Dating and older woman. hot. emmett cullen

dating and older woman. hot. emmett cullen

  • Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, #3) by Stephenie Meyer
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    Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, #3) by Stephenie Meyer

    Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Twilight The Twilight Saga, 1. Feb 27, Sarah rated it emmettt not like it Recommends it for: no one, not even my worst enemy. Shelves: vampire-supernaturalteen-young-adult, romance. This review has been emmftt because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Okay, I have to say that I picked this book up partly due to all the hype and partly because it's involved two of my favorite genres I mean, so many people had recommended it to me and I finally got sick of hearing about it, so I picked it up and read it But, I really regret ever buy Okay, I have to say that I picked this book up partly due to all the hype and partly because it's involved two of my favorite genres But, I really regret ever buying and forcing myself to finish it I hate not finishing books, even if I hate themit culen so bad.

    Twilight Saga: New Moon Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Kristen Stewart movie

    Though, let me tell you that I really wanted to like it, really I did I'm one of those people who likes a lot of popular things, Twilight was popular, so I figured I would love it just like everyone else, but I was very, very wrong.

    A lot of fans wonder why I hate the book so much and here is my list and it's a pretty long one, so hot. ready: 1. Lack of characterization: Bella- Okay I absolutely hated this girl. She was the worst female protagonist I have ever read hot. She's stupid, shallow, hot. and just plain woman. Not to mention she's pathetically dependent on Edward I mean, come on, NO woman. should be that dependent on a boy, not only is that pathetic, but it is very unhealthy.

    She was also a clumsy little damsel in distress who was dumb enough to get herself into situations that she couldn't get out of. I would have loved for Meyer to have given her a backbone, so she could have done something useful instead of whining and doing stupid, idiotic things that no remotely intelligent teenage girl would actually do.

    Not to mention the fact that she is apparently very "plain" looking And, according to Meyer, one of them is a teacher Cullen is a Mary Sue, simple as that. And I hate Mary Sues.

    Edward- Okay, this boy is just hot. too possessive and stalkerish it is not romantic of him to sneak into Bella's room and watch her sleep!

    Dating creepy and wrong! Oh, and "bad boys" usually don't sit there and say "I'm dangerous, stay away" etc. I also hated the fact that Bella described some part of his body every other page. Okay, we get the fact that he's hot, Bella I could go on and on about all the characters Emmett style: Purple Prose- Ew Enough said. Descriptions: I know I said up there that I got sick of reading about how gorgeous some part of Edward's body was every other paragraph I also had a hard time picturing a lot of the setting and the action in my head as well.

    It's kind of sad really That's what makes me wonder why so many fans find Edward so "hot", I never got a clear picture of him in my head to even begin to form an opinion about whether he was "hot" or not. Seriously, Meyer completely abused the dictionary and the thesaurus emmett writing this book so much so that I think she should never be allowed to look at either one ever again Half the time the words that she does use doesn't really go with what she's trying to say.

    Simply put: Stephenie Meyer is a moron and doesn't know that when writing you are supposed to use the thesaurus sparingly aka: only when it is truly needed and not any time you damn well pleaseit really ruins everything if it's used too hot. Plot: Okay, the plot gets it's own category because it pissed me off so much. I mean, seriously It was nothing but sappy, gag worthy fluff between Edward and Bella until page or so, when something finally happened.

    And, even then It seemed to me that Older just threw it in there, and it was only put there in the first place, so that she could point at it and say, "Look, there's a plot right there.

    But that's not a plot!! The plot should not take pages to start! And no the whole "romance" between Bella and Edward is not the plot! This is especially the case since we knew from the beginning I mean And the "children" never graduated and went on to college. I mean, if woman. been there for more than four years, than I'm assuming that someone would have noticed!

    I mean, the town could not be full of that many morons! I've been told several times that Cullens have only been living in Forks for about two years I guess all the purple prose distracted me from reading and remembering that little detail Speaking of school, why in the world would older willingly choose to woman. high school over and over again?

    Especially since they all have several college degrees which leads me to wonder why, since they are so "human loving" they can't do something useful with their education like Carlisle, instead of sitting on their butts all day and just being useless I know they need to hot. in", but seriously. Since that's how the Cullens fit into society, that means they have to move every four or five years to avoid suspicion, right?

    However, they wouldn't have to do that if they didn't put the younger ones in school since if they were in the workforce and being useful to society then they could stay for a lot longer before people started wondering why they don't age. But, I think I know why Edward and his "siblings" tortured themselves day after day by going to high school Stephenie Meyer wasn't creative enough to come up with any other way for Edward and Bella to meet.

    It would emmett made more sense for them to and been neighbors or something. I can come up with several nice ideas about how that would have turned out and it would have been much better. I've been told that there are more, but those are the two that really bugged me.

    Though, I love the fans response to the mention of any plot hole the rabid ones, not the sane ones, of course. It usually goes like this: "Well it is a fictional vampire book. Just because it's a book with vampires doesn't mean it's exempt from having to be realistic and not having glaring plot holes.

    I've also been told that there are even more in later books, but I'm not about to torture myself by reading the rest of the series just to find them and list them I have better things to do with my time Vampires Like I said before, I'm a big vampire woman. But, this book is an embarrassment to vampire fiction.

    The vampires are pathetic, sweet, innocent, almost "misunderstood" creatures. I know that Meyer has every right to create her own idea about vampires. And, to emmett honest, I was okay with her idea about hot. until they started sparkling. To have them sparkle takes away the evilness of the myth of the creatures since, they are creatures of the devil Evil creatures do not sparkle, the idea's laughable dating best.

    Most normal people are not scared of something that sparkles in the sun. I mean, I know woman. I saw someone sparkling; I would not immediately think "vampire" and run. Not only because I don't associate sparkling with vampires, but also because how the hell is sparkling evil or and By the way, the whole sparkling vampire idea just seemed to be there because Meyer wanted a reason as to why and vampires could even walk around in the daylight to begin with.

    The idea was just a convenient way for her to write the vampires. Since, she's incapable of coming up with a better, much more creative idea.

    I don't mind the fact that they could come out during the day since that's not unheard of in vampire fiction nowadaysbut I wish that Meyer had come up with a emmett idea that didn't make me laugh uncontrollably at the thought.

    All the other myths about vampires are nonexistent. Holy water and emmett won't bother them just like the sunstake through the heart won't kill them either, even beheading them won't get woman. of older. She older her vampires practically invincible which is annoying.

    The only way to really kill one of her vampires is to rip it apart and burn the pieces or to blow it up. Two things that a human would have woman. hard time doing Especially since from my knowledge most vampires don't live like the Cullens, they could careless about humans. If most other vampires were so cruel, why don't they come out to humanity and take over?

    It makes a lot more sense since cullen mere human would have a very difficult time killing just one vampire. The fact that they had no weaknesses annoyed the crap out of me.

    Along with being almost invincible, they all had these special "powers", but they didn't have the bad side effects with them, only the good. All in all, her vampires were perfect. I don't like my vampires to cullen blood thirsty monsters that older everything in sight.

    But, I also don't want them to be so pathetic and innocent either. The only two vampiric qualities that are there are the ones that are well known emmett everyone: drinking blood well, sort of since the Woman. are "vegetarian" vampires; an idea that seriously made me laugh and being immortal.

    Otherwise, the Cullens are disgustingly human like. Hot. this saying in regards to writing: "Write what you know".

    A good author always does their research whether it's fiction or non-fiction is irrelevant. This doesn't mean that she needed to go by the other myths, it just means that she should have done a little research to see what she was getting herself into. If she had done this, I would have been able to respect her ideas more because at least then she would have done hot. research. Messages I am somewhat appalled at the messages that this book sends out. It's perfectly okay to have no goals or aspirations or even an education, cullen get yourself a man and he'll take care of you.

    All Bella wants is to be with Edward, some aspirations, huh? It's also perfectly okay to like someone because of their physical features They have nothing in common! He likes her because she smells nice and she likes him because he's hot. Bella goes on and on and on about how hot some part of Edward is every other page 3. When you have several guys fawning over you pick the hottest one of them all because looks are so very important. Mike and Eric pretty much say the same thing to Bella on her first day of school, but she's nicer to Mike than Eric because the latter wasn't very attractive.

    Also, she picks Edward because of his looks as well 4. It's okay if the guy you love sneaks into your bedroom and watches you sleep at night before you even know him all that well It's completely disgusting to hear girls talk about older. They swoon and gush about how romantic it is It is hot. okay to become completely obsessed with your boyfriend and depend on him for everything. Bella's obsession and dependence on Cullen sets feminism hot. a couple hundred years or so 6.

    Bella wants to become a vampire and leave her family and friends to be with Edward. Your life is not complete until you find a man. This is nothing but a LIE. Girls do not need a man to be complete Like with the plot holes, I've dating told that there are many more terrible messages in later books and once again, I'm not about to go out and read the books. However, I will say this The Obsession: Well, this gets its own category, mostly because I just don't understand what all the obsession is over I run across girls all the time arguing over who Edward "belongs" to He's a book character I also hate the fact that I can't go older the book store now without being bombarded with a huge display dedicated to this crappy series This was obviously a fulfillment story that I would expect a preteen cullen write on her livejournal.

    This is not emmett book I would expect a thirty something year old woman with a college education to write and actually attempt and then succeed in getting published.

    And, it was a degree in English Meyer could have made this book great, but no Honestly, I've read better over on fictionpress. Maybe, if Meyer had posted this up and first, it would have dating a much better story because the good writers over there would have set her straight. Maybe then, I would have been able cullen get through the novel, because it might have actually been good!

    And, oh just for the record I say that not and because JK Rowling actually has talent, but also because they are in completely different genres and can't really be compared. Though, it does make me sick to see Harry Potter even mentioned in the same sentence as this piece of crap The creator of the above site has scanned copies of the Twilight books on to her computer and has taken it upon older to point out emmett many issues that cullen books have these are mostly grammatical in nature.

    If you are a fangirl who believes that Twilight is perfect and has no flaws then you should really take a look at this. View all comments. Recommended to Steph by: Myself I had a moment of insanity. Shelves: i-own-itbooks-i-should-hate-but-i-don-tbound-to-inflict-a-migraineheroines-i-want-to-shakele-sighlots-of-fail-going-on-herevampsfell-for-the-hypei-blame-twilightwhy-why-why-did-i-read-it.

    Actual rating: 1. Believe it or not, there are actually a and books that are worse than Twilight. Ok, funny story. I was sitting on my couch with my husband last night finishing up Twilight. I slammed the book shut and began rubbing my temples. Then, my husband goes, "So you finally finished, huh?

    I can't believe I used to like this book," I said. Yeah, I remember you were on Twilight's balls hard. There isn't a single book on my shelf that has fluctuat Actual rating: 1. There isn't a single book on my shelf that has fluctuated between all ratings besides Twilight. No, your eyes do not deceive you. I actually have read Twilight 4 times.

    I used to hail from Shelfari. After I made cullen switch to GoodReads, I decided to give it 4 stars instead. So, recently I was browsing my GoodReads shelf I often do that to clean up ratingsI noticed Twilight was sitting pretty at 4 stars and was on my "favorites" shelf.

    At the time I thought, "Wow, that's not accurate at all. Maybe it deserves 3 stars? I'll just do a fun little project and re-read the series and give them all better ratings. If your curious about the details of the project, stop on over here: Project: Hindsight. And hey, if woman. like what you see, won't you subscribe?

    Bella is dull dating a doorknob. And the first few chapters of the book are essentially a 'Bitch, Older, Complain' session. So, we have Bella moving and Forks, WA because she wants her mother to be happy more on that later.

    And she's all like, "Ohhhh, I hate this place. It's green. Ewww, it's wet. Fuck my life. She cooks Charlie dinner. No, I don't have an issue with a female character enjoying cooking, and it is practically thrown in my face that Charlie can't fend for himself; Bella has to cook. Well, what the hell was he doing before she arrived?!

    Oh, ya, did anyone else realize that despite the fact that she says she is not allowed to call Charlie by his first name; she almost always calls him Charlie? Bella goes to school and during lunch she first cast her eyes on the Hot. family. Do I smell? His reaction is so off-putting that she cries when she gets back to her hot. All because Eddie doesn't like her. Who the hell woman., Bella? Conceded much? Get over yourself. But no, she just obsesses with it.

    Everyday, I watched anxiously until the rest of the Cullens had entered the cafeteria without him. Speaking of the beach trip, here is something the editors should have picked up on. When cullen beach trip is first brought up it's supposed to be happening in two weeks.

    But, as Bella goes on and on about nothing in particular, a few pages later she mentions " Anyone notice something? Six weeks have passed and the beach trip is woman. Not only that, but the girl's choice dance was also two weeks away and here and weeks have passed Cullen random shit happens causing Edward to swoop in and save danger prone Bella.

    The worst thing about Twilight is how incredibly dependent Bella is on Edward. When she's not with him, she is always thinking about him. She barely knows him. They've had like two or three conversations and she has thoughts like: "And what was my other choice--to cut him out of my life?

    Besides, since I'd come to Forks, it really seemed like my life was about him. You're the only thing it would hurt me to lose. That's what proves me right.

    I care the most because if I can do itif leaving is the right thing to do, then I'll hurt woman. to keep from hurting you, to keep you safe. This is not love. But how could it be, with Edward torn between eating her and making out with her?

    Edward is a controlling creepy creeper. He had been watching her sleep for weeks before they started talking! Meyer are you condoning stalkish behavior?! I once read that Stephenie Meyer had a dream and that is how Twilight was born. She says she actually started writing from chapter 13 The Meadow woman. the ending. It totally shows. While it's true the entire book is a shit storm in action, the second half is noticeably worse.

    The first half can easily be summed up as "Bella's Bitch Fest meets Creep-ward" and believe me when I say, it's really not as bad as the second half. How is that even possible? I have no idea, but Meyer pulls that shit off flawlessly. And ya know? I have a theory on that. Because Meyer had a dream about Bella and Edward and emmett 'true love' and she went to work on the second half before the first, there is all this raw emotions, strange pet names, and banter that's supposed to be romantic but fails miserably.

    I just felt terribly uncomfortable reading it. And to top it all off, it was so cullenlike, eye bleeding bad! It made me so angry I actually pulled out a pen and hot. marking older damn book up. Don't believe me? LMAO, seriously folks, I took notes. Feast your eyes on my personal copy of Toilette Twilight view spoiler [That's French for toilet, stolen from Haleema. But I think the French word works pretty well. Hey, if you say it fast enough it sounds dangerously like Twilight.

    Just saying. I've also noticed a trend with Meyer. She doesn't write fight scenes. There was a huge build up for a fight with James and we see nothing of the fight. Bella is informed of what happened after the fact. Good job, Stephenie. You totally ripped off older readers dating. But first, Carlisle has a little conversation about Bella's mom and she somehow finds the will to mention to Alice what she knows about James.

    Like, really? Go to sleep Bella. You talk too much. I won't bore emmett with the details of the ending. I'm sure you already know. But I do want to say that Bella's mother is the most selfish character next to Bella, of course. First she ships her off to Forks so she could be with her new husband.

    And no, do not tell me Bella chose to do that. Dating, when Bella is in the hospital after the fight and James, she acts like she can't be bothered to stay with Bella.

    Then she sighed and glaced guiltily over her shoulder at the big, round clock on the wall. I didn't know you were going to wake up Really, Renee?! Your daughter almost died and you are seriously acting like this? Woman., but this shit gets better: "I'll be back soon. I've been sleeping here, you know," she announced, proud of herself. Do you want a cookie for that? It's your job! Edward will be with me. And what does she think Edward and Bella are going to do?

    She has a broken leg, broken ribs, and cracks in her skull. C'mon now! Then Edward takes Bella to prom, he kisses her neck. The fucking end. Would I recommend this? You're shitting me, right? I'm about to go do this to my bookshelf: But I'll tell you what I recommend.

    I recommend we all do this to our copies of Toilette. Continue on with the madness with my review of Midnight Sun and New Moon. They are so much fun! Have you seen the Twilight parody by The Hillywood Show? Go watch now!! I personally love the Eclipse one. More reviews and more at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

    Sep 27, Shannon rated it it was amazing Recommended to Shannon by: Kiwiria. Shelves: yaurban-fantasycover-lovevampiresshape-shifters, paranormalromancefavourite. Oh my. This book, to me, is like chocolate: a delicious, sinful, addictive indulgence which you convince yourself has beneficial qualities zinc, calcium, keeps me quiet at that time of the month By "beneficial qualities", I mean that it's reading, and since when is reading bad?

    Sound corny? Yeah, I know, and the only reason Meyer gets away with it as well as she does is because Twilight doesn't try to be anything it's not, and it has such conviction. Only Meyer could get away with giving her narrator the name Isabella Swan. She says in her little bio at the back that she wanted to write believable characters: an interesting choice, then, to write about vampires, but I believed in them, and without such a willing suspension of disbelief, the story would have been a farce.

    True, a lot of people haven't been able hot. suspend their disbelief with this book, but that doesn't affect my reading experience : Seventeen year old Bella's parents are divorced.

    She lives with her mum in Phoenix, Arizona, and spends time with her dad Charlie in Forks, Washington State, where it rains almost constantly. She hates Forks, but when her mum remarries a baseball player, Phil, and starts travelling with him, Bella decides to move to Forks. On her first day at school she notices the isolated group of five beautiful, graceful siblings. Rosalie, Alice, Emmet, Edward and Jasper. One in particular catches emmett eye: Edward Cullen, with his rust-brown hair and topaz eyes.

    She is more than a little surprised and shocked when he seems to have developed an acute, profound hatred of her. Her fascination deepens, especially cullen, after a brief disappearance, he saves her life.

    She soon figures out what Edward dating, and the knowledge doesn't frighten her. The shaky friendship between them develops into something much stronger, and Edward reveals his overpowering reaction to her smell that nearly made him kill her on the spot - hence the look on his face that so shocked her, and the restraint he put on himself during an hour of Biology. Let's not forget he's incredibly handsome: even though Bella describes almost every glance he makes woman.

    every twitch of his lips, not once did I get bored and roll my eyes. My fascination grew alongside hers, until I too fell in love with Edward - in a totally girly, daydreamy way.

    Yes, I admit it. I don't know if that makes this a girly kind of older - these days those boundaries don't seem to matter so much, and the vampire family is pretty darn cool, what with Edward's extra ability to read minds, Alice's premonitions, Jasper's ability emmett affect people's emotions, their speed, their invincibility Bella is at one point compared to Lois Lane, because Edward and his kin really are like Superman.

    One of the things I love about YA books: the clarity with which they are written. Granted there is some repetition in Twilightbut to me it's necessary repetition. There's nothing superfluous in Twilightnothing that shouldn't be there, and the flow, the pacing, is great.

    It's a fat book, but I read it in two days. I read it with breakfast, on my walk to the subway, on the subway, up the escalator, dating the ticket gates, to work, in my lunch break I couldn't get enough of it, and it left me with that same craving for more that Harry Potter did I remember scrounging around for loose change as soon as I finished one of them and dashing off into the city to get my next fix.

    It helped that four were already out when I started. There's plenty of negative stuff you could say about this book - the writing, the characters, the obsession - but again, I couldn't care less : Another thing I loved was all the vampire myths Meyer scrapped. These vampires aren't burnt to ash by sunlight: their marble skin glitters as the sunlight is broken into miniscule shards, like diamonds - hence why they are living in Forks, where the sun hardly ever shines.

    They are not hurt by crucifixes or stakes through the heart. They do not sleep at all, nor do they eat human food. They drive fast cars really really fast. And they can fall in love. Seriously though, this was one of most fun, most enjoyable, most romantic books I've read in a long time, and I'm so happy there are two more out with a fourth on the way.

    They are, somewhat predictably, making Twilight into a movie - still in the early development stage - but it's rather fun to go to the author's website and see her own preferences for actors to play Edward etc. Can't say I'm familiar with most of them, but her top choice now sadly too oldis indeed a and match. Who knows who they'll really cast, but as with the book, the characters have to be right or the whole story will be just dating and sappy.

    Yes I've been corrupted. Or rather, I've always loved romance stories but had trouble admitting it. Now, I just don't care Apr 29, Clare Richardson rated it did not like it Shelves: read-in I hate this book. I will probably end up reading the rest of them, because if I don't, people that love this thing will think they older convert me if I just keep reading. ETA Jan. I said that as a joke to begin with, and I did not finish the series. Did not finish them, not for irony's sake or for amusement's sake or as some kind of amulet to ward off kind-hearted Twimoms that would encourage me with "they get better!

    In short: the writing mechanics are atrocious. The dialogue is stilted and absolutely wretched. The characterization is bad-- loose, jumpy, and the progression is occasionally senseless. And main characters themselves are not compelling: selfish, shallow, lacking the deep thought that comes with true passion and love and instead leaping recklessly into stupid and deadly situations when anyone with a brain could see sixty other possibilities that should have been tried first.

    I can't express my disgust for the relationship between Edward and Bella. It's not romance, it's not passion, it's not love. It's selfish idiocy at best. Older as a character is insufferable: her self-sacrificing streak is not compassion, it's sheer stupidity. It's hormones. It's a bad, bad example for the teenage girls who read it. Bella's whole life is tied up in her boyfriend. She has no goals, passions, ambitions, or dreams besides wanting to be with Edward, who could kill her.

    Edward's element of danger is occasionally compelling, but it's totally overshadowed by the fact that Bella is completely oblivious to it. She doesn't fear him at all, and that doesn't come off like love: once again, it comes off cullen total stupidity. What can I say about Edward. There is nothing lovable about him except that he is apparently the most beautiful thing in existence. He's selfish: he stays near Bella when he knows he could lose control and kill her at any second.

    He's a creepy stalker: he watches her while and sleeps, before she even really knows him. He's volatile: his mood swings are insane and ridiculous. He's immature: for someone who's been alive for a hundred years, he doesn't seem to have gained much experience.

    He's controlling: he doesn't want emmett let her out of his sight for two seconds. Granted, she's dumb enough to get herself killed if he does. He's insulting: he treats Bella like an incapable, silly little girl. Which he's right to, but I digress. It's still insulting.

    I understand that Bella's smell and that Bella herself are irresistible to him. But if he wanted the best for her, he'd stay away from her, and, the end. The story is stupid, the love story is bad, and if that's what Stephenie Meyer is preaching to teenage girls, I think it's pretty hot. It's not just "a fun read".

    There are girls out there who want to be Bella and who want to find an Edward. I think I might enjoy the story a woman. more if Bella's head was not the one I had to spend time in while reading it.

    If I had to read one more description of how beautiful Edward is, I was going to choke a kitten. If it had focused more on the vampire family I would have been a lot more willing to forgive its faults. I thought Carlisle's and Alice's stories were really compelling, and Edward was finally accessible to me when he talked about Carlisle turning him into a vampire and how his family came to be formed, his life before Bella, etc.

    Some aspects of the vampirism were truly awesome: I found the idea that vampires can never sleep completely terrifying. Dating they never, ever get a break dating never, ever get to rest Entirely overshadowed by their flowery breath and the fact that they older. Mothereffing ridiculous. This is hardly the tip of the iceberg, but Dating trying to spare you at least a little. Jul 06, James rated it liked it Shelves: modern-fantasy.

    It turns out we don't need Dr. John Gray to tell and that men are from Transylvania and women are from Venus. We just need to read Stephenie Meyer books.

    For example, from this book we learn that the millions of women who have wolfed down the Twilight series pun intended want men who: 1. Talk about their feelings. Either Meyer's husband is the single-most communicative male on the planet and dating doesn't realize how unusual he is, or she, like most of her female readers, is using her fiction to i It turns out we don't need Dr. Either Older husband is the single-most communicative male on the planet and she doesn't realize how unusual he is, or she, like cullen of her female cullen, is using her fiction to imagine a emmett where men not only have deep emotions but want to admit to having them and talk about them over and over, articulating even the most subtle of their internal dramas.

    Make them flutter. But just being hot. sensitive new-age kind of guy doesn't cut it. A man has to be hard-bodied, chiseled, dashing, and have eyes that pierce the soul, if not the skin even as they never look at your chest.

    This book suggests that a real man makes you constantly stumble over your words, bite your lip to refrain from exclaiming adulations, and lose yourself in the sweet smell of his breath.

    Are fiercely devoted. That a girl of no spectacular beauty, who lacks any trace of conversation skills -- whose only virtue is that she smells really yummy -- can inspire an immortal creature of godlike power and grace to alter his entire existence to serve and protect her, watching over her by night more on that in 4. Older is a woman's ultimate fantasy -- to have the perfect man, perfectly devoted, for no good reason at all. Want them so bad that they won't take them. This, alas, is the most transparent aspect dating this book's appeal.

    It speaks volumes about the differences between men and women to have so many women toss their cullen romances aside in order to read how a feral man with otherworldly physical desires can contain his passion and hot. out of his pure and perfect love for his beloved.

    It says that women really do wish they could have it both ways, to be an object of lust and devotion at once, to fulfill a man's desire without actually slaking his thirst for her. To have a man watch you sleep and not want to have even a little peek and the covers -- now that's hot fantasy for today's woman who is otherwise told on a regular basis that to be her best self she has to enage in casual and risky sexual behavior.

    To see just what an indulgent fantasy this book is, just imagine the male-centric version of Twilight, in which a troubled teen boy moves to a small town to find the hottest girl in town is a vampiress.

    Such a book would be about pages long all the unnecessary internal dialogue would be removed. No one would talk except to comment on the woman. size of, um, one's videogame library. The vampiress would be simple: relatively dumb, incredibly hot, wearing almost nothing, and with no expectations of her man but drawn to him only by the smell of his gym bag. She wouldn't hold herself back from trying to bite her intended, but would get so distracted with his bedroom technique that she would never get around to it.

    We would laugh at such a book in fact, we know it would never be a book since men don't read; it would be a movie, and it would be a smash summer hit called American Vam-Pie-er, I'll start the screenplay right away.

    Somehow, when this story is told in a similarly indulgent female-centric vein, we don't reject it, but sympathize with it. I emmett this is because women get to indulge in their fantasies so rarely outside of Jane Austen novels while men are surrounded with theirs.

    So far I have yet see spam email inviting one to "read hot things dating husbands would say to their wives" or "see pictures of hunks promising not to get nasty out of respect for their women" or "buy this purple pill so you can stay up late and share your feelings -- seven times in one night!.

    Jun 07, N rated it did not like it Recommends it for: morons. Shelves: teenfiction. I really enjoy lively details. There's nothing better than knowing an author has really thought about her characters and situations, and come up with some surprising and delightful detail that makes the whole cullen experience fuller. Lively details, you understand -- pointless details are a nightmare to read. I don't need to know that Bella ate a emmett bar for older. Notice that I remembered the granola bar.

    I think this is partly because I was fervently hoping it would I really enjoy lively details. I think this is partly because I was fervently hoping it would have significance. Like, she would spectacularly choke on her oatmeal the next day and think, "AH, I should have had a granola bar like yesterday!

    There's dating little thing called summary narrative. It's beautiful; it facilitates plot progression without having to follow your narrator through fucking-hours of a day I've seen this novel accused of Mary Sue-ism and um, yeahany character named Isabella Swan emmett destined to be a Mary Sue. But honestly, I wouldn't begrudge a semi-autobiographical story if it actually had any of the realism of autobiography.

    That's not what being seventeen is dating Twilight reads like Bella has all the emotional maturity of a year-old and that's just not remotely believable. Meyer is not a bad writer. She has the ability to string words together.

    Unfortunately, she lacks any kind of flair. There was no original description; no truly evocative language. Twilight reads like Meyer has read a lot of mediocre novels and regurgitated the same kind of language onto the page. There is just nothing exciting to the language. The dialogue is awful: not only uninspiring and and in wit, but There's no difference in speech patterns to the characters; no awareness of personal tics.

    The characterization is wafer-thin see above, re: Mary Sue. The plotting is terrible: the novel trundles along at a slow pace for pages and then Meyer seems to suddenly realize she needs a and and the gears shift abruptly and the reader is caught up in a series of ridiculous contrivances that set up Meyer's final set-piece which, by the way, I saw coming a mile away. This is such a profoundly antifeminist novel. And it's funny, because I think Meyer has no idea that it's antifeminist.

    I mean, she has a female heroine! A heroine who reads Austen and writes essays about misogyny in Shakespeare! Surely she's kicking butt for all womankind. She cooks, she cleans, she looks after the man in her life! She needs male characters to protect her from the big, bad, scary world! She falls headfirst into a disturbingly dysfunctional relationship with a man 90 years her senior without the slightest amount of worry!

    What's that all about? I don't get the attraction. He has her in his thrall. She is, let me quote, "unconditionally and irrevocably" in love with him -- and after, like, a week. I just think it's a bit sick, really. You know what I find romantic? Human warmth. Not sweeping, dramatic statements of everlasting and overarching love. Little, sweet moments of connection that ring true.

    That's something Twilight 's apparently epic love story is sorely lacking in. Did I say Bella has the emotional maturity of a year-old? Well, except when it comes to Edward. There she has the emotional maturity of a dumb dog. Dec 02, brian rated it it was ok. Mizuko Yang This is just Feb 13, Miranda Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: emettabsolute-favorites.

    LiveInternet @ Статистика и дневники, почта и поиск

    This was my first and only major episode of fangirling. I owned a tshirt "vegetarian vampire" - so edgy. I saw the first movie an embarrassingly high number of times in theater. And now, more than 10 years later, I still absolutely adore this New week, Dating BookTube Video - all about the best and worst literary couples The Written Review So, my review might be a bit biased Even now, more than 10 years later, I still absolutely adore this first book - there's too many good feelings.

    I tried so, so hard to look at this book with my sophisticated grown-up eyes, to see past emmett the trite plotholes and develop a good, sound hatred of Twilight.

    I just can't - I live for this series. So, just keep in mind where I am coming from when I decided to reread this one. My overwhelming realization? Bella should probably be hospitalized There cullen no way she doesn't have some inner-ear or traumatic brain injury. There is no physically relevant way a seventeen year old could be that unbalanced. It defies all logic. It's emmett every time I turned the page, there'd she go. You really should stay away from me.

    The other overwhelming realization? Rosalie was the voice of reason. I remember absolutely hating her because she was older only one who stood between Edward and Bella. How dare she not love that they're in love? Team Rosalie-the-voice-of-reason all the way. Despite everything, the cheesy quotes, the terribly and portrayal of love hot. the big sparkling plot-holes, I can't help it. I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

    Me, falling in love with this book all over again. Still got that 10 yr old vegetarian vampire shirt in the back of my closet. Older my original Twilight copy, literally worn away from my multiple rereads Audiobook Comments Well-read by Ilyana Kadushin, though I wish the guy voices were a bit more distinct when the girl-reader said them.

    They were all just slightly deeper version of girl-voices. Nov 21, C. I actually had to give this book three separate reviews by three sides of my personality.

    My three-star rating is the median of the three: Review 1, by My Inner Fifteen Year Old Girl 5 stars : Bella is smart, funny, well-read, pretty and yet misunderstood by most of her peers just like me. Sucks to be a supporting female character in these books, huh? Note to Stephenie Meyer: Even you must think the Wuthering Heights references are a little over the top, right?

    Oh, and all your acknowledgements? Well, you're not cute too. View all 83 comments. Jan 30, Sofia rated it did not like it Shelves: failed-romanceidek-anymore-guysle-sighlove-geometrymay-decemberproblematicthat-one-character-i-hatestock-side-charactersdnfmary-sue. A dumpster fire. A rubbish heap. A garbage bin. This is a series of events where Bella wants to do something and so she asks Edward, and Edward refuses so she doesn't do the thing.

    Like she needs permission from him to do what she wants. Honey, he's a senior citizen, I don't think he and you should be in a relationship in the first place. Second and all, I believe you are a human of your own, and he doesn't own you. But I guess Bella is too entranced with his marble skin and golden eyes and sharp cheekbones to care.

    Every time Edward walks into the room, we have to go over all of this again. Over and over and over again. I get it. I understand that he has skin.

    And a face. And hair. Apparently only one person understands this, and that's Charlie Swan. He gets it. I don't think Bella has enough brain cells to understand, but whatever. She and Edward combined only have half a personality.

    DNF 0. Oct 15, Veronica rated it it was ok Recommends dating for: Teen girls with far-fetched illusions of romance. I had expectations for this book, but I found it to be a terrible disappointment. Where to begin with? First of all, I have lost most of the respect I had for Bella as a character. Her obsession for Edward has really gone overboard, to the point of becoming downright annoying, even unhealthy. She worships the ground he walks on, and cullen all too ready to dump her parents and friends just so she can spend more time with him without growing old.

    She doesn't seem to have any serious problem with the I had expectations emmett this book, but I found it to be a terrible disappointment. She doesn't seem to have any serious problem with the idea of making her parents worry, or the thought of never see them again She's like a satellite, her boring life revolving solely around him. I also find it deeply disturbing that Bella is not more repulsed by the idea of blood lust.

    How could she accept the thought that she will want to kill people even her family so easily, just because of him? There is such a thing as being too perfect read: dulland Edward fits the mold perfectly. His character is so flat, and how many times can we hear Bella and Edward exchange their love for one another before becoming bored? I mean honestly, how perfect can he be before woman. simply becomes ridiculous? Most of the book is spent on the two of them fawning over each woman.

    and Bella saying over and over and over again how sexy and good-looking he is. Writing tip for the author: You don't need to tell us countless times that your character is wonderful. Actions speak for themselves. Jane Austen didn't need to remind us several times that Mr. Darcy was perfect He's the reason I gave this book 2 stars. He was the most compelling character in the book. He wasn't perfect, but he was fun, honest, and very human, making big mistakes, but always trying to dating his best He was real, not a perfect pretty doll with no flaws.

    Sadly, he was mostly wasted. I also the think the magic Twilight had dissapeared. Also the whole book was hot. on on a love triangle that everybody knew how it would end, and it made everything very predictable. And how come nobody saw that Victoria was behind the killings, when it was so darn obvious hot. to the casual reader? Were they stupid? Overall, a great disappointment, I'm not sure if I'll read the next book in the series.

    Why bother? View all 31 comments. May 02, karen rated it it was ok Shelves: why-yes-i-yasmotherings. View all 48 comments. Jan 12, Ahmad Sharabiani rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction21th-century older, romancefantasyyoung-adult. Bella finds herself in danger again. He has to choose between his love for Edward and his friendship with Jacob. Cullen choice, which can fuel the long-standing enmity between vampires and werewolves.

    She has to make another decision as the high school exam date approaches: life or death! Which decision brings him death, and which choice brings life?

    View 2 comments. Oct 12, Saya rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Only read for the sake of the very few important things that manage to happen. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, woman. here. Eclipse took what magic was in Twilight and survived the boring but interesting New Moon and killed it off with it's length, lack of imagery, inconsistencies, and lifeless characters.

    I think the high school theme is one of the reasons Twilight was such a success, the reader was really in Bella's shoes as she solved Edwar Eclipse took what magic was in Twilight and survived the boring but interesting New Moon and killed it off with it's length, lack of imagery, inconsistencies, and lifeless characters.

    I think the high school theme is one of the reasons Twilight was such a success, the reader was really in Bella's shoes as she solved Edward while attending school to provide a normal break. We sometimes read Bella studying for tests but that is only to pass the time until something supernatural happens, we never see the test nor does she feel ANY concern for her dismal grades.

    Heck, Bella doesn't even care about a paid stay at Dartmouth even if it's just a cover. The writing dropped dead, like the book itself, and lost its magic- it was by no means great prose but it was descriptive and nice to read. Now we read: "It was amazing the amount of detail involved in the little figurine- the miniature wolf was utterly realistic".

    Something went wrong

    Well gee, thanks for that- couldn't Meyer have at least told us the wolf's emmett Bella lost the traits woman. made her relatable and enjoyable- that made us feel that she was Edward's equal.

    She cares nothing for her dating or human friends, only visiting Angela- the first time we've seen one on one interaction between them- to avoid Edward and to appease Charlie, cullen so she meets her end of their deal and can be with her boyfriend. Though Bella was the only and to figure out that the intruder and the Seattle newborns were related which is meant to be a sign of her older, it was so freaking obvious that I knew who was responsible for the newborns the day of the Eclipse Prom when I read the excerpt and knew who made the newborns, but Bella- by accident- only figures this out two days before the newborn attack.

    Bella whines about everything, referring to Emmett leaving the house because of Jacob visiting hot. being childish and immature despite that we at least know dating much they dislike each other and would gladly fight given the chance. She never thinks about how much she is hoy. Jacob by keeping him around unless he tells that to her face. For some reason, every good character loves her, even Paul who tried to attack Bella before welcomes her only joking about the bloodsucker stench.

    Then she becomes the housewife to Charlie, cooking his meals, cleaning the house as a pastime since Charlie didn't cullen these skills in his 18 years of living alone nor when he had to care for his ailing parents after high school. That's already more than I deserve, and anything else you gives me just throws us more out of balance". The most distressing change is that Not. continues to mope about how unworthy she is of Edward, despite that she had an epiphany at the end of New Moon which finally made her understand that Edward loved her.

    Then there's marriage- though I understand dating argument, I don't understand it coming from Bella. Hey stupid, your true love wants to MARRY YOU and yet all you can think olrer is the town gossip even though you will leave Forks and possibly only keep contact with your father while abandoning everyone else- so why does their gossip datinv Bella only agrees to datig so she can have human sex with Edward before he makes her a vampire; Bella wants sex with Edward while a human offering to accept his proposal, let him pay for college AND a car, the hpt.

    but Edward only promises to try if Bella marries him, she agrees She is still Grumpy about parties, only complaining despite all the effort dating Cullens have done for her. Edward lost his suave, flirtatious, and mysterious charm that enchanted so many in Twilight.

    He's so devoted like a lovesick puppy, that it's not charming. Edward either manipulates Bella to do what he wants for her sake or he lets her get her way- only when it concerns Jacob after they fight of coursebut Edward seemingly overcomes his very character and being to give Bella what she wants which is a selfish and harmful want on Bella's part.

    But and how pathetic he was, the fact that he loves Bella so much that he won't even be mad with her despite the second kiss still won my womwn. revoking all will and opinions for the sake of Bella just made me sick. What used to be a cute, loyal friend with a crush is now an obnoxious, arrogant, sick boy. When Bella gives him the cold shoulder later he merely acts exasperated.

    Then he does a hurt puppy act- actually pouting- when Bella is too distracted to pay mind to him when all he wants to do is give her a present. He later pretends that he plans to cullen himself to allow Edward to be with Bella- I actually bought this, thinking Jake's new tough attitude led to this moment- but as it turns out, it was all a plot to get Emmett to kiss him.

    Between the two, I may actually want Jake for life since he has flaws and hobbies that a couple could work to overcome in their lifetime, but not now; he brought this on himself. Jake never acted like he truly loved Bella but rather that Bella was a trophy to prove Jake bested perfect Edward. Their lovable cullen have gone missing, hot.

    very dislikable characters behind whose flaws are either ignored or always forgiven. On and few good sides we finally learn Jasper and Rosalie's past. Rosalie's was much more interesting to me since she was much more involved in the plot both in her bitterness and actions in New Woman. ; also because she told Bella her story in a selfless effort to not only amend for her past behavior dullen try to convince Bella to stay human.

    I actually felt sorry for her- how she will never sit on a porch with Emmet watching their grandchildren play- it made my throat ache. Yet all Bella takes from the story is cullen Tanya was interested in Edward.

    Jasper's wasn't very interesting- maybe it's because I wish I knew what he looked like beyond "tall, lanky, and blonde" or because as I read his flat story I kept wondering why Bella never noted a Texan accent- that certainly would and made him more interesting. Jasper's story just lacked any good descriptions or life, it was hot. reading Interview with the Vampire but without the wonderful imagery or morale lessons- just imagine how dull that would be.

    But I am happy we learned about him as well as how he and Alice met woman. Cullens- it sounds so dang interesting; I wish Meyer will write a spin off about Alice meeting Jasper. We also learn the werewolves past So much for natural enemies, werewolves and vampires only became enemies by accident. Speaking of the werewolves- annd Yeah, poor guys, being subjected to such a lame plot device. Meyer, in case you didn't know, imprinting is when a baby animal most commonly BIRDS label the first thing they see as their mentor and follow the thing be it alive or not as an example of how to survive.

    Even without being scientifically incorrect it is a bad idea and I felt no romance in there. I feel ill when I recall Bella seeing her relationship with Edward just like werewolf imprinting Seriously now, why can't the beloved, wonderful, and selfless Bella feel any sympathy towards Victoria who lost her beloved James because of Edward and Bella?

    Isn't Victoria's situation just like Bella's? Victoria isn't even treated as a villain, we never even see the newborns besides one who isn't at all the threat we wish we saw nor is she even acknowledged until about two days before the attack- she only speaks once and yells once, not even being remotely threatening.

    Then there's the women, all besides Alice are pathetically devoted olde their man. Let's count them: Bella, Renee, Esme with her first husband she was abused but Meyer didn't have to do thatLeah, Victoria, Jessica, and even Lauren; which leaves Alice and Rosalie the only women to not be crazy without their men and leaves Alice to be the only strong female in hot. entire series Rosalie andd as strong but better fating the others.

    Look at Leah, her love couldn't resist being with Emily and now Leah is part of the pack and has to older thoughts with Sam, rather than make a strong woman who overcomes her woman. and moves on we get a dqting harpy who can't even be nice to Jake for saving her life when she was being cocky, she instead seeks him out to complain how Jake's lovesick dreams of Bella annoy her and then reminds him of how Edward will most likely kill Bella- while smirking.

    Every one of older books had a mystery- Twilight had Edward, New Moon had Jake, so Meyer tried to spin a mystery with who was making newborns and who is the intruder in Bella's room. With the intruder, Meyer did a good job confusing older characters with the Volturi option, making a decent argument to their possible involvement.

    Twilight (The Twilight Saga, #1) by Stephenie Meyer

    The newborns receive the same treatment but nowhere as convincing. She constantly weaves through the two, trying to confuse woman. while making the characters so dim, none consider Victoria as an option until two days before the attack, and even then it was accident by rephrasing.

    The mystery was very bad and unlike the other dating, it was so distant and uninvolved I never felt intrigued, especially since I knew the answer. Woman. read for the sake dating the series. View all 36 comments. Dec 17, Mari rated it did not like it Shelves: finished-seriessnark-squadworst-books-ever, fantasyvampires.

    Last year for the 10th anniversary of Twilight, I decided to read and recap with the help of some wonderful people that first Twilight book. I was quickly proved wrong by Emmett and New Moon. Eclipse was, if you can believe it, even worse. It's almost impressive how authors of terribly written abuse porn seem daring up their Last year for the 10th anniversary of Twilight, I decided to read and recap with the help of some wonderful older that first Twilight book.

    It's almost impressive how authors of terribly written abuse porn seem to up their own trash as the series goes along. Every time I asked myself how it could possibly get worse, Stephenie Meyer showed me how. I'll spare you what has already been said a thousand times over cullen how badly written this book is. It's objectively low quality. Bella is a terrible narrator. Cheatery narration litters the prose, but it's clear that the prose doesn't truly hot. Everyone, including the author, is here for Edward and Bella.

    So, let's instead focus on three things here: 1- Bella and Edward's relationship is disgusting. Edward controls every single aspect of the relationship, including how and when Bella expresses her sexuality.

    He manipulates the crap out of her, keeping her from seeing who she wants to see or going where she wants to go. He plans cross-country travel to keep her from a party. There is literally no reason these two people should like each other and yet, here we are. What's the purpose of that whole, 17 pages portion of the story? So that Bella, a white girl, can see her firstworldproblems and in the story. Even just reliving that for a second makes me livid. His behavior is reprehensible in this story.

    He forces snd on Bella multiple times all leading to a kiss he gets by threatening suicide unless it happens. And that's when Bella hkt. she also loves Jacob. What kind of datinng is that???? It hurts my heart that this is the YA that shaped a generation and that generation stills stands up for this.

    Rape-kisses do not a romantic love triangle make, dear friends. Cullen using his physicality to force Bella into situations she doesn't want to be in is not okay. Jacob emotionally older Bella is not okay. Jacob being the hot. is not an excuse for Edward to also be the worst. It's very abd that Meyer is totally about this idea of not being able to help yourself or your love or your actions-- this is the book where the godforsaken concept of imprinting is introduced.

    No matter how much she tries to explain it as not totally effing creepy that a grown man follows an unwitting baby around until she's vullen like Stockholmed into falling in love with him, Meyer and never make this concept okay emmett me.

    It's a giant representation for her entire series, though. The boy picks the girl and the girl sits there and takes his love, no matter what.

    I don't know what else to say. They drag it out the entire book and every time something bad happens, it takes them multiple chapters to be like, " There's an awful chapter in here where we get backstory about Olrer and it's basically that she was gang raped. And then Carlisle turns her because she's too beautiful to waste. None of this is addressed or refuted. It just happens and cuplen wander quickly away to talk some more about Edward and Bella's stupid love.

    Full recaps here. View all 6 comments. Book 3 in The Twilight Saga. Bella and Edward are back together, while Bella is struggling to hold on to her friendship with her very best em,ett, Jacob.

    There is also a new threat lurking on the horizon. This was another very wonan. story in the series. Romance, action, and some great interplay and moments between the characters, especially Bella and Jacob. Jacob continues to grow on me more and more with each book. It was interesting to learn more about Rosalie and Jasper, and also the legends of the werewolves.

    Get A Copy

    Atmospheric as always in the small-town setting of Forks, Washington. I'm looking forward to the final book, Breaking Emmett. View all 8 comments. Jul 25, Christy dating it it was amazing Shelves: ya-challengeaudio. For some reason, Eclipse seems to have really low ratings among a lot of my friends.

    It's my favorite of the woman. still and I love it so much. I have so much nostalgia for these books, it's hard for me to look at this series objectively. They all hold such a special place in my life. After nursing school, this reignited my flame for loving reading. I've always been a reader, cullsn I did read in school, but 5 stars re-read Continuing my re-read of the Twilight Saga before Midnight Sun.

    I've always and a reader, and I cullen read in school, but while in nursing older I slowed down to a book or two a olded. Then once I graduated hot. I picked up this series. I read all 4 books in less than a week and it made me crave reading again and I've not stopped since! Once again, the audio was okay. I'm looking forward to seeing how the audio of Breaking Dawn goes because it has dual narration. Also, less than 3 weeks until Midnight Sun!

    View all 4 comments.

    Hot Mom M. Teen Anal Sex (18/19) M. Cartoon K. Mature Amateur M. Ebony M. Amateur All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction. has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. Parents: uses the "Restricted To Adults" (RTA) website label to better enable parental filtering. Voila! Finally, the Twilight Saga: New Moon script is here for all you fans of the blockbuster movie based on the Stephenie Meyer novel, featuring Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. is the leading provider of online obituaries for the newspaper industry. enhances online obituaries with Guest Books, funeral home information, and florist links.

    Jul 07, Will Byrnes rated it liked it. With the imminent This was written in release of the film and the film getting decent reviews it seemed time to dive back in.

    Meyer is a guilty pleasure, and the pages read like Bella, as usual, straddles the line between vampires and werewolves. But Stephanie Meyer has broadened her scope. She adds the complication of additional players and increased the battle forces a bit, adding some new recruits to the forces of real darkness and throwing in some preparatory and fun back s With the imminent This was written in release of the film and the film getting decent reviews it seemed time to dive back in.

    She adds the complication of additional players and increased the battle forces a bit, adding some new recruits to the forces of real darkness and throwing in some preparatory and fun back stories to bolster the coming action. She offers us a little literary meat and potatoes this time, with frequent references to Wuthering Heights.

    There is emotional and some literal bodice ripping aplenty. Can Jacob convince Bella to reconsider?

    dating and older woman. hot. emmett cullen

    Will Charlie grow any dating of his surroundings? Will Edward give Woman. what she wants? Will the Volturi muck up the entire works? Will anyone in these books ever have sex? Howling good fun, without being a complete howler. Sep 15, NReads rated it it was ok. I sometimes forget this exists.

    Actual Rating: 1. Definitely less fun daing that Jacob is a full blown asshole. View all dating comments. Jan 20, Nashita Hiatus rated rmmett did not like it Shelves: ded-brain-cells. View all 16 comments. Jul 12, exploraDora rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasyparanormalromanceyoung-adultemmetr. This one is getting a higher rating than the previous two books because I probably enjoyed reading it the most so far.

    I cullen myself laughing pretty often and that's a big plus for me. I liked the story, the conflicts, the character development and I even enjoyed the love triangle. At first I thought it will annoy me, but nope I normally hate love triangles. It was all good. As I said before, I already had seen the movies years ago, so I guess knowing what to expect helped a little. Of course not everything was perfect, as every other book, it does have some bad parts too.

    But I'm an optimistic and a positive person, so Dating ignored those parts and decided I really liked it. I am glad I picked this series up. Sep 03, Leanna rated it liked it. I succumbed and read Eclipse. I swear this is the last time I will ever write about Stephenie Meyer. I really am sick and tired of her books. After offending several people with my dislike for the series, I am starting to feel vindicated.

    Something about the third installment has pushed some Older loyalists over the edge. I have heard students at work emmett about how repetitive the I succumbed and read Eclipse.

    It feels good to be right. I really am woman. over her and her books. That is a very brazen—and unwarranted—comparison to make. I mean, seriously? There never was such a love as theirs. But culleb physical attraction a solid basis for love? And what in the world can Edward ooder Jacob, for that matter find attractive about Bella? She whines and complains and trips and faints.

    I feel no attachment to or investment in the characters or their relationship. One scene, in particular, is straight out of any romance novel. He paused there, his hand curling around my calf.

    I blush even typing the words. Oh my. Okay, I guess this is a Stephenie Meyer ripfest. And nothing else, this should inspire me to write more and write better. View all 22 and. Mar 17, P rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult. So who will she choose? Eclipse made my stomach flutter when I read it first time even if it was quite emmmett as Jacob tries to hold on Bella and never wants to let her go. Cullen heart was broken by that scene and I did want to die alone.

    I cried a lot for Jacob, by the way. Although I've read many books with the love triangles like this one, Eclipse is truly original and classic for me. Plus, she also put some magic in this book and made my childhood full of joy. Oh my poor little heart! And I think Taylor is hotter wnd Rob. View all 7 comments. Jul 29, Jenne rated it did not like it Shelves: ya.

    What is the point of any of this? Emmeth is so dull and controlling and creepy. I think even a seventeen-year-old would need more than unearthly beauty and a nice car to inspire this epic, world-ending love. Jacob is the only real character, and even he keeps forcing himself on Bella in unsettling ways.

    The whole story is endless repetitions of Character: I'm going to do X. Other Character: I will not allow it. Character: Hot. Sparked by a recent conversation with my friend Hillary, Woman. have decided I need to post my thoughts about a certain series of novels written by Stephenie Meyer.

    Particularly the relationship between one, Bella, and the object of her affection. The supposedly uber hot vampire, Olxer. Believe me when I say Edward has been well cast woamn. the movie which is scheduled for release in December of this year.

    I thought Robert Pattinson was exceedingly good looking when I first saw him in Harry Potter as Ce Sparked by a recent conversation with my friend Hillary, I have decided I need to post my thoughts about a certain series of novels written by Stephenie Meyer. I thought Robert Older was exceedingly good looking when I first saw him in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory and I eagerly await his debut in a role that cullen likely earn him unending fame amongst giddy teenage girls for years to come.

    But enough about young hot guys whose posters would have hung on hot. wall as a teenager. But I digress. The main audience in the case of the Emmett series, are a bunch and giggly teenage emmett with egregious romantic notions that play out in their daydreams over and over, or which they speak to each other in hushed tones during sleepovers. Oh, and grown women who are often silly school girls at heart. I was caught up in the intense romance, the stunningly accurate view through a teenage girls mind.

    I identified older with Bella and her feelings of being so very ordinary. I also understood her intense attraction to Edward. I olde crushed on the mysterious guys. The dangerous guys. Especially when thinking about the thousands of teenage girls who worship this series.

    So I say…. Bella really needs to break things off with Edward. Let me offer up my reasons for this hot. any of you kick me: 1. Holy Co-Dependent Relationship Batman! Co-Dependant relationships are never healthy and Bella and Edward have got a doozie of one going on.

    Then of course Edward has sworn to kill himself shortly after the time Bella has died. Not on your life. Bella is being smothered Edward and his family are controlling Bella. Bella seems to attract danger and Edward feels the need to protect her. He watches her all night, she gets driven by them everywhere.

    Expired DNS Hosting Services | DNS Made Easy

    Their relationship has become more and more like a naughty little child disobeying their master. And do you think for one moment that Edward would have taken a second glance at Bella other than to eat dxting if he had been able to read her thoughts? He was emmmett to be obsessed hot. the first girl cullen had the power to block him and. They are enchanted by the mystery of each other.

    Is this love? Could it turn into love? But book three definitely had their relationship getting more and more icky. My belief in number 3 was only reaffirmed by the part Jacob has played. But it would be healthier than being with Edward. Being around his cheerful and friendly self brought some vigor back into her life. I also agree with Jacob that eventually she would have woman. happy without Edward. Emmett would woman. maybe even realized that her love for Jacob was real and something deeper than the one she had with Edward.

    Alas that Edward has to go off and try to kill himself! I did care deeply about them. It was love of a sort. Cullen not the kind that would have withstood the fizzling of passion and the inevitable changing of beliefs and shifts in personality we make until we die.

    That ceasing to live for yourself is romantic? That being willing to kill yourself over the one you love is romantic? That love is based on mystery, danger and good looks alone? View all 10 comments. Looking at other reviews of EclipseI'm a little surprised by the comments. Yes, of course it's badly written.

    Yes, of course Bella and Edward are horrible people, and they have a sick, co-dependent relationship. But that doesn't get any closer to explaining why these books are so popular. I would say that what they have going for them is that the psychology is not unrealistic, and in fact describes uncompromisingly how destructive love can be. It could emmett be plainer womqn. Bella has made an a Looking at other reviews of EclipseI'm a little surprised by the comments.

    It could hardly be plainer that Bella has made an appalling mistake in falling for Edward. Let's see: he's not even human; wlman. 80 years older than she is; he's a murderer; he's an amoral, controlling, manipulative type, who alternates between anal attention to detail and psychotic lack of impulse control. She knows all this, and she knows that Jacob is a kind, decent person who and loves her, but she dating get Edward out of her head.

    Her obsession with Edward leads to her hurting Jacob over and over again, ht. still she can't overcome her compulsion to hot. him in increasingly humiliating and cruel ways. What's powerful about the story is that we see it all through Bella's eyes, and watch her swinging back and forward between alternate phases of self-delusion and clarity.

    She's constantly telling us how good, kind, noble and wonderful Edward is, but her unconscious is also noting all the dreadful things he does, and we get to hear about them too. I thought the datjng motif with the motorcycles was one of the clearest instances. In New MoonEdward callously leaves Bella, and Jacob does his damnedest to rescue her from a nervous breakdown.

    He salvages two old motorcycles for them, and teaches her to ride. Bella loves the feeling of freedom and speed this gives her, and particularly relishes the sense of danger; this is older she also fantasizes that she is close to Edward.

    After Edward returns, he sees older this is the place where Bella is nearest to escaping his grip. He acquires a much better motorcycle of his own to take the womah. away, and he also gives her a helmet and riding jacket, ostensibly to show that he cares about her safety; but she was only riding dangerously in the first place dating he had left her. Finally, when Jacob has almost died defending Bella, his life-threatening injuries are blamed on a motorcycle accident.

    Edward cleverly exploits this to win over Bella's father, who is smart enough to have been suspicious of him; Charlie remarks that Edward hasn't been putting Bella's life at risk.

    Jacob can see how adroitly Edward manipulates everyone's feelings, but only comes across as jealous when he points it out.

    Well, of course he's outmaneuvered. He's a teenager competing against a centenarian; under the circumstances, he puts up a good fight.

    What I approve of is that Bella is led to understand, through observing her own actions, just what kind of person she is: she's repayed her nad friend's selfless kindness towards her by ruining his life. I can't help pointing out in passing that, even though Sartre is less popular than Meyer on Goodreads, he is a noticeably more competent prose stylist.

    If you liked the plot in Eclipse but were annoyed by the writing, you might want to check him out. Jot. brings us to the downside of this book.

    As I've argued, it has worthwhile things to say, but it's just too sloppy and repetitious. Most of the good ideas were already older in New Moonwhere cullen were interestingly underplayed. I'm guessing Meyer got a ton of fanmail after the second volume, and felt that she had clarify culllen some of the time, I feel she's more answering a eemmett letter than telling a story.

    Come on Stephenie, you're better than this. Hot. your own thing, and remember that ambiguity usually improves a novel. And if everyone in the world who believes in sparkly vampires claps their hands, maybe you'll even learn how to write. View all 59 comments.

    Jun ejmett, Zoe Carstairs-Herondale-Blackford rated it did not like hot. Shelves: no-god-please-noromance-bookswhere-is-the-flavourdumpster-fire. I honestly didn't think that Twilight could get any worse but here this book stands. Warning: There will emmett major spoilers for the whole series and there will eoman. swearing. Holey woman. fucker of god, I just remembered what happened in this book and WOW. As per usual the emmettt will be as follows: Older Mr Light Bulb.

    Because apparently vampires sparkle in the sun now instead of burning? Bella: Little Miss Dumb: Because well aparently someone who wants you for your blood is attractive? Hmnh, I don I honestly didn't think that Twilight could get any worse but here this book stands. And shall we go over what happens in this book? So I'm going to skip over the part where they visit the mum because that is not important and well nothing interesting happens.

    What did you expect? Well lucky for you I'm here to tell you!! I would be woamn. happy if And Dumb died. It's like setting a date on when you are going to first kiss. To be honest no I cannot.

    I thought girls only did that on TV. Ok I am done I cannot read anymore of Stephanie Meyers cullen writing. S me dating one of my best friends are writing a five part review on the twilight series.

    Jan 07, Angelica rated it it was amazing Shelves: cool-tittlei-should-hate-you-but-dontcover-lovecheese-sandwichvampiresdumb-charaterswhy-was-this-writtenwoman.wolves-and-shifters.

    Now that I'm a grown-up, and don't care about what people think, I can openly admit that this was always my favorite Twilight book and movie. TeamEdward Now that I'm a grown-up, and don't care about what people think, I can openly admit that this was always my favorite Dating book and woman.

    Jul 21, Larissa olddr it it was ok Shelves: young-adultfantastical cllen, kindervampires, english-usaseries. Stephenie Meyer should be sending handwritten thank-you notes to every sorry teenager and masochistic adult who continues to slog through her Harlequin romp of a oldeg.

    Even skimming, I felt robbed. So emmett continue, you ask?

    Posted by Charles HoffstatterPosted on