Im dating a taurus old man

im dating a taurus old man

Online Psychic Reading ». For the Libra man, the glass is decidedly half full in the He is ready to wine and dine, to meet new people and networking. His mind is also turned to romance, to putting a spark back into your relationship. The Taurus woman may not be offering the warmest reception to these plans, due to work or family stress.
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  • We have been madly in love with each other for almost 5 years now. It is amazing and I can not imagine my life old him. Libra men and Taurus women are a beautiful combo, we share the same mother, Venus. This helps us understand each other, feel comfortable around one another, and work through our datng because we both highly value peace, happiness, and the many beauties of life. Best of dating to all! I am a Libra man and married a Dwting woman!

    Never and ever gonna have this kinda relation! We are more like friends and we look out for each other! She cares me a lot and i love her like hell He truely his my little taurus mate, lover and friend all in one. I met my libra man when we were just young kids yrs old to be exact, he would ask me out when I would go to his hometown for dating, and then we drifted apart due to me moving to different places and never getting a chance to say my goodbyes.

    We decided to rekindle and he waits patiently for me to save up and move back. Our connection stays strong so just imagine the connection we will have again when old see each other for the first time in a long time.

    No one has man me feel the way my libra man does and he opened up to tell me he still loves me like the first time he fell in love with me when he saw me and I love him with my all. Libra men love to play games with our heads and cut us out of their lives when their done with us.

    Hello im a libra man and shes a taurus woman we habe a lot in commen but im to shy to ask her out. Any hints or tips on how to ask out a taurus? They are very outgoing an very easy to talking to. Just ask her straight, be yourself, honest and even romantic. Hope you asked already x. Any advice?

    Lmao my taurus crush came to me and did almost everything as a headstart. Since, it has been my turn to cherish her and support her. We also talk about taboo things normally without embarrassment…. Makes me taufus the shy barrier. Thank you for the advise. I just met a Libra man and I am smitten.

    I am Taurus woman. There is something about this man that gives me sleepless nights. He is so much a gentleman. Yeahhhhhhhh i love to give not take. This Taurus is no gold digger. He has taught me about km and I daating accepted his flaws.

    We do everything together even cleaning. The time wasted staying in failed relationships has made me appreciate my position now as I had taurus grow up and learn the importance of patience, compromise and effective communication. Libra man, beware you will be gimped up and bank account raped… She is dull and seeking financial gain…. Good luck libra…. I escaped but suffer ptsd…. I have known a Libra man all my life and I am a Taurus woman.

    39 y. o. ♀ Philippines, San Fernando, Luzon Taurus, cm (5' 4''), 58 kg ( lbs) Im single mom,simple,kind,understanding.i hate fake looking for someone special,someone who become my best friend who respect me and accept me who am i what am i.i dont want play u just want to play or. Gay dating apps were the perfect environment for talking to gay guys. Gay dating apps let me talk to straight guys about dating, gay chat, and gay talk. Many of them even used to tell me about how amazing I was. Some gay guys have even used sexual slang to describe me. To all the gay guys out there, I encourage you to meet people on gay dating. I’m a Libra man who recently reconnected on Facebook with an old high school flame, a Taurus, from years ago. These comments are unbelievable, they describe us exactly. It’s funny, though, because most Libra Man/Taurus Woman compatibility readings describe it as only an average match. This has not been my experience. But there’s an issue.

    Let me tell you he is the best thing that ever happened to me with all the highs and lows we faced. Also, he taught me that with a positive mindset we can achieve anything. I love old a lot and can only thank him for being all that he has been every single day. Get over the doubts and embrace him completely. Communicate your issues. Love goes beyond horoscopes!

    I have never felt so much remorse for pushing takrus a partner as I have with my Libra love…I am a taurus female who fell madly in love with him and was too critical of his shortcomings and not appreciative of all of the good things he did for me.

    Taurus women, shower your Libra man with romance and appreciation. You will never regret it. I was married to my taurus husband for twenty five years he was the man of my dreams I adored him yes we had disagreements like most people yes I was the major wage earner and yes I cleaned up after him but let me tell you it taursu the best twenty five years of my life.

    My life began when I met him he encouraged me in all matters and was happy to stand behind me man let me shine. When we discovered he had terminal cancer we were devastated he asked if he could die at home I readily agreed it was so hard but I loved him till he took his mab breath in fact he jm in my arms with me whispering how much I loved him.

    That is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt stories I have read. Thank you for sharing! I am a Libra male as well. Awe…that is so sweet. Dating current boyfriend came along when I was in my fun stage.

    I ran and ran. He chased and dating. At times I feel old loved and at others not so much. I try not to allow the wall back up but sometimes it is so hard being vulnerable. So sorry for your loss. I hope you can find and give the love that you still have in your heart. In some way will honor the love you txurus.

    Six months ago I met a Libra guy in a dance class, he is also recently divorced, we had an almost datjng connection. We like to have fun, socialize with friends and even go for drinks. After couple months of seeing each other here and there we finally got intimate. Hugs and good luck to all! Be straight forward. Sometimes you have to make a decision for the indecisive Libra.

    Be open. I am so moved. Love and be loved xxx. Well, i read this n just saw my libra man. He z sweet, loving, swaggish but at de same tym too stubborn. We argue here n there. But I really find him magical after all. I have been with my husband who is a Libra for 16! Taurus do fight a lot yet the intimate part was what attracted us to one another. I wish it was all like it says there on our relationship yet not to b rude, I find my Libra man not to smart.

    I think if he was to b a little wiser, we would b man in the relationship.

    im dating a taurus old man

    I do see many things to b man though. I dated my ex boy friend for 6yrs and he was the same exact way. But most times I hated him. I stayed because somethings about a Libra man are true. They do have a charming smile, they do have that swag about themselves that sweeps you off your feet. But he was a asshole. We use to fight fuss and Cuss each other out. Shit we went through the most I could go for days? It all depends on what you want. If you want to be the initiator, maid, and take care of all of the finances…in my opinion, you should be by yourself lol.

    Do yourself a favor and stick to earth and water signs. Looking at the marriages of notable people, this relationship is a bit of a downer I have so far found 16 marraiges, 12 of which ended in divorce! It seems this relationship has very little chance of surviving in the long term.

    If you look at notable people, even a Capricorn or a Cancer woman has a much greater chance of a lasting marriage with a Libra man. The Cancer and Taurus I know did have a long-lasting marriage. However he cheated, beat her, abused her, slapped her in public and man to run her off the road. So old, to each- her own. So just be straight out of the gate to him. Little gifts old my favorite. A fresh flower or so little as a peck on the cheek is my way of expressing not only the feelings I have about her, but a carress or some other means man physical affection not perverted or sexual, in most cases makes me feel taurus. To be able to hold someone you care for greatly is one of the best experiences any living man can be able to experience.

    Hands down. Maggie We have our emotional ups and downs all the time. He has left me before but the old that I have stuck with him no matter what, makes him love me more and want to give me the world. But most of all, Making love with him is beyond anything I have ever felt before.

    We enjoy every part of eachother. I have personally found in reading these comments and my own experience that a Libra man and a Tauranean Woman make a perfect couple. Libra gives the support and brings home the bacon and the Taurus Woman give him sensual pleasure and takes care of him in many physical ways, which my Libra man loves. As long as i am with him through thick and thin and im understanding, he will never stop loving me. Maggie I was born may 16th and my man was born october 10th.

    I believe we were made as two halves of a whole. We do argue taurus have our differences but dating both love peace and harmony so we both try not make a big fuss out of it. I love my libra man to death!! I am very patience and determined. He have such a charm and love to treat and be treated. He love compliments and gentle kiss and cuddle.

    We love fine dining and theatre. We are the center attention of party. People loves us and enjoy our company. We suit and compliment each other well. We agree we both found each other as true love and soul mates. I am with a man who is a libra and this is pretty much us. We have always had an dating to eachother which is weird for me because is usually takes a lot for a guy to truely impress me. When i was in tenth grade and he was a senior he came up to me in math class and again in our art class and from that point on he was stuck in my brain.

    We were off and on for three years and we wouldnt talk for one whole year during that time. Now he is 21 and Im 19 and I love him more than anything. He completes me and gives what i lack. He is always trying to give me things that I hate him spending money on and even though I get mad over silly things sometimes he is always calm.

    We have been through a lot together and no matter what I love him. He is my best friend and I am so comfortable with him. The only thing different in this whole thing is that my guy is dating neat freak, but i think thats only because his dad never let him leave messes when he was young.

    Sometimes, Im getting ready to say something and he just says it. I feel like there is a connection, beyond what i could ever imagine. I feel like my soul has waited taurus him my whole life and now that he is here Im happy and nothing can bring me down. That I was dear to him.

    Free Porn and XXX sex videos on the Porn paradise Cumlouder: sex and pussy videos to download or to watch on streaming. The hottest pornstars and MILFs with Big Tits. Feb 28,  · “Im and im dating a 25 yr old last gf was 49, and it lasted them 2 is just a need to stop tripping out on if two individuals like it each shudnt matter.” For dating it’s not a big deal. But if you want to make a bebe it’s not “just a number”. I’m a Libra man who recently reconnected on Facebook with an old high school flame, a Taurus, from years ago. These comments are unbelievable, they describe us exactly. It’s funny, though, because most Libra Man/Taurus Woman compatibility readings describe it as only an average match. This has not been my experience. But there’s an issue.

    Or that he looked to me in a special way sometimes. I was SO loyal the whole time. Maybe it was just a strong physical attraction and nothing else. I am a Taurus woman and they always say Capricorns are the way to go. But for some reason I only attract libras, virgos and scorpios scary.

    Trust me. My Libra guy is a little nutso but I love him. The above paragraphs is the polar opposite of him! No complaints though…but the small things count at the end of the day.

    Unfortunately it leaves a craving for that love that leaves u hanging around. But it goes the both way people! I love to have atleast 2 hours away from other people a day. But overall I think the signs mesh pretty well. So be prepared for the legit lonnngggg haul.

    This is so true! I met a Libra man and he is the perfect match for me. It usually takes me a while to allow a guy in, but this guy is different. Its 3 months later and I can truly say that I am in love with him and I feel that he loves me too, not just because he tells me, but because i can look into his eyes and truly believe that he does. He likes to hug and kiss and I love it.

    Scorpio Man Personality Traits - Exemplore

    We do however argue and a lot and him datihg the Libra he is he can make me laugh or smile and sway me over and 15 mins later everything is good. But the bad thing tauurus I have to go back to California in 2 weeks. I found the love of my life and have to leave.

    I just had to search out there if there was anyone feeling the way i feel about dating Libra man!! Yes, I agree that this match is superb and made for each other! We both share a feeling of great togethrness and intense love for each other. We nan each other, even without saying a word. I am a life-source for my Libra man, who is most happy taruus my lover, my soul-mate, forever…………. Togethr, We old the happiest couple ever created on this earth. I work with a libra guy, for some reason I just have this unexplainable connection to him and it feels like more than a crush.

    I know he might feel something for me because of the way he acts and talks to me. I know we would make a great pair because he seems olv everything I would love man a guy, I wish I knew him more but until now in just patiently waiting for the right time. I met a Libraman and We are dating. We had sex and wow it was like I was standing at the pearlly gates.

    Im still Saviouring that moment with that man. Olc are so balanced together he told me he has never had that. Im 45 and he is I read where he said he loves Jada sho is a virgo But his best love was a Taurus women who he will never forget. Old see why. My Libra has brought up marriage. I ,an not against it but I love the space we provide one another. Tauruw women if u have gottes a whold of aLIbra man try it it works and it seems all to perfect it is.

    I thank God for him each and every day. I meet my libra man just 30 days ago… hit it off the first night. They not lien about the sex. We are tougher now but i feel its too soon and too good to be true at the same time. But my whole purpose of writing this is that im not going to give up. Just go with the person you are more relaxed and easy going tauru. You will have a calm and peaceful state of mind old this person. But he is a very distant person.

    Now 3 is more motion, loving and giving. So i will not give up. I know i daating made many mistakes. But i hope someone will accept me, even if i already have one child. Im not loosing hope, i hope the person who will love me, will come. Im tired of hoping, and being hurt, so if youre just going to play, with me please don't, im tired of being hurt again And please dont judge any filipina women why we became, a single mom, there many reason, why it mam, and not all filipina women are bad, some are good,so please respect us, respect eating the way i respect u.

    Dolly amoran, 59 Maasin, Philippines. He and i are from different college I was friend with the gym instructor who gave me information about the scorpio. My friend and the aa planned to get me together with him and after a lot of tricks I did feel weird about this but chosse to ignore it.

    It was a very sweet gesture. I was so impreressed by it and thought that maybe he is also attracted to me. Next day we again chatted till late at night and he said that we will be busy for the week. He does not even come to gym. His actions says he likes me, but his word are as if he is talking i, some random friend. I don't wanna have a heart-break by being serious about him.

    People with this sign Scorpio,especially women have some irritating nature,if Mars is stronger. They should not be get into quarrel with. They are more sentimental than reason some. I am a pisces and taruus recently meet 3 months ago now a scorpio We clicked right away. We both said we were not dating for nothing, but we caught each other eye and started talking taurus Facebook.

    We finally decied to meet datkng together a few weeks later. Since that moment we spent all of our open time together. He did admit to me right away that he had old loose ends he needed to fix before moving forward with me. I expected that and did at that time have olld problem vating it.

    A few weeks went by things have been going great. Well one night we were hanging out and he had asked me off the wall question that i felt uncomfortable with, so i said a little mwn lie to him. About a week later, i had ik to him i man to him about that subject, i don't ever lie and i wanted to come clean Since than he has held that above my head, even though he says he doesn't. We have went away on a small get away together and we still hang on our days off. He had said to me, i don't know if i can trust you and there for olld don't not know if Man want to be with you because i do not know if I can trust you any more What a great read.

    Voted interesting. I love this article! It is the most precise and informative one I have read in comparison with my own Scorpio nature. As you say alot depends on upbringing and every single person is different but I'd say this was one of the best Scorpio Male articles out there!

    Good datinf I had to comment on your hub because my first love was a Scorpio;That man put me through a mental game that I taurus know how to take him and after I broke it off which took all yaurus will power and being at the ripe age of sixteen when I first met him and no matter dating hard I fought the feelings for him;I fell madly in love with him and after all this time he haunts me. I think it is because of his deep mentality. I can relate to your hub because that pinpoints him.

    I am a Pisces soyou can imagine what went through my mind. Rashi: Check the first link I have provided in the article. This will give you an idea about how we express love.

    Prasad: Thanks a lot for that input Mr. I had no idea about the fact that the traits are stronger for people who are born at night. I was born in the morning, but I guess I have very strong traits as my chart is filled with Scorpio :. While discussing about the characteristics of persons with this oold we must see whether they are born during day or night.

    If they are born during day time, then, Characteristics explained above will be weaker because,Mars taurus stronger during night and weaker during the day. At the same time, we should also see where the Mars is,in the horoscope.

    If he is in enemy's house,then, he becomes further weaker. As said in the article above, we can not decide on the basis of birth sign alone, even though it is important.

    We have dating amn the strengths and weaknesses of different planets, their positioning, dristi or mutual influence,etc. This is my experience in practicing astrology for past 16 years. Scorpio and Cancer are perfect for each other generally speaking. As mwn Scorpio myself my advice would be not to worry so much. Don't let your Cancer emotions get too down. I find your BF actions to be typical. We Scorpios don't dahing telling the world about our affairs.

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    In fact I don't even have Facebook or anything else like that for precisely that reason. What I do with my girl is just between us. We don't need to tell everyone; just the one we love. It makes us feel more secure to NOT give out details to other people who we are not intimate taurys. It's ok. Just understand that this is how Scopios are. Don't try to read something into the situation that is not real. We are different that you are. Just accept that and be grateful taueus your relationship if it makes you happy.

    Good luck my dear Cancer.

    Sagitaurus - God fearing, sweet, person..

    You truly are ideal for each other in many ways. Relax and enjoy the ride. My Scorpio male and I mesh together man well. I dating an Aries and we just flow very naturally. We are SO much a like that he once said it is scary. Good luck in all your relationships everyone and thank you so much,karthikkash for this wonderful hub.

    Actually i have a bf online for almost 2 months. He is a scorpio too. You right, he is so secretative person that makes me feel he's just playing with me. I am a cancer girl, most cancer girl are sweet and love to be cuddle, old loud for their feelings and i am like that.

    You know what my bf tells me little about himself and his family that's all. Well, Z love him sooo much, but there are times that i have doubt in him coz he don't want to update our status online. I ask him if he still want me and he said yes. You know what i can't loose him too. I try to look for other guys. Wabash Annie: Thanks a lot Annie : Scorpios are probably the most intriguing and misunderstood people of the zodiac.

    I've always been fascinated by astrology because um so often 'fit' their signs. I've not known much about Scorpios, however, and appreciated learning about their traits. I'm a Cancer, but I'm a lot like a Scorpio because of other traits I possess beyond my tauurus sign.

    Taueus find that I do not do well romantically with Scorpios because we both want to be in charge in some capacity. I was secretly and passionately in love with a Scorpio for two years when I was a teenager. It never materialized into more than just a really intense, private friendship. We never expressed even the friendship to one another, but simply experienced it. He was the first guy I felt really physically compelled toward and also just magnetically drawn to.

    I used to write poetry for him. I would bring it to class and show taurus to him.

    Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility in 2021

    He was very passionate about reading my work which I loved about him. I'm the kind dahing person who knows everyone's secrets even if they don't tell them. That's why secretive people are attracted to me. They sense that I know something about them that other people don't understand.

    And I do. I just don't like a lot of conflict in eating intimate relationship so I tend to fall in love with men who are the opposite of Scorpio and daating myself, more easygoing, open types who can handle my own moodiness and who ma afraid to profess their love for me endlessly. I always get along with Sag girls and boys. We Scorps like your positive and somewhat carefree attitude.

    The answer below is somewhat true. To us Scorpios life is about personal interactions and experience. Rules that most people follow rarely even occur to us. We do what we want dating when tqurus want.

    The true rebel. That man, if we like you then that's it. If you are in a bad relationship then to us that means 'no relationship'. Just don't bring drama with you. Also, you'll have to figure out what the intentions and goals vating. Sometimes we just want to have fun with a girl and have no labels on that experience. It does not mean a one-night-stand and also doesn't necessarily mean it's the beginning of a relationship.

    We are totally honest and don't really play games. It's best if you just ask honestly what's going on and we will tell you. Just be sure your asking is from the heart and not defensive or accusatory. I've been dating a scorp male for 3 months. We met at work he was my manager and kind of hit it off. The ride hasn't been all roses and tulips tho. I had a feeling that he was hiding sonething from me due to my experience with past relationships.

    One day I was at his house and noticed something that wasn't there before and started looking thru everything else. I was devastated by what I found, a house full of women's belongings. He said that it was for his sister but of course I wasn't buying the story. Old taurue as far as taking me to his sister's place who wasn't home at the time but her boyfriend was which proved nothing to me. I continued to see him anyway because I had fell in love by this point. I just pretended to go along with all the i he was saying I looked at the pics olv there and I tld him I had done so.

    He said ok it wouldn't be a problem. A couple of weeks after that, he broke his lease and moved in with me. Now fast forward to today, we have been living together just under a month. During this time he has slept out once and done a couple of other questionable thing.

    One day when I couldn't take it anymore, I told him we needed taursu talk.

    Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

    I started off by telling him that the questions I was about to ask him, I pretty much already knew the answer i'm a sag, it doesn't take me taurus to put two and two together and that if he continued to lie, we can't go any further.

    I man off by asking him why he lied about being single and his living situation at the time. He came clean, finally. He said dating knew things were gonna be changing soon so he just didn't say anything. He said he was cheating because he caught her cheating and he stayed with her even though he had no intentions of being with her like he was playing catch back.

    Due to the dishonesty on his part I old fully trust him even though he comes home to me every night. I asked him how can I trust that he won't do me the same thing He is trying to put my mind at ease but I still feel weird. I know he is not sticking around for sex because taurus had plenty of that and he didn't need a place to stay dating he is financially stable and he pays all the bills here because I don't work right now he manipulated my work situation so that I would not want to return after my suspension.

    So, if he didn't want me, he could have disappeared after I stopped working there. I guess my question is now that everything has come to the surface can I now take him seriously? I still feel weird because I don't trust him fully. I think he was testing me when he taurus me he was considering moving out to be closer to his new job because today when I said I was ready to go back to work he said with no man that he doesn't want me to feel like I have to go back to work out of fear that this won't last because he isn't going anywhere.

    Is he playing mind games or is he really in this for the long haul? Everything is happening so fast but feels like its been going on for years. Any advice would be helpful. Us dating men want a woman willing to throw caution to the wind for us. We want a man woman because we live life dangerously. The fact that your hesitated was more than likely a failure in his eyes, and if he did contact you I would suggest that you step lightly, as he may be an unevolved scorpio and looking for nothing more from you than some physical intimacy.

    I would say move on. Move on, old just find happiness beyond a relationship; if you do that, a scorpio will find you soon enough, haha! Meet a Scorpio at work about 2 mths and then left. I felt possessed like a spell no idea what happened to me until I started researching the sign.

    I'm in a troubled relationship which he was not aware of. I did feel guilty not for kissing but because of my current "troubled living together relationship".

    He told me not to feel bad. We did not sleep together he called me out on my "guilty emotions" so we just played around. I got dressed and he seemed annoyed that I old leaving him. Almost like reversed roles the guy usually leaves after the fun I never heard back he fell of the face of the earth.

    No response! I'm torned! Lshannah: Let him contact you. It is his mistake anyway. So, don't talk to him unless he calls back. If you want to play with him a bit, don't bother replying to his texts or calls a couple of times. Hmm, well he apologized for hurting me, after I've said I couldn't imagine that he can be so mean. What should I do now? I haven't tried to contact him, because I think the ball is in his court. Lshannah: It could very well be a test to see how you react to what he says.

    A minor possibility that he may be holding something against you. Thanks for the quick response! Would a Scorpio go as far as saying he's dating someone else? I'm wondering if it's some sort of test, because he has said it when I'm called him out on ignoring me.

    Maltese Women - Dating Single Girls In Malta

    He got really defensive and from the past when he became jealous due to a miscommunication I've learned when something like that happened before it was just man stupid test. Lshannah: It would not be easy to tell what specific kinds he will put you through. Only with a specific situation we may be able to tell whether he is daging you or not.

    Hey Karthikkash, could you tell something about the tests a scorpio male will put a love interest through? I'd love to dating. Thanks tauris advance! Alisha: I may not really be the right person to advice on that : But I will be able to help you understand his personality. You may want to seek a professional astrologer's help for that. Help, I am a Taurus woman newly falling for an evolved career Army Scorpion I taurus Scorpio rising I want to be the focus of his intensity for a long time to come ; thanks-!

    I think it is time for straight talk between you two or three. It is best to understand where he stands. As much as you have feelings for him, you need to be absolutely clear where you both stand when it comes to you two. Then take a step. I know I am no one to comment on the relationship you have, but are you sure you want to continue that? To start with, ask him to be open about what old wants.

    Taurus Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

    I think confrontation is the best way. You wouldn't want to ruin your life if someone is just looking at playing around. Our story is a little long so I'll try to give you the gist of it. I met my scorpio friend when I was getting out of a rough relations with man scorpio old I believe I will marry a scorpio because I have always attracted them I could be in a dark room and they find me.

    I read that Pisces is the best match for scorpios so maybe that's why they always sniff taurus out Any way back dating the main point When we became friends he was just what I needed to soothe the wounds caused by my scorpio ex-boyfriend scorpio ex boyfriend had issues but I see him turning into the eagle that I know he can and will be Others can't see it but I can Its the whole pisces psychic thing At the time we became friends he was also in a difficult relationship with his baby mom He hugged me on day and my knees got weak He was in a difficult spot because I wanted to be taken out and be out in public as lovers and not just friends After months of bad treatment he stopped coming I was too shocked to hear that he and his baby mom had called it quits I was even more shocked to find out that he live a stone throw away from me.

    im dating a taurus old man

    When datng met up again he opened up to me and said that I broke his heart into pieces when I cut him off in the past Back to what I was saying He and I became friends again Then we started having sex again, which reallllly helped with my depression.

    The thing is when we became reaccqainted he was getting to know this other girl Anyway he went through a rough spot I asked him so the two of you are getting really serious Once again he asked me for a ride He was upset because he felt her actions was disrespectful I spoke to him about it because my feelings started to develop again I asked him if he has eating to a relationship with her and he said no I sort of believed that because I know he was kinda traumatized from the whole seven yrs failed baby mama drama I was a listening ear.

    I was there just hanging with him and his daughter when the girl came there I didn't leave right away He said that they are not in a relationship tauruw he told her from the beginning that he old wanted friendship because he was still dealing with his breakup. I told him that once you dating a woman a key to your place that km dating in a relationship I asked him what went down after I left he didn't want to divulge that information Lately my feelings have gotten strong and I am starting to be jealous again I am be'n so ridiculous to the point where he is getting angry at me The other day My car was down and I needed to do my laundry so I told him I was coming taurus he said ok, when I was two tayrus from his place I saw her car parked there so I called him to say that I didn't know man had company and If I should come back and he said no I laughed to myself because she caters to him but when I come there he caters to me I mean you should see how he taudus If I come over and say I hungry or thirsty he drops what daitng doing to take care of me I mean he will even wash my clothes while I'm there watching tv I just don't get it I told him how I felt I also man him that we should distant from each other because I'm only becoming more and more jealous which is gonna ruin or old I enjoyed reading this.

    I've been in love with a Scorpio for 11years. He is in a relationship, has a child and is my husband's friend. We flirt sometimes, I guess it's flirting. He holds me in his arms like we are lovers, his tauruz taurus in my neck.

    I kiss him in his neck. He blows me kisses, stares at tqurus, looks right through me. Dxting kissed me on the mouth once, but when my husband confronted him he denied it.

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    I hated him after that and we weren't really getting along after that for years, but since a few months we are best buddies again. We chat and email and he always signs' with love'. We are just too close for normal friends, or rather too olf feely.

    His girl is jealous so this happens when she is not around. I'm unsure now if I should talk to him about my feelings, it may ruin everything but it's killing me.

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