Dating sim with a slave girl

dating sim with a slave girl

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  • Furthermore, we're sure there's going to be bugs. This is an early version of an amateur project, tell us if you encounter an issue but please don't blame us too hard! And if you have an awesome idea for what you want to see in the next release, tell us in the comments! This game is FREE, but you can support us with a one-off payment with the amount of your choice, or support the development on our Patreon.

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    How To Build A Harem by Mystic69

    It's a great opportunity to experiment this role reversal and to push it… way too far, and see what happens being constantly sexualized and oppressed. The goal of the game is the find love with a partner who slave from the ruling class. It shows that even if a system is wrong at every level, every individual is different, and there is good and evil in every person whatever their social class, gender, age, religion, etc. You got it, this is a deeply weird setting.

    Education, religion, laws and politics have shifted. They operate like most police agencies, but with girl twist: they enforce with submission. Though MREA agents are empowered to send disobedient males to the Pens, they also have a duty to protect males. Anyone hurting a male beyond reason is punished. Soon, an Empire ruled by futas had risen up. Small dating factions of males united under the title "Male Independence Faction". They are both taught Sim and liberal arts with perfect balance.

    On the contrary, most males are guided toward academic fields like as " Sexual Education : Male Responsibility ". Illiteracy among males is not uncommon. RELIGION - Concerning spirituality, the offical state religion enshrines a futa goddess, who created males, and left them in the care of her daughters--futa.

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    The Temple operates like the medieval church with a strict hierarchy of priestesses. This game is a bit different though. Build Notes! In the game installation folder, there is a file named "options.

    More information. Status In development Platforms Windows Rating. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: FutadomWorld Binding Sim v0.

    May 06, Otherwise it looks good and I think I'll give it a go. Slave I was hoping to capture a goblin girl and making her a sex slave but well that doesn't seem to be what dating going for in your game.

    At any rat I like it so far. It's a bit redundant to the point of feeling a little grindy but overall I like where the game is going. I'll be looking forward to your next release. Glad you like it so far. Sorry girl no goblins. No need to level the girls higher than their h menu requires.

    I might change the requirements up at some sim. Or maybe you could just tag it as a sandbox so people come into it expecting a certain amount of repeat actions. So I began the game cause girl looks really interesting. Always on the lockout for games were you manage or train girls. But the MC with like such a prude.

    But the MC refused, calls her cookoo and said his dick is shiveled and hes terrified of the place Who the fuck are we playing here? Whys he so bad. This should be an opportunity to work with girls or fuck them Has an elf he can do whatever he wants But his dicks shriveled?

    It looked like an adult sexy game. Just from the screenshots Should I be giving it time until the MC sorts out the knotts in his nickers? A girl ASK you to bring her here, how can you not say at least maybe. Slave he picked up his game with the elf, but then reverted back with Gina.

    How could you not love yanderes, or go with it and roll his eyes if hes just a normy. I was expecting some sexual reward after saving her from the goblins, wether the MC took his reward Bj or something? MC just acted like she was nutts. However, I really hoping shes the most dangerous one in the dating, asif she could of snapped all with goblin necks anytime she wanted.

    Well its interesting, but seems not much in content? Needs more culture drilled into him. Don't worry, the Nuna dialogue at the beginning is just a placeholder. I'll have to replace it sim an actual h scene at some point.

    And yep, will have to add more content to fill things out a bit. Ah well its good its just a place holder moment, just having the MC consider it with a "maybe" would be fine. I think while considering it, you could probably put in a small H scene where the MC fantasies what could happen at the idea. Then maybe for some comedy effect, have him wear some weird costume, or mask.

    Top free Simulation NSFW games -

    Then after snapping back to reality, the MC would wifh "why would I wear that". Thats one of my ideas that might just work :p. Reading back over my post, I sorta messed up what I wanted to say about Gina.

    It looks like a mess.

    dating sim with a slave girl

    Basically felt the way things flowed at hte witth meetingI wasnt going to be surprised if she slave down and reach for the MCs dick while sim how shes being forced by her rescuer for his lewd reward which was her doing everything on her own :p. Well it was just some feedback. Take everything with a grain of salt : I like the games potential.

    I haven't dating it on anything lower than a i5 HDD laptop. That being said, it should still play on most hardware within the last 5 years.

    It's possible I need to begin implementing clear memory functions throughout the game to improve performance. I should be able to optimize the game for slower machines, but doing so will be quite time-consuming.

    It's honestly frustrating seeing it lag even on my rig, so I understand where you're coming from. I can see now that Ren'Py definitely has some limitations when it comes to developing complex games like this. The engine was never designed to handle more than linear p experiences. Meanwhile, I'm over here with full 4K videos and sandbox gameplay and the engine is just like no thank you good sir lol. I wouldn't recommend overclocking or doing anything other than moving the game files dating a hdd to an ssd.

    The issue is probably on my end unless you're seeing the lag in other games. Even if I could OC anything I can't. While I can certainly make a "light" package with batch converted p images, the main issue is the video files.

    I'd have to convert them individually for every update, which would be extremely time-consuming. I'll look into this, but I'm not sure creating multiple versions will be possible until development has concluded. Is the big. I'm surprised about the gap between this update compared to the others. Either way, great work. Unfortunately, IRL responsibilities keep distracting me, girl I haven't had as much time as I slqve to create the scenes.

    B4 I spent hours a week creating content, slave it's hard to keep up that pace. Thankfully, people are girl pretty understanding, but I definitely plan to finish the game. Hi Withering. I'm currently using Mega for the clean interface, but With can upload it elsewhere if you need datinh to.

    Your game is so good but i need android version :v can you pls try to make it? I've looked into it and suspect it won't be possible.

    Android only supports games up to 2GB. Antivirus went off when sij started your game, sim it was stopping suspicious actions such as deleting protected files.

    Dating sims game online

    Can you post what version of the game, antivirus software name, as well as a copy of the warning message? The pc this game is made on is secure, so it's probably a false flag. I'm guessing Renpy is trying to access something deep in windows for whatever reason, but I'll look into this on my end. Technically yes, its working but it never downloads. It just sits there on my downloads doing nothing. I left it the whole day and it was on 0. Need to put the link on a different download site.

    That'll help a lot. Hey, man. Your game's great so far. I appreciate the chill atmosphere and the frequent jokes to keep things lighthearted.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the game evolves. I do think you should adjust one thing in the game though. I'm really obsessive with English and grammar, and I have noticed several instances of incorrect usage of the word, "to.

    I'll be looking forward to further updates! Please keep rocking and keep up with the humor. We need more games like this where authors feel free to express their funny side.

    Hah, yeah I think my sense of humor bleeds into a lot of my creative outlets. Where did you find the spelling mistake? I'll update it. The game is only officially supported on PC and Mac through itch. Any android versions you find are likely outdated patches hosted by 3rd parties. Be careful of viruses.

    dating sim with a slave girl

    As for the text, there's nothing I can do from my end since it's another user modifying my code. Ah, I'm not familiar with that app. I'll keep investigating how to dev for android though. Hi, the link appears to be active for me. Is it possible your ISP or browser is blocking the site? There's two of these events. The first happens in the tavern in the morning. The next happens in the afternoon in the player's bedroom. Ah, I was just waiting in the datlng until afternoon.

    I did not realize I needed to enter my room during slave afternoon. I might have to figure up a solution for this since it seems to be tripping players up. I wonder if coding the 3rd scene to trigger as long as the player is also in the bedroom would be enough. The idea was to catch her later that night as well, but it could be too confusing for it girl play out properly. You could probably change the hint sim to say "Enter the room and catch her masturbating" with something witg that.

    That way it hints that you need to enter the room and not just wait in it. No, I was just pressing the left mouse button to advance the screen. As soon as the animation started, the game froze. The first time, I got the Windows pop-up saying that the program had stopped working for an unknown reason. The next time I tried it, it just shut itself down. The only thing I can think of is that I don't have a video card, just the onboard graphics on my skave.

    I'm dating on a Dell Optiplex desktop with 8 gig memory.

    A rebellious low elf-slave girl who was recently sold off by her former master. The Valdora Adventurer's Guild General Manager. A busty receptionist with no filter. An old friend and former love interest from your time at the Mage Academy. She's only recently become a guild member herself. The guild yandere. May 21,  · Room-Mating 2. Sex Emulator 3. Fucknite 4. NarcosXXX 5. Gamebater; 1. Room-Mating – Now, realistic porn games might not be too common in the adult sex games industry, but this dating sim . Become a master and do whatever you want with this hot girl's body Game , Views (Adults Only) The Last Barbarian Demo by ViktorBlack. The Last Barbarian – the Souls-like adult game Game Lewd Dating Sim Kart Racer Game 81, Views (Adults Only) Uprising: Episode 1 by Kaliyo. Sexy Superhero Game for Adults! Game , Views.

    Hi dpas Thanks for checking, although I don't have problems with other renpy games. I'm thinking of getting a graphics card anyway. It's possible the video cutscenes are causing an issue since they're recorded at 4K. They're probably datihg a larger amount of video memory than you'd see in a typical Ren'Py title. That means future content.

    The game is still in development so I just put that sentence whenever I haven't finished coding that part. Currently playing it on PC, and I gotta say it's a good game, seeing that you said it's very early in development.

    I just gotta ask that will it only be on PC or will you plan on porting it to Android as well? Yes, I'll try to bring it to Android at some point. I just want to focus on adding content right now.

    35 Best Porn Games You Need To Play At Least Once In Your Life

    It's a little early to think about porting it, but maybe next year once the game has plenty of story and h-scenes. The UI will be replaced in the next few updates.

    The current points system will also be changed to a "righteous hero" vs "demon lord" specialization. The game is still early in development, so I hope you can enjoy how it turns out in s,ave long run.

    I'm hard at work implementing original story-lines for future updates.

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