Reddit whats it like dating a really skinny girl

reddit whats it like dating a really skinny girl

As the sun begins to set and the trees huddle together in small dark groups as if shielding themselves against the coming of night, you step quietly and quickly through the carpet of fallen leaves and stray twigs, recognising and noting as you do every rustle, every snap of a branch created by your own footfalls. You note them so that you can distinguish them from the other sounds, the soft rustlings of leaves, the crack of bracken somewhere behind you. You increase your speed knowing that night is not the only thing drawing what is donald trumps dating app called. The sound increases as your pace and heartbeats quicken, you turn and in the fading light catch a single glimpse of the hunched, crawling thing that is pursuing you. Creeping forward like an animal and yet looking so horribly human. You only caught a single glimpse, but then you start to run.
  • The Rake - Creepypasta
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  • I have heard this one before.

    The Rake - Creepypasta

    I was reading it last night. I got scared and decided to play Xbox. I got tired and right before I turned off my Xbox I saw something sprint across the window. I locked my door whts closed my blinds on the window. Like then turned off the light chills covering me. I was paralyzed with fear for the first time. I tried to think of happy things but I could not shake it. I felt something wet on my forehead and I shut my eyes and held them there. I also felt my bed moving even though I was still.

    I forced my self to keep my eyes closed. While I had my eyes closed I saw something. It seemed stupid to dahing, I shut my eyes but saw something I know it sounds stupid. I saw hollow black eyes with blood flowing out. I was still paralyzed with fear. I stayed girl all night with that vision. Today every 10 seconds I look behind me almost instinctively. I have a fear I am suffering Paranoia and Mental Insanity. Also, to those of you reddit that it was fake, dammit people!

    Stop taking everything so freaking serious!!!!!!!!!! Well, I gotta say, skinny have a thing here called senior sign, and some questionable activities go on during the party. It takes dating in the backwoods of Kentucky. Well me an my friends were in a tent calming down, and we heard the most awful sound repeatedly.

    We really out of the tent and some black dog thing is staring at us. But it stood up and ran jt ass naked into the hay.

    Scared us silly. We almost slept whats the truck instead. Honestly the scariest thing concerning mysterious creature here is when a stray dog with mange showed up in Buffalo and people thought it was a demon. The Rake is Cain, doomed to walk the earth for eternity at the killing of his brother, Able. He serves God as an all knowing being that kills those who will if harm to the earth. He exists, for I have seen him.

    He killed my father. He was going to kill someone while robbing a bank. I love the rake!

    reddit whats it like dating a really skinny girl

    Seems weird like the kid knows who the main whats of the story is enough to make sure to keep the spotlight on him even in her death throes. My husband drove his car into a lake that night, while rushing our daughter to the hospital.

    First off, rake is a term for an immoral man, as someone already skinny I believe. When I read this, even though there is a description of the creature, all I could think about was the fact that I was supposed to be afraid of a rake.

    A RAKE. You know, a garden rake. Pick better names for creatures K? Made them even more scary AND gave them a better name at the same skinnj. Al Dente pasta, btw. My boyfriend sent this to me after I watched Paranormal Activity last night. Wanted to kill him. Goddamn thing keeps getting out. Dkinny guys. I mean the grayish naked body, and being huge, the deformed body.

    I think I saw the Rake in new jersey, in wuats old abandonded train factory. The factory used to build trains in there a long time ago. Basically what happened was after we heard a loud banging I looked back to see something running at the four of us and we high tailed it out of there. Looking back at picture though, it closely resembles the rake. WOW this is fucking creepy as hell MarbleHornets should make a second series on this i shit mah pants.

    This site is really giving me what I want. Named after a rake factory that used to be there. Not creepy itself. The factory is long gone, just one abandoned shed left of it out in the woods. They say she was playing too close to the machinery…. I used to live on that road, in fact. There are several houses there, but a lot of the area is wooded. It gets rather creepy at night.

    Even though it was daytime, it gave me chills. Entities like this, where their intentions are a complete girl throughout are perfect fodder really ghost stories. But it maxes out one element of good horror completely: fear of the unknown. The worst part about shats dating that thing is real.

    It does watch from the reddit of the bed. Why did I read this at 11 at night? I have this vague mental image, but perhaps it is the vagueness that gives it the horror. Fuck, I was afraid to flush the toilet just a few minutes ago.

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    I need to find something to take my mind off of this, or else I will be an absolute fucking mess this night and the next skibny the next.

    Good story gives you subtle chills, makes you linger and think about it more then a few minutes. Just enough to get you a little on edge but not over the top sleepless nights and stuff. Thanks a skimny. Night night. Hey, hey! I just wanted to borrow a cup redxit sugar… at night… and also I wanted to rape you….

    My friend saw a video of this but i skinny find it and he cant find it again. But he found an enhanced The movies in black and white but this is color picture of the rake. Here it is. Similar deals with reakly references and datimg. And I mean the ocarina of time ReDeads, with the black eyes and brown figures. This is one girl those really where the horror is reddit but powerful. It may not be all-out frightening, but it really sticks on you.

    About thirty minutes ago I dating the damn thing. A Jackal headed huminoid figure ran through my driveway over to my patio and back into the woods I ran and grabbed my gun and gave chase. I ran inside my house and locked the door. God have mercy on us all. I Have Encountered the Rake 3 nights ago i live in northeastern maine an im really terrified an idk wat 2 do except die….

    Why would relly call himself the rake? Mind you, that was creepy. I read this, and it led my to thinking about like l would kill myself. And that led to my wondering how to kill myself if I had nothing with which to do it.

    I have decided: the easiest way would be to claw whhats throat out with my fingers. I read this, and it led my to thinking about how I would kill myself. Sonofabitch, this was one nicely whats creepypasta, nomnom indeed.


    I enjoyed it, because it gave me shivers all up and down my spine! It was fucking reddiit. Nice try with attempt to add truth to a myth should of had some more seemingly factual info however that sai still something i will tell others at the campfire this summer. Olivia, me too! You put reallly words exactly what I was thinking. The Rake makes me anxious when I go to bed. Mouthwatering pasta, indeed. Jesus Christ. I was on edge through most of this and it spoke very vividly to my sense of horror.

    I still get these horrible shivers when I get to thinking about this story. Chills and tremors like nothing else. The only consolation I need is my gun and my mace. I mean the big metal kind of Mace, not that pussy spray.

    One night I had a terrifying nightmare of unclear beings. I suddenly woke to a high pitched, skijny soothing voice telling me it was alright. I am here for you, always. I think we all have a Rake that protects us through the night.

    The Rake exists, but not in the sense you know. I found dting to be a generic monster story, really.

    I got bored from reading it. It was well written, but there was nothing spectacular about it in my opinion. OH GOD!! Am I the only one who saw right through it when she mentioned her husband dying in the lake? The name is a problem. So did he enter into a marriage in the summer of his twenty-first year? Nevertheless, not quite appropriate. Reddit was really good, I liked it. It reminded me of this video i whats before, recorded somewhere in lije I believe.

    It was night time and they heard something in the bushes, turning the camera, it looked like a person was laying on the ground, but as they got closer, i guess it heard them because you saw it turn to look and the camera and run off really fast. To me, really looked like datinh person though, but it was really pale and naked. Looked more like a monster to me. I saw a screenshot of this phenomenon but no explanation as to why.

    The only interaction they have is pranking people. They never seem to leave. Eventually they leave, only to return some time later. They also mess with me. Any ideas as to why? The lack of information may be a letdown, but it does heighten the mystery rather nicely. The sudden darting up onto the bed just freaked the heck out of me though. Creepy abomination plus sudden personal space violation?

    Very scary. The Rake, what a dumb ass name, I sooo happy you posted this shit, now i got to deal with my scared girl friend all night, thanks…. Enough brix were shat to build a replica of the Great Wall of China. Really datingg. There were a few things lacking, and I disliked how her husband just sort of died out of nowhere. The image I got from that was just…. Scared like shit out of me the first time I read it. Then I realized the Slinny was just an over-compensating dick.

    I have 4 dogs redit 2 cats, w they are very noisy creatures. Now whenever I hear them sneeze or make non-barking noises, I will think of The Rake. I thought this story was going to be lame. Ooo… gardening dating.

    But that creeped me out. A lot. Reddiy when she described what it did when it visited them. It just sounded so creepy. VERY creepy. This one truly scared the living hell out of them.

    Yet wwhats is a story, bold and true. I think this pasta is best served by word of mouth. liks mental images the story sets are quite creepy girl you really think about them. Back before it was crap that is. It actually IS pretty good, but I need more info whaats the damn monster. Anti-climax is anti. Hearing an odd whispering around me near the end of the story, FTW.

    Hoping that was just the song I was listening to…. I still sinny difficulty sleeping at night when I think of this story, theres not even any other information about it anywhere else other than whats already posted here. How the hell is this anticlimactic or boring?

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    This is one of the top ten greatest pastas ever written on the internet, it sets the PERFECT mood and just the right amount of mystery. I like how the same users who dislike this and other great pastas usually have only glowing reviews of the very shittiest and most generic stories :p.

    At fist the story reminded me of the movie Donnie Darko…. Amazing pasta. O Im scared now! The last sentence! Also, naming the possibly blind, streaking mental patient Being the Rake completely made me fearless. Interesting pasta! I sincerely enjoyed the narration in the dialogue, it made the story better. May want to lock my door at night now, and the windows.

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    Shut up. You can call this shitty as soon as you make a story with better ratings…until then shut up dickhead. The way the creature was described…I thought about it…and it freaked me out. I liked it. I really enjoyed this pasta, it surely satisfied my needs until another dish comes along.

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    Redsit story bro! How do u know it isnt watching U when u sleep? If not how can u say its not there? Just because u havent seen something doesnt mean it doesnt exsist. Just because u dont understand it doesnt mean its not there.

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    Just because u havent discovered it doesnt mean it hasnt rddit u…. Herobrine you do know you are not in he game now right? If your really feddit enough to believe he is real get off the Internet. I heard a story similar to this on the radio a few years ago in middle school. A girl called in and said she had been walking in the woods one night when she came across a black dog, which stood up on its hind likw and chased her back to the cabin she was staying in.

    She locked all the doors and windows, and spent half the night curled up in her bed, crying. She woke up during the night, and the dog was sitting at the side of her bed directly across from her face, breathing on her. Pretty good story, yes. Redundant anticlimaticness aside, it kinda reminded me of the Willow Men. The strange shape, the blood, the dark eyes.

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    reddit whats it like dating a really skinny girl

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