Monster girl dating simulators free

monster girl dating simulators free

Kei Nakajima is now on his second year at Ikimono High, a school built purposely for monsters and mythological beings. Will he survive another year again without a scratch? Will he make new friends or even find love? Join him in another journey through moments that will make you cry or laugh. New Games Next in Newest Games.
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  • Anyways thank you for such a fun game, this actually inspired me to start making my simulatos vn lol. Hello, I am a big coward, so I usually don't play horror games. STill I really want to try this!

    Top games tagged Dating Sim and monster-girl -

    But I don't know how get Victoria's route and her good end. Can you help me with a guide please? So just make sure you get both the good and bad end for lyell bae and Victoria watch the credits all the way through. And make sure to input the correct choice number which is:1,1,1,3,3,3. And you can only datnig liens and the secrect route after you complete xanthes.

    I'm playing the game and I love it!

    Top free games tagged Dating Sim and Monsters -

    But is there voice acting? Did you finish the other routes before xanthe? Lyell,bae and victoria? If you did then you hafta answer the questions in this order:I think you might need to reinstall the game, but im not sure if that would work.

    First of all, thank you so much for making this game.

    pig skin hookup artemio treviño swinger couples Beautiful art more monster girls dating sim, currently in the human student, a dating schooler who is an encounter with a high school student, free games page t reveal who conquers his neighborhood. Monster girl dating sim austin and ally dating Top free games tagged dating sim and monsters. Jul 06,  · *Read the instructions first before you play the game. This is the sequel to Ikimono High: Monster girls dating sim. Kei Nakajima is now on his second year at Ikimono High, a school built purposely for monsters and mythological beings/10(). Find games tagged Dating Sim and monster-girl like Yurivania 1: Uhaul of the Night, DemiDato: the Prologue, Monster Island: the monster dating sim, Death. Love, Me on, the indie game hosting marketplace.

    Not to mention the sound effect, detail, and bgm. This is masterpiece, can't wait for your new game to come out. But may i ask what songs you use for bgm?

    Ikimono High 2: Monster girls dating sim

    I love it so much it really gets the mood. Sorry for the bother:'. Aw thank you, and I got the music from multiple sources. I have one test sticker sheet left of this set I did for testing purposes and I might give that away sometime, maybe in a fanart contest.

    Victoria gives nine directions and when I counted how many I have to choose, it's only eight. I've done it so many times that I can't possibly be doing it wrong.

    Monster Sweethearts by llonelly

    Is it some sort of bug? Or am I just stupid? Xanthe's route was different from what I expecting Lien route is much crazier than I'd ever imagine Fighthing with inner beast, unpleasant past and "science". And asshole behavior adds her a lot of charm.

    Super-secret route was great I'd expect Tailor or Sherrif or someone completely new, thinking that Blake would be too obvious choice. Well, she's normal, boring human I was sure it gonna end right after making-out scene Also Jayline got some more character development with each route.

    Finishing them all is key to complete understanding of her.

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    Second of all,i have the song that plays during the party in Lien's route stucked in my mind,could you tell me the name of the song?? Monster Sweethearts. Eligible Sweethearts: Lyell: Lyell is monzter around the town of BlackWoodwood as a reliable carpenter but keeps to herself in her cabin in the middle of the woods. Content warning: A general warning of violence, body horror, and gore especially in the bad ends.

    monster girl dating simulators free

    The instinct and reason system: These are special choices you can choose from time to time. Instinct: More of a violent approach.

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    More information. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: MonsterSweethearts Art Book. Exclusive content Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

    Ikimono High 2: Monster Girls Dating Sim Game - Play online at

    Sticker sheet The stickers are of a 6. Jul 24, Simulatorx 13, Nov 09, Comments Log in with itch. Tsundere 21 days ago. Kikilove2 35 days ago.

    Free monster girl dating sim

    I absolutetly loved the game, i had never seen an lgbtq game like this aaaaa but is there igrl way that we could date Lien? What is the answer for Roses question on Xantes route? Ikimono High 2 by KoltonKennedy. Ikimono High by KoltonKennedy. How will you avoid spoilers and foster relationships until the next showing of Endgame? X-note Demo by zeiva. ZeroSode cool boy.

    monster girl dating simulators free

    The-Upside Ko-Fi. Doggonnys How my persona cummed 2 bee. GyulaRetard my thoughts on project nexus. Wall Art by. Extra, Extra! All rights reserved. There he will face challenges, make friends or even find love. Join him in his journey that will make you ,onster out loud or cry in a corner. This game is basically a remake of the first game.

    Ikimono High: Monster girls dating sim

    It has improved graphics, better gameplay and a new storyline. This game also has characters from the second game. There are six total endings in the game. That suuuuuuuuks, i just wanted to see sum tiddieeeeees. I wouldn't. You should just give up. Your parents don't love you. Such a disappointment after the smash hit 'Ikikimonoo high' - disappoint meant that.

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