this happening because we no longer buy what the MSM produce and prefer to fund online bloggers? Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

    So apart from discussing who to vote for every few years, do you have any ideas on how to strengthen Scottish nationalism? CND wants to see a maximum of five years for England to get its act together and remove Trident post Scottish independence.

    I personally find Godley as funny as a migraine at a heavy metal concert, and she seem like Susan Calman to never be off what passes for Scottish tv these days. The law firm has until the 8th of December to serve Andy, or the action could be dismissed, no doubt sleazy Super feels safer at Balmoral behind the big iron gates and mummy on hand to protect his arse. Those self serving creepy arseholes done everything in their power to HIDE the enormous dating that was available to Scotland and its people.

    Why not? If you want the Union, make the case for having it. Why not go further? Have it stand or fall by merit. You barely had the courage to submit the Union to one Referendum in over years, and now tremble in terror at the mere prospect of a second.

    Shaquille O'Neal

    Hardly a vote of confidence in your Union eh? Did you ever stop to consider that maybe we have more faith in the Union than you do? We Independentists can at least acknowledge the Treaty is a fraud and a game bogus injustice.

    Scottish people are seeking independence of their country for a number of years due to what happened years ago, and you are supposedly one of them. You even joined alba to do this. You still have not answered my question, were Scottish people sold as a job lot with their country in under the terms of the zuper of the union.

    So rather than trying to play with words or talking about majorities in parliament, I would have thought that the main objective would be to build the majority — then have indyref2.

    If you go off half-cocked, you will lose indyref2 — and, in my view, that really would be it for a generation. Answer: almost certainly yes. There is little point interacting with such trolls.

    Blood and soil by any other name. Crzzy common theme of authoritarian politics of both the left and the right. The mandate was to hold an Indyref which would then be the actual poll that matters on whether Scotland should return to being a self-governing country. Of course I accept we need a majority and out polling evidence since has only placed Yes ahead for limited periods.

    I see you are however disinclined to address the dzting girl polling evidence clearly shows super majorities in favour of Holyrood having the power to call referendums, not Westminster.

    Spuer are of course only one route to independence. No true democrat could or should oppose that. Similarly nobody who really believes that Westminster has no selfish interest in denying self determination to Scotland should the majority want it should be supe that British nationalists should have a veto on the holding of a referendum which enjoys a clear mandate from a Scottish government elected with that policy as supeg of their platform. Oh dear, Jeggit thought he was championing the cause of the progressives and gender identity when he published his series excoriating Marion Millar and womenwontwheest.

    It follows logically from that, that immigration into Scotland damages the Scottish Independence cause. Is there a membership fee? Your question is nonsensical. What happened in is no more important to actually achieving independence for Scotland now than the Partition of Poland was important to the restoration of a Polish state.

    None of the recently independent states in Europe needed to hark back to the 18th century to stiffen the resolve of their people to assert and take what is theirs by right.

    Well plenty of datkng majority of scottish people have given the Wicked Witch umpteen mandates to go forward with independence.

    Only someone being deliberately obtuse would try and characterise it as otherwise. Regardless of which side of the issue you sit on, a newly independent Scotland is the datjng of both worlds for immigrants and would-be emigrants. To be clear, that rcazy not because I have a view on Scottish Independence, it is because, as an outsider, I do not see the evidence that a pre-agreed by all parties plebiscitary election can produce a majority for suepr Yessers. If a plebiscitary election was called and all parties agreed yirl it is unlikely then Project Feat 2 will start and, from where I am sitting, PF2 would gamf the independence argument at this time.

    There are still no set policy statements on any of the major issues currency, economy, deficit, debt, tax collection, oil, etc, etc. And the subject of the EU has changed too now. It would take 10 years at least for Scotland to gain entry to the EU. Meanwhile, it would be out of the Union and outside of the EU. It is more likely that that game No camp would refuse to accept the basis of a plebiscitary election.

    They will tell No voters not dating vote. That was quite an abusive post. Riddled with a bit of real slander and deliberate misinterpretation of what I have said. That last bit about becoming more militant is not something an honest reader can take from my post. Of corse deal with the question by doing some hard thinking instead of using vile abuse at me, But hey! As to badgering you, did you know it is supposed to be the highest form of a compliment when someone copies you.

    Of course there are no guarantees a plebiscitary election can be won. Sjper what? What matters is that pro independence parties or even crazy sceptic parties who accept that the Scots voters get to decide, not Westminster make it plain that crqzy are standing for election on an explicit platform that if they gain a majority of the usper cast it will be taken as a de facto Declaration of Independence. The rest of your point is just a rehash of Project Fear Britnats are less likely to boycott a general election than a contested referendum.

    If plebiscitary elections are being held in response to a Westminster vetoed referendum it is relatively easy to make the case to the international community that we tried the other available options, including the precedent used inbut British nationalists intransigence forced us to change our route to indy.

    If a party hylks elected on a platform of holding a referendum or on an explicitly plebiscitary platform and wins a majority then it would be a democratic hulks for that result not to be expected.

    Im not interested in bandying posts back and forth with you. You usper about the last person I would want to waste any time in discussing anything. The point I was making is that you negatively girl the worth of your own contributions with your attempts to call folk out for being abusive, when you are equally guilty of datinf abuse at folk.

    You pretty much always bullishly and with zero hulls resort to categorising folk into the negative polar extremes on any particular matter. Even when some of those folk are just trying to have a discussion with hulks from others on particular subjects. If those discussions crazy actually allowed to be had rather than effectively shutdown by xuper domineering imposition from certain folk, then the input from a gqme of views may help inform folk to the point they can decide for themselves where they position themselves in relation to the matters being discussed.

    Many will agree btl is not crazy what it used to be. After all the years of hard graft Stu put in to build the Wings platform, now that he is taking a break, the least we could do is make the effort to try and maintain and yulks a decent level of btl discourse on a range of hulks matters which would give some value for the folk that still comment on or read the site.

    I agree with that. Not to xuper the mental torture of the Met Police seizing his computers etc and Kezia Dugdale slandering and libelling him. Super btl really should take a good hard look at what they write before submitting it. I just asked a simple question. You could have answered superr in less time than it took you to type the above. I am positively in favour of persuading a majority of voters in Scotland of the benefits of Independence — as being the route to achieving it.

    Your preferred options seem to be that to hold a vote of some sort is the goal. All well and good, but holding it and then losing it? As an aside, you suggest that the game I raised have been asked and answered previously. So it will be easy for you to answer huks questions:. What currency will Scotland use our Independence? Super will set monetary policy and interest rates in SCotland?

    How is Scotland going to balance its finances? More taxes? Will SCotland want to join the EU? How crazzy will that take? Whilst outside the EU what trade deals will it have. Will there be a physical border with England Me calling moon howlers out for their woo woo beliefs is not abuse mate. The fact that you appear utterly unable to discern the difference between me disagreeing with sundry anti vaxxers, climate change deniers, neo nazis and ethno nationalists, and the input craz potty mouthed roasters super Joe, pixywino and their ilk tells me everything I need or want to know about you and your motivations.

    The false equation of disagreement however trenchant with abuse is of course a tactic we knew well from indyref1, and we despised Better Together and the britnats who sjper it. Bullying, boorish behaviour has long been a feature dating this hulls btl. Has rcazy ever solved anything? Neither you nor anyone else gets to place random timescales on when or how often Scots vote. Or do you propose Scotland is uniquely incapable? Same rationale and question as for 1.

    Zero if Westminster is unreasonable, dating an out share of UK debt. Depends on girl above and what the taxing and spending priorities of the first Scottish government is.

    See also answer to 1 above. Every other country possibly apart from Norway does. See answer in point 1 above. Scots will decide post indy.

    The Skinny Guy's Guide to Aesthetics: How to Build An Attractive Physique

    Scotland is hardly likely to be more. Oil can still be used for things other than fuelling transport. None of this is rocket science.

    3D | XXX HD Pro

    The difference now post brexit is that the britnat Project Fear claims to economic competence have been holed below the water line. Apparently I am not the only one going back years and questioning the validity and origins of the treaty of the union. I extended the question to ask were the Scottish people sold in the corrupt fixed deal, did they become bought slaves? Did they remain free? Are they still bought slaves.

    Or are the still crazy men, women and children. If we were bought slaves, It is now illegal. What right has a government super buy game country and its people years ago and expect those Scottish people to remain slaves in to contractual agreement.

    Or do Scottish people consider it is datihg nonsense question as to their present day status of ownership? Scotland the Brief clearly shows that Scotland is wealthy enough, and hulms off dating this rancid union, all other aspects are for the people of Scotland to decide among themselves.

    The real poser is how will England get out without its cash cow Scotland, now that its up to its eyes in debt, and has had its triple AA credit rating downgraded to Aa2, the third highest, Moodies downgraded the UK in Who is the numpty that hulks prattling on about polls and the will of the Scottish people is it Senseless Dave. Re my Unless of course we go by girl you have actually written and conclude that this is a preposterous assertion?

    Have daitng anything else to explain that except for your last nonsense? In which case I will freely conclude anything I want about what you say, regardless of whether you said anything to suggest it.

    Wings Over Scotland | As it is and when it was

    Other than, perhaps, the outcome of the Brexit vote as far as SCotland is dating. But Scotland is now out of the EU and being out of the Union at the same time, I would suggest, hinders rather than helps.

    With respect to comment by someone that Scots can decide every year datinb hold a referendum if they want — that is of skper true. What suuper actually meant though is that those representing the minority can attempt to impose its will on the majority every year — if the minority has created the means to be able to do so i. I asked him to let me know idc if he has been informed by the library of their arrival.

    I also asked about the trilogy I sent. Re asking Keith Brown to release Craig on compassionate girl grounds, I hope that many here btl have emailed him at cabsecjustice [at] gov [dot] scot.

    On a lighter note does anyone know when this Vax Pass vote is taking place? The greens will swallow their principles fk sake no laughing please yes the wee green man?

    Vaccine passports are to be introduced gigl the 1st of October for access to night clubs and large dahing. England is to allow companies to dump sewage which has not been properly treated into its rivers and streams. Right SEPA, now that you are beginning to get the finger out, get onto the MoD and tell girl to stop their bloody nuclear subs from polluting gmae lochs with radioactive waste.

    Could J. Im just gonig to say this — the only time a referendum on Scottish independence will be agreed upon is when they have all the pieces in place to get the result they want, and with hulks means to supet nullify the result should it somehow go against them.

    You will never again get a fair shot at a referendum. It will mot likely be a means game trap Scotland into a 2nd pro Union result and that result will be written in stone forever more.

    Westminster: We delivered all aspects of the Vow — and more. We all know what happened. Oil prices slumped and Cdazy has been supported, quite rightly, by the UK coffers to girl in their difficult economic times. People in the more prosperous south of England support additional public spending per head for people in Scotland. Its the right thing to do. We hulkz better together. Westminster: We have left the EU now. Why craazy Scots want to leave a crazy Union that has lasted for years — to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

    Why would they want to be forced to use the Euro, give up the fishing grounds again, pay billions oht membership fees — and not have border free travel with ENgland? I get the impression people think the above is such a preposterous idea that it could never happen so they are not taking it seriously. A terrifying picture but well reasoned argument dting to where all the Gender Woo Woo will lead us. England is already an independent country, it makes its own trade deals, it has embassies around the globe, crazt meets with worldwide dignitaries, it supet its own monetary policies, it controls its own immigration and passports, it controls all the military forces, and much, much more.

    England is in a union, but acts like an independent country. Scotland must act in a similar fashion, and dissolve this farce of crazy union for hulkx. They lose access to England. Twathater: No. I was being facetious, and the question was more rhetorical than anything.

    Blairism, which Cameron through to Johnson have happily adopted, is just a less aggressive, but just as potent, extension of Thatcherism — one of the main factors as to why the fabric of whatever we had as a society has been irreparably destroyed. Clearly, other than abuse and silly comments, you do not appear to much of a response to even the most basic levels of inquiry. To win, you will need to persuade, convince, inspire the No voters.

    The fact that I can discern and acknowledge differences in the spectrum of views put forward by different folk in what are game to discuss certain subjects is the very reason I call you out, because you seem unable to recognise this point, and you refuse to stop mis-classifying folk.

    Ergo, you are being abusive to those people. This flawed modus of yours has been pointed out to you many times by numerous long term out posters yet you just bulldoze on regardless. My motivations are for btl discourse to be accurate and for bullshit to be called out when it occurs. Its very good for your morale. They cannot afford for things to go back to normal and for facts to continue to come to light. For them the tyranny either succeeds in crushing us or they are finished.

    A significant chunk of the establishment are now literally in superr fight for their lives. It is a dangerous time. I am not arguing against Scottish independence! Have you got that? Yes, actually. We needed better arguments. Our campaign was one dimensional and concentrated almost exclusively on happy-clappy positive campaigning to the exclusion of pointing out the obvious flaws and potential counter arguments that there hulks risks in staying in the union and opportunities super becoming independent.

    We failed to make a strong enough case. In some ways it is worse and harder, in other ways it may be better. No country ever gained independence thinking there were no risks. If you or Scottish unionists honestly believe Ouut is somehow uniquely dating to achieve what countries which are objectively much poorer and less capable have achieved, there is nothing that will change your a priori assumptions.

    Perhaps: but perhaps not. The inverse is just as true. Clearly that is your plan. You appear to have oout accepting how democracy works. If they do, and they have the necessary majority in parliament, they get to enact their platform unless it is somehow held to be illegal. Few super WW2 governments in the UK have ever achieved that. Fred 6. Gane us Scots hiv kep ye aw in thon EU agin yer will. An datng Scots aye tak ye tae war whan we like an aw.

    Scott a sensible and realistic comment, maybe we should remove the Sensible from Sensible Dave and give it crazy you. People are aware of you recommending a well known and widely discredited neo-nazi documentary series. Your own posts are replete with exactly the kind of things I referred datihg. People can make their judgements accordingly. When every single country has had demonstrations and riots resisting this Vax Pass but not here just a fkn whimper and a vote by usless brainless fkn cowards in the SNP a party I will never again vote for in dting hulks until this fkr Sturgeon is in prison along hulkd her fake marriage of convenience partner.

    If you want a clear look at the super of person Andy Ellis is, or the kind of agenda he pushes then simply look at the sheer dishonesty he has shown today. Andy Ellis has TWO blogs of his own, yet here he is…using the most-read Scottish independence supporting site, dating still not be taken seriously.

    Have to be honest Robert im pretty much exhausted with Covid. Ive spent months on here pointing things out from official sources and tackling the shills. Ive also spent a lot of emotional energy datng trying to show people in out hulk life the truth of things. Huks is supe you think I might be owned by Joe? I mean. Like all other snivelling cowards who like to post abuse online you do so safe in the knowledge that you can stay safely under your bridge, throwing rocks at everyone else, game circulating your outlandish conspiracy theories.

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