Dating woman no uterus

dating woman no uterus

A visit to her doctor right before woman 16th birthday didn't offer any answers, but when she followed up the appointment with an MRI, the results were inconceivable: She didn't have a uterus. Those with the congenital syndrome are either born without a uterus and vagina or dating have underdeveloped ones they do have working ovaries, however. Jen spoke with us about how MRKH has affected every aspect of her life since her teen years. Growing Up Without a Period Not having to deal with PMS cramps and remembering to change your tampon every few hours sounds like a dream come true, right? I became a little bit standoffish to men. In the case of having a shortened vagina, women can use plastic dilators to galactic love dating site and expand it over uterus.
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    Jan 25,  · Lets say a woman has no uterus because of an hysterectomy. There are 3 types. Subtotal hysterectomy: Where the uterus is taken, but the cervix and fallopian tubes remain. As the uterus and upper vagina do not form normally in this case, the gonads "get confused." Instead of becoming ovaries, they develop into abnormal testicles. With careful searching, these abnormal gonads can often be found in the abdomen. Women with this condition are generally taller than their peers and have less body hair. Jan 21,  · Jan 21, Jen Irwin. Jen Irwin still hadn’t gotten her period by the time she was A visit to her doctor right before her 16th birthday didn't offer any answers, but when she followed up Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

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    February 8,PM. Story continues. Latest Stories. Yahoo Life. This baffles me. Lets sit down like adults and have a conversation, over a nice meal, and share our world-views and opinions, and maybe a funny story. Can we do that without distractions, gimmicks and discussing my reproductive parts on the first uterus Can you utegus for a second date without a little cute card tied to my windshield wiper or a balloon tied to my doorknob?

    I would find that darling for my daughter, at sixteen, being asked to the prom. For me? It seems as though the extra pressure on LDS folks to marry, and thus achieve adulthood, has distorted us in some very important ways. My observation is that we are looking for cultural markers within the world of mormonism, sometimes often? This is evidenced in not only the messed up dynamic of dating I mention through my admittedly particular examples, but also in the formulaic expression of pairing off we see in LDS engagement photoswedding announcements and in uterus weddings events are created modest is hottest!

    If you want the template, look at the LDS wedding boards on Pinterest Outward markers become so incredibly woman that I fear we are losing the very essence of our individuality in the quest to meet cultural expectation and out-mormon daating next guy. I struggle with this at times. Though, I wonder how much of it is our own buy-in to the LDS cultural definitions of adulthood. This is really the source of a rather large amount of our problems including what you are describing.

    In our fallen state status is written into our genetics and so we our constantly comparing ourselves to others to see where dating the heirarchy we fit and how to climb higher. The only answer is to become new creatures through the atonement of Christ in the which we utfrus can become one rather than creatures who are clamboring over each other to become the king of the hill.

    I, like your friend, saw very little attention as the nice, genuine, honest man searching for a wife. I hated dating in the church; it was the same as outside the church. Many, if bo most, women were only womab to the bad guys.

    Like my companion in the mission, who wore only boxer shorts to play volleyball, and had the sisters drooling over him. Drives me nuts.

    Jan 25,  · Lets say a woman has no uterus because of an hysterectomy. There are 3 types. Subtotal hysterectomy: Where the uterus is taken, but the cervix and fallopian tubes remain. Jan 21,  · Jan 21, Jen Irwin. Jen Irwin still hadn’t gotten her period by the time she was A visit to her doctor right before her 16th birthday didn't offer any answers, but when she followed up Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Does the phrase "no uterus no opinion" apply to women who have had a hysterectomy? What about women who were born without one due to a disorder? Why does so much of male dating advice treat women like they are stupid? A lot of that stuff acts like women just have no agency at all, and I'm curious why this sort of advice exists.

    I did have better success dating before I was a Mormon, but woman much of that is because of personality, and how much is attributable to being Mormon? I certainly uterus more adult behavior good and bad, but the maturity was for the good outside the church. Had I not lived in Wman, I would probably think your stories are made up. My comment is simple: open your mind to dating outside the LDS world. Let the LDS experience enrich your life, but where it begins to hinder it, reach outside.

    There are wonderful people to meet and wonderful experiences to have beyond the LDS dictated life frame dating are supposed to stick to. Bo you are so dating Righteous Mormon Man, I was eager to date as I married at barely nineteen. X had told me so many times that I was fat, ignorant, and had nine kids so nobody would want utetus and I was out to prove him wrong. I was 48, decent looking, dressed nice, am intelligent, humorous when I want to be, etc.

    At first, I dated a single LDS man in my ward who was a little socially awkward — a nerd, nice uterus you got to know him kind of datjng, but still weird. He was the only single guy who asked me out. Most of the attendees uteruss much younger and seemed to be in cliques. I did attend several older single dances.

    It was comical…. My take away from the LDS singles activities was the guys were looking for younger women and they wanted a playmate, not to be raising children. Fair enough…The LDS dating sites were similar. Most of them wanted a younger woman as well. I really did find it great fun as I never met any of them and it was a way for me to harmlessly build my confidence, fating honestly, it fed my ego to think someone might like me.

    I Was Born Without a Uterus | Women's Health

    After six months I went to a non LDS dating site and actually had more fun. I then dropped the dating sites because I spent too much time on them. It womwn self-imposed pressure from church teachings. I enjoyed being single tho, paying my bills, working and going to school, being with my kids.

    It uterus such a relief after 29 years with X. Womxn than I, never married, never had kids, intelligent, professional, an anomaly, but so respectful of me. Utdrus talked about kids, dating, money, etc. Then I asked him to take a compatibility test thru BYU. Turned out we were extremely compatible, which I already suspected.

    We married almost ten utersu ago. I count myself very blessed to have an intelligent, respectful man at my side, who is proud of my intelligence and accomplishments. To all appearances, he could be a model Mormon. We met at the local library, I checked him out and never took him back — true story!!!!!

    Tracy, for context, can you tell us which region of the US you woman in?

    dating woman no uterus

    Sherry, I appreciate your story and am happy you had a good happy ending- but I do woman we need to be careful about making blanket statements about LDS men. I know many fantastic, wonderful and brilliant LDS men.

    No, this is probably how it works world wide and in my experience as a man, it is linked to the children issue. The catch, the twenty-something year old ladies tend to give in when enough green is on the table. We also talked about sex and decided we would wait til we were married, which melted my heart that he respected my beliefs. As to children, we laughed at the thought of me having more! No way!

    Such a contrast to my X who wanted me to keep having children, which was a huge part of our divorce — marital rape, abuse, etc. I still find it refreshing to be married to a mature kind man who loves me for who I am and cheers me on everyday.

    My heart has been opened to many new thoughts and understandings. I could never go back to such a narrow existence! Adult dating without alcohol and sex—how is it done? My experience in the post-divorce LDS dating scene was similar to many shared here.

    Woman was living in the Mormon corridor at the time and joined a couple of online Uterus dating sites for a time.

    It uterus very disheartening. I ended up marrying a non-member I met through work, and have been very happy. I married at 19, uterus at 24, remarries at Mormon dating sites are horrific. I had a couple of yo men asking me out. I was Much of those triggers are counterproductive to finding someone who will bring happiness to the table.

    Uterus think that much in modern culture encourages us to be shallow and mormon culture is often caught up in the flow so that the mixture of modern culture dating mormon culture produces some very undesirable results. I found it a little weird for teenagers, straight creepy for college students, but to know that this is happening outside of BYU campus?!

    This has made me despondent over the future of society. In my experience, the height thing is strictly enforced by women. In my perspective, a great majority of women like I almost think you need trigger warnings on this post because it brought back some awful memories from my post-divorce dating life a few years ago when I was in my late 30s.

    I blocked him. The something that took me to walk through Walmart instead of dinner like we had planned, because he had gotten hung up at work and ate something on his way to pick me up.

    Then wanted to woman build a snowman in the moonlight and degree temperatures. I decided the date was over. Unfortunately, I could go on and on.

    I met quite a few really wonderful men in the process but I sure had to wade through a lot of strange ones too. He never shared many specifics but he had some incredible tales of the idiocy involved in dating from both men and women. Expectations on what a perfect spouse would be like, for one. Honest to goodness she thought her role in life was to do nothing—and I mean nothing—other than make her spouse happy. He has found someone who has brought his smile back he was text-flirting with her all Christmas!

    Maybe 33 years of a good marriage taught him a few things about courting?? The women I met had little life experience beyond LDS motherhood and their worldview showed it.

    The law of chastity and sealing rules makes finding a fun person to date a lot of work. It ranged from women who fell instantly in love to four dinner dates with a very nice woman with five children that yielded a quick hug and a single dating kiss and she though we were growing very close! Secular dating as you call it returned my sanity and renewed my interest in women, many secular women actually have something interesting to say!

    If they are healthy and active age is just a number guys! Get over it and you will meet some wonderful women with depth. My youngest sister is now 21 and largely in the same boat that I was at her age. She is starting to realize that she may need to expand her pool a bit or move to California. A friend of mine went on a date with someone this was in UT. She was 30, both dating never married and had no children. My own experience has been relatively mild, although I have had a couple men ask me — in the middle of the first date — if I would be interested in going out again.

    My favorite date with an LDS guy was spent making out in a car in Findlay Ohio when it was 4 below outside. I was 37 at the time. So if you are woman, then 64 is supposed to be OK.

    The older you get, the less dating that rule works, I think. Hannah and Amanda — LOL! Dating is so beneath us all sometimes! Hannah, I also went out with one man who was obsessed with the love languages test.

    Date Me, Not My Uterus – By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

    He had no interest in even going out until I took that test and confirmed that we were compatable. Well, as a single, never married 29 year old, I understand the frustration.

    I live in the Mormon corridor, and is very difficult to find someone. I am on the short side, nerdy, and a little socially awkward, thank you autism spectrum disorder.

    I recently asked a girl out, a frien of mine, and she just got angry.

    My Story – I Was Born Without Vagina and Uterus

    I was also told that I was too nice. That was rather brutal. Guys and Girls both stink, dating can be rather rude. BTW, I have no problem dating women who are older than me, or taller, or younger, or shorter. Anyway, I guess my point is thank you Tracy, and I understand. We all need to be more mellow and accepting. I agree that single people are considered adolescents.

    It is a crying shame. I cannot date a man older than my father. Maybe it works for someone else, but for me… no. At I drew the line at 50, but even then most of the men uterus looking younger than me. I should add, one man I ended up dating and really enjoying his company was two years younger than me, and he kept insisting he was comfortable with it.

    He was also not a Mormon. Brain F, that girl is an ass. I wish I was surprised by your date. I had a similar experience, except he wanted to make sure I would take care of his 4 kids woman be friends with his three ex wives before he would consider going on a second date.

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    There is very little actual dating going on anymore. It all reeks of uterus to fit into a mold of what a good Mormon mo. The perfectly-pleasant-evening:catastrophic-but-hilarious-story ratio has been pretty good, in my experience.

    Then again, I live in the real Zion Boston :. For what is is worth, 3 of my four sons in their twenties married women older than themselves, one by 4 years. My daughter 1st marriage at 30 is marrying a man a year younger than she is. Dating for your experiences, it sounds awful. Thanks for ni the meat market mentality by using cattle references, guys.

    Like Ann, I was going to mention the creepiness dating formula. But yeah, the older you get the less applicable it seems to be. The creepiness formula works up until your early 30s, I think. Once uterys get past early middle age it breaks uterus. My DAD is only I met my NOMO husband during my exodus out of the church, but got in some interesting Mormon dating as a year old single woman prior to that.

    The oldest man that creeped me out: late 60s. He was the YSA SS teacher I was 23ish at the time and confessed to me that one day, in the eternities, we would be together thanks to polygamy, and made several inferences to how awesome the sex would be. You are all good people for maintaining a sense of humor. I hated the dating game, uteruw that may have been partially because my view of uteerus was framed by how my parents met.

    He was 20 years her senior, a widower with north of 10 kids, the two were set up on a blind date by one of said kids, he proposed on said blind woman, and wwoman we are. I had been taught to fear women — their bodies, their ideas, dating. I wish I could have been better, more mature, less datin, probably less creepy, but those things were simply beyond my capacity while I struggled with monstrously conflicting messages.

    When I was about 30, I took a Mormon woman of urerus the same age woman to dinner. As I dropped her off, she fended off a minor smooth move with a two page questionnaire, asking about my testimony, dating history, goals and even sexual history. She said she had gotten the questions from EFY when she was 16 and had used them ever since. I needed to answer the questions before a second date.

    And so, dear reader, I never saw her again. The rules for a 16 year old, while perhaps totally appropriate though even then I would caution giving anyone a draconian questionnaire, and instead encourage getting to know them organically do NOT translate to a 30 year utrus woman.

    Except in Mormon circles, too often, they are made to. As a former bishop uterus an older single adult ward everyone was over 25 by definition I have some stories of others uterus I will not tell. But one generalization is probably worth throwing into the mix. I used to observe and tell people who were not still or ever married-with-children by 27 that the Mormon life story that womann grew up expecting was not. Get over it. That story datkng not going to be your story, not ever, and you have to dating on.

    Make a new story, paint your own picture. Wow, Norbert, that is insane that someone of that age would use a questionnaire like that. I wonder how much of this is just in the Mormon corridor, or if it is endemic throughout the North American Church. I highly doubt this woman much outside of Wonan America.

    There needs to be cultural changes, and some policy changes as well. It is not just a rule at my utrus, but a Church wide rule, that single men, over 30 cannot serve in the temple, except as a patron. That dating unfair, and further marginalizes singles. I uterue online dating a few times, and I had experiences like your acquaintance. Girls will not give good guys a chance. I tried going to a multi-stake dance and left after 5 minutes because everyone was at least 50 or older.

    And I live in Utah where there are quite a few Mormons and plenty of dting men. The problem is that guys my age seem to want someone they can create a life with, not someone who already has their own life. Such a fascinating conversation, Tracy. The elephant in jo room here is that the demographics make uteeus difficult for single women over 30 in the U.

    My cousin and his wife divorced in utterus early 30s. Add the Mormon filter on top of that reality, and all the cynicism on display here is easy to understand.

    I like the idea of you dating NOMOs. Or maybe we could import our way out of this problem! Tracy, yes, it is very true. I asked the temple president what the reasoning was, and he doman me he honestly does not know. He did say that it has nothing to do with worthiness, and that if he had his druthers, that woman would not exist because of all of wpman worthy men who would serve. Brian, this seems like something we should bring to the attention of higher-ups, kind of like was done with young women and baptisms last year, in order to get a clear answer.

    That just seems counter-intuitive and unnecessary. The problem is that the standard pattern hopes and dreams are built on marriage in the range, children inand life everlasting yterus then on. We have to make a new story.

    I got married at 27 and had my first child at Then another at 31 and What we need to do is rewrite the acceptable pattern, not cast people and their desires out on their ears. Tracy, thanks. What was the issue with young women and baptisms?

    I admit I am somewhat cut off from many of the normal programs. Painting their own picture could mean taking their focus off of marriage for the sake of marriage alone for the time being and contemplating what can they can make happen in their lives.

    Brian, the young women were being banned from performing baptism in some but not all of the temples if they datng menstruating. A grassroots effort was made to contact each temple and uterhs out what their policy was, and when a multitude of answers were gathered, showing no actual policy, the information was given to church headquarters, and a statement was issues that YW should be allowed to preform ordinance work regardless uferus their personal details.

    I disagree with the rule of I got married at 27, kid at 28, another kid at My wife was 26 when we got married. And I have dahing friends my age who married at 28 or An old EQP of mine, now living in Cali, just got married for the first time—at age Perhaps he and I are saying similar things, datinh in different ways. Thank you for pointing that out. I am not surprised that most singles go inactive.

    Tracy, I can also confirm the rule daating single men over 30 are excluded from temple service. When bishops recommend temple workers they must check off a list of requirements in addition to temple worthiness. One of these is that single men cannot serve once they woman FWIW, a similar rule applies to recommendations for senior missionaries.

    Senior sisters can serve missions, but senior brothers cannot. I have never heard an official explanation for these rules, but they seem to suggest a view that single men are single by choice, but single sisters womqn not.

    In case you are not aware, there aoman another uterus discrimination that applies only to sisters; namely, sisters with children at home cannot serve in the temple, but brothers can. My wife and I served in the Provo temple until our first child was born. She was then required to resign. I chose to do so with datinf. A father who is kept from his children all week due to work, and kept from his children on weekends due to church callings, can still be asked to serve as a temple worker.

    It will be informative to revisit this post in 5 or 10 years to see the measurable effect of the month double-dating missionary service policy which was put in place last October. Sure, Dating went through a rebellious phase where I dated guys specifically because I knew they would set my dad off, but I was 15 and grew up. Is this another symptom of the perpetual adolescence for single mormon adults? Is this really a thing?

    Good grief. Yeah, I think 27 is a bit young to be saying that. Well, my kids already have a dad. Who knows. When I pointed out to a year-old friend that he was asking people out who were more kterus 10 years younger than him, that gave him pause. Re: And beyond social ineptitude. Who on earth thinks that you begin a relationship by giving your date a questionnaire.

    If she understands the allusion, give her a second chance. Otherwise, kiss her goodbye. Or whatever, since it appears that a kiss is out of the question. And jeffc swoops in with 67, hitting a certain nail right on the head.

    Your institution has a demographic challenge? Head it off at the pass with mission-based socializing! I suspect the number of LDS spouses who first meet on their missions will increase dramatically. It makes no sense. I think that if i am worthy, and willing to serve and sacrifice, because temple service is a sacrifice of time, that I should be able to do so.

    Enna, I was generalizing slightly, I only have anecdotal evidence. I think that that argument is full of hooey, refering to the previous part of this paragraph.

    Your point is valid, and I wish that more girls thought that way. Maybe that is my problem. Trying to date people my age. Most often, I find ish women to be uninteresting, unambitious, and frankly crazy.

    A Woman without Uterus or Ovaries

    Some of them have had uncomfortably creative interpretations of the law uterus chastity, too. During the relationships with me, an engineer quit that, decided to become a florist while we were dating. One of my recurring nightmares is that I am still single. Thank goodness it is just a nightmare. I searched for dates through church activites, friends and the internet.

    I had varied experiences with internet dating in the 90s. I dated a divorced woman living in the Salt Lake area who on the woman date told me that she was looking for a man like Henry B. Eyring gee…I guess few can meet that standard. She also launched into a peeve about how her Uterus friends remove their garments to workout and then wear their workout clothes for hours dating without putting their garments back on.

    She also told me a story related to her ex-husband returning home from a surgical case appearing at the door in scrubs still stained with blood. Premature quesitons assessing righteousness levels or premature discussions related to ex-husbands or other recent male dates were turn-offs to me.

    I am bothered by knowing of a brother who served as a temple worker who was also collecting disability for not being able to be employed. Seems like if you have the ability to work a shift in the temple, but cannot work a shift of similar length and demands in a field where you get paid, you are not being honest in your dealings with your fellowmen.

    Brian F. The ratio of emotionally immature individuals men and women to emotionally mature individuals is probably frighteningly high. We all have baggage, right? Good luck on your search :. I have only ever dated one LDS guy and it was post-divorce. He told me he loved me after less than a handful of dates. No no no no no. But the typical Mormon woman would not find me appealing.

    So that would be a problem. Probably my best chance for success would be to find someone through my Bloggernacle friends. Assuming none of that worked, I guess next would be to try the regional single adult activities, which would at least remove the variable of geographic distance from the equation.

    When I was young I never would have considered pursuing a non-LDS woman for a relationship, but now in my old age I would definitely be open to that, even if it meant having to explain the peculiarities of the religion and practice. So it would be fine if he were just disabled and not working but the problem is that he was collecting disability while working a shift in the temple?

    But then again there are some folks that just come across as trying to game the system. Maybe your acquaintance falls into that group. Well, there ya go—you already won the lottery. What makes you think you should get to get married, too? A blanket statement was made about single men and temple service: I know a man in woman 50s no children at home who is a temple worker.

    He is single—a widower. There are lots of really good ones. And that some of the problems you describe can be attributed to the 27 or 30 or 40 year-old trying to create the year-old dream. In context I thought it clear that I was refering to single, never been married, men. Where were you all woman I was your age? Kristine no. That would be like winning PowerBall and MegaMillions on the same day or something.

    However, I can see how being single in the church contributes to being perceived as an adolescent. Not having children does uterus same dating. I was unable to get pregnant and for years I was treated like a child, until in my thirties when I finally had a baby. It was an overnight change. The unfortunate thing is, most of the women in my ward who are my age, have teenagers, while I have a toddler. This still creates a barrier. I have had women speak patronizingly to me because they still think I am 20 years old.

    Um, okay. I told them I had no idea. I recently read a paper with this as its central idea: laughter is the substance of our deepest being, and when we laugh at horrifying things it is because the horror has exposed our deepest being to nature. In any case, this post and dating have me wiping away tears.

    Just too hilarious. I dating a divorcee who is single and ready to mingle. I went through a process very similar to the one described by Kevin in Several Mormon women were willing to seriously date me, but they were often very desperate. However, most Mormon women wanted something else. I finally plunged into the non-Mormon dating world at I was stunned by how similar it was. Oh sure, the drinking and chastity expectations were different, but every woman I dated was willing to respect my beliefs if only for one date in some cases.

    Explaining the peculiarities of Mormonism always seemed to be a bigger deal to me than to my date. But I still met the desperate types, the ones still looking for the perfect man according to some woman, etc. Anyway, I am now engaged to an intelligent, accomplished, beautiful, and Christ-like Catholic woman. I think I just benefited by expanding my dating pool. I think emotional maturity is a big one when it comes to fostering any kind of successful relationship.

    And, brother, I am so sorry for what uterus are experiencing right now. And just to balance out all the terrible stories of online dating, while I did experience dating good uterus of weirdos and age-inappropriate men trying to contact me, I also met my husband online. Incidentally, I can also confirm the temple rule, having before been an ordinance worker in two temples.

    After reading back through some of the comments, I have realized that I am guilty. Like the man willing to use Tracy for her uterus, I am willing to get married for the sperm. I want children more than I want to get married but I am not willing to break the law of chastity for it.

    Woman am not wholly against marriage, but I am okay being single and never thought it would be something I would need to do again. Single adoption is possible, but not on the salary I am expecting to receive as University Staff. I reckon that makes me just as bad as him. My apologies. Me again. I did the LDS paradigm — marry young 19 had lots of children 9 and thought I was living the Mormon dream, altho abuse was always in the background.

    I Was Born Without a Uterus

    So when I finally divorced, I thought my paradigm would stay basically the same — marry a Mormon man and life would continue. Except i married a NOMO who is the delight of my life.

    I lived it for almost three decades. FWIW, out of my 8 adult children, three divorced from temple marriages. Out of those three, one is still single she has 4 kids, educated, nice-looking, home-owner, etc and VERY picky! Nobody thought it would last! Sixth child married a RM in the temple, still together, dating left the church. Seventh child married young, pregnant, divorced, now engaged, also left the church.

    Eighth child married at 22, both less-active, happy. Each of my kids has their own set of experiences dating, marrying, church involvement. There ARE worse things than being single. So interested in your comment I was taken aback that an LDS bishop counseled church members to marry outside the temple. My sister told me he saw what they were dealing with and was just being real.

    Chris Kimball, I appreciated your comments. Also, Tracy M. Just to be clear defensive are we? This is how to return BCC to its glory days and rightful place as the unassailable ruler of the Bloggernacle: Matchmaking posts.

    MDearest, thanks for reposting that. I must have glossed over that, Tracy M. I remember my mom at this age and she seemed so old… This great post and lively comments have helped me decide that now is the time to finish writing my crime novel — not date. Probably not ever again. Saw your apology, Tracy. Thank you but not necessary. She likes to say that she is fluent but not native. I know the difference and should have applied it. No idea why, though I wonder if part of it is because at my age, my uterus might be inhospitable to tadpoles.

    Oh, Amanda I am so sorry the other side of the coin had to show its ugly face to you. You know, I met a girl in my singles ward in Provo who was taller than me. She had the best personality, the best disposition, the best attitude, really a wonderful person. She uterus along when I was ready almost bags packed to get the hell out of Utah and when I had made my mind I would not ask any other LDS woman out ever again. I hope that Amanda found someone who loves her deeply.

    Today, I know it was for the best. I love my other half now, I think I am the luckiest person in the world. She is not LDS and I would woman want to change that. My views and my attitudes regarding the church have evolved quite a bit, and I do not know many rank and file Mormons who share my uterus regarding many of the cultural and doctrinal elements. And I dislike what women in general have to face when they are LDS. I am sure they must exist, but honestly I have never met a woman who was not looking for a nice guy.

    Nice is such a limp qualifier also. It is a train wreck of people telling the most horrible things about themselves and seeing if someone still wants to date them. I feel like a fraud posting here bc I have been happily married for many yearsbut I have made some observations over the years of the dating scene in and out of the church. To me it boils down to dating it is really difficult for men and women to simply have an un encumbered, enjoyable time together.

    Outside the church, I think bc there is such a focus on sex and an fairly prevalent attitude that if you like being dating someone, then sex is the next logical step. And once the sex starts, it complicates the relationship, expectations, etc. In the Church, there is unfortunately way too much of the view that ALL dating is simply a prelude to marriage and can have no function otherwise.

    As a single at BYU, I cringed every time a guy usually on a first uterus asked if I could cook or how many kids I wanted. I just found the whole thing creepy. I woman we should do a MUCH better job of preparing engaged couples for marriage and a healthy relationship.

    I really think that the marriage recommend interview also ought to include insistence on attendance at classes teaching some basic relationship and communications skills. It is a matter woman probability. If you add up all the ways you are different you will find that you are very rare.

    The example of the worst RM faux profile is a case in point. He was a person not far from the average Mormon man. There were lots of average Mormon women who felt comfortable there. If you are liberal, well read, older, and Mormon with an advanced degree, you have just moved yourself into a six sigma category. Six sigma is a few in a millions.

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