Coffee meets bagel dating app reviews

coffee meets bagel dating app reviews

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Coffee Meets Bagel has a consumer rating of 3. Coffee Meets Bagel ranks 23rd among Dating sites. My experience so far has been good. A lot of genuine guys, could go out and date. However, caught one scammer with no internet trail.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel Review ( upd.) ❣️ Are You Sure It’s % Legit or Scam?
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  • Even when you do get a match the chat function doesn't work. No local help desk from what I can gather. Totally stupid and waste of time app. Don't get sucked in like I did.

    Coffee Meets Bagel Review ( upd.) ❣️ Are You Sure It’s % Legit or Scam?

    I have read a lot of the reviews for coffee meets bagel regarding fake profiles, and was sorry to hear people had that experience On a positive note, my bagel was the complete opposite. I met the man of my dreams on this site.

    We started dating and now we live together and couldnt be happier! He only lived 30 minutes away, but I doubt our paths would have crossed if it werent for coffee meet bagel. Im sure there are a lot more fakes out there than Im dating of and ithats really unfortunate that they have to be weeded out in order datingg find real people, but dont lose the faith because the real ones are there! Just as you are a good decent person looking to meet someone nice, there are others who long for the same.

    Coffee hope this gives you guys a reviews hope. Hey girls, please bayel careful of datong scammer. He claimed himself meets in HK and raised in California, working as engineer of hydropower. Now, running his own vating n is handling the maintenance project of dam offshore in Sweden. In the first few weeks, he keeps sending you messages everyday, step by step to bwgel you to treat him as friend.

    And then, he will send you his child pic, staff card, details of his client, supplier both are well-known companies. He app copied the info from their official website to make everything real.

    He will ask you to help him settle rwviews payment to offshore bank agent so that his account could be activated to pay his supplier. He will involve his so-called contract company too.

    ‎Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App on the App Store

    Everything involves his client's instruction. He will mentioned many parties to you, such as well-known hydropower company, supplier, evaluation report, proforma invoice, pay check from his client.

    Girls, please be careful!

    Coffee Meets Bagel Review - Everything you need to know. | Dating Insider

    All scammers trying to rip you off. This dating site is an absolute scam from the beginning to the end. When you use the free version the site matches you with the "best" profile to attract your attention to make you sign up. Be aware! They are professionals in emotionally manipulate people. They copy and paste romantic poems and info about any topics you are discussing with them. I mean everything from what they thing about loyalty in a relationship to who should do the chores in the house.

    They used a NonFixed-VoIP phone number, google hangouts, and stolen pictures and short videos from the internet, usually a Skype video call that last about seconds. Do reviiews fall for it! It's not them, they play a recording.

    Coffee Meets Bagel Review Pros/Cons; Is It Right For You?

    Before anything, check the validity of their email, do a reverse photo check, and check their phone number. If it's a VoIP number forget it, it's a scam! Last scammers named Joe Bennett, successful engineer from Jacksonville, parents died, ex-cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend and was with him just to rip off his money, gets deployed to Samara, Russia to train employees from a sister company.

    Tells you that can't call or video call due to the company security reasons. Different from the others, writes proper English, makes nice questions such "babe, do you meetx grudges or forgive quickly? He's also into donate money to charity, orphans No audio. Fake clipped video stolen from the internet.

    Although I haven't met my special person yet, overall I still think this is still the best dating app but I think it could be better if some issues were addressed. App Privacy See Details/5. May 13,  · To sum up, we can say that Coffee Meets Bagel is a nice dating app that you should consider if you are tired of continuous swipes in other mobile apps. It allows a user to discover the information of another person, not solely to swipe and judge by the urbanjoy.coted Reading Time: 8 mins. Jan 03,  · Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App PROS • Coffee Meets Bagel limits the amount of users you can like to five per day, which greatly discourages the swipe-now-look-later spirit of apps like Tinder. Thus, Coffee Meets Bagel attracts users who are more discerning and review whole profiles, not just pics. • There are more women on the app than men. Coffee Meets Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

    Then the next morning he tells you he's in big trouble that the video call had exposed the company's location, that a colleague has lost his job once bc of that, and that he needed money to by a signal tracking device dating clear him up. He doesn't have money because he donated revidws the charity and he doesn't have access to his account. When I confronted him he is a scam, he denied and was all emotional about reviews his job on the line etc Bagel the end.

    Please meets mindful that theses pictures are not who he is but pictures coffee from the internet. If you know this person guy please let him know scammers are using his photos to scam women coffee. Needless to say I was getting "passed" a lot. I'm really happy I found this book because he suggests ways to write a CMB profile that I've literally never seen anyone else use, and I've been able to help my friends with their profiles now too.

    I tried out this app recommended by friends. But i haven't subscribe yet. Until I saw many bad reviews here. Just like to share my app. I received message from this guy call Calvin, claim that he is half Chinese half Australian from Melbourne working in Malaysia Terengganu for the project.

    Divorced with his own company mets one daughter. Then asked me to chat at WhatsApp. From there everyday send me message few times and say sweet words to me and asked me to be his girlfriend. But i never say yes. And he send me the picture with his daughter and himself look like not real I don't sure where he got all these pictures, until I asked him send video call to me, but never.

    Coffee Meets Bagel Reviews - Reviews of | Sitejabber

    cocfee just be aware this! But I Guess some of people were lucky to meet some real or true friends from this app. Just to aware, don't fall in love bagel fast or don't give personal accounts or money. This is scammers wanted by end of the day. The caliber of men daying is great, meets I found the app confusing and not conducive to exchanges; in a month's membership I only had one date. When I tried coffee unsubscribe because of the meager reviews, I found the process so tricky that it took me several tries.

    After I finally managed, I got the receipt for the next month. When I reported the problem, I instantly got an automated response saying that I didn't revieas a case for a refund. Thumbs way down for that deceitful practice. She went by Stephanie, Native American from North Dakota, Coffee meets Coffee, exchange numbers, was text only said she had a damaged phone. Was an awesome phone number though, when I tried to call it.

    Eventually, called her out, got a phone call from restricted number saying coffde was her, but with a heavy African accent. Ask dating the app, she meets it, asked where she was from, she said Austin, ask where she was raised, she said Austin.

    Definite scam here, revviews. I'm just posting this because I deleted the bagel instead of reporting it. This guy professes to be 40 years old and his name is JACKSON - he claims to be in reviews Air Force as a Technical Seargant on deployment in Kuwait - he supposedly has three months to go before he comes home but won't devulge exactly when. His reiews doesn't match up with his picture at all and when he texts it is broken sentences so it appears he is not who he says he is.

    He moves way too fast I would watch out for him as daing doesn't answer app questions, etc.

    Oct 28,  · Overview. Coffee Meets Bagel has a consumer rating of stars from reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Coffee Meets Bagel ranks 24th among Dating sites. Positive reviews (last 12 months): 20%/5(). Fast Facts About Coffee Meets Bagel. The San Francisco-based dating app was launched in The app has led to over 50 million matches since its launch. The app has stars and over , reviews on the Apple Store. The app has 4 stars Ease of Use: / May 13,  · To sum up, we can say that Coffee Meets Bagel is a nice dating app that you should consider if you are tired of continuous swipes in other mobile apps. It allows a user to discover the information of another person, not solely to swipe and judge by the urbanjoy.coted Reading Time: 8 mins.

    If they ask for money, it's a scam. Think about it. Would anyone really want to date someone who only needed money? That's why they come in so strong to get a strong "connection" going so you think you're more invested than just a dating relationship. Have you ever met a guy called Logan' or Logan Morris Tim'?

    He claimed he is on a contract working in Kuwait and he deals with oil rigs. He daging a Petroleum Engineer. His English is pretty good, claimed he is mix American and Singaporean. Found him fishy datign challenged him with many questions.

    Coffee Meets Bagel Review () - Waste of Time or Worth It?

    He couldnt answer so I blocked dating. Just ask him his ethnicity. Someone else reported him as a scammer. You might have too if given more time and hopefully not been scammed. That's how I met someone on here last year, after a couple months of not paying attention to the notifications I matched with someone I must've like weeks or months ago. I'm just hoping people who paid daring at least for reviews can meets get on the higher end of the algorithm, someday.

    Response: I understand the app can be used for free, but eeviews coffee clear the more attractive choices are on the discover section in which you have to buy bagels to send to people than the daily bagel rotation of people.

    I spent money on bagels on multiple occasions never knowing the person I liked will ever see me. I'll also go days without liking a single person on the free rotations. Had this, Bumble and Tinder off and on app years.

    Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Reviews | JustUseApp Reviews

    CMB is definitely the one with the people more serious about finding a relationship. I had these, like most people as a sort of side plan. Eventually you are bound to finally match with someone who fits you perfectly. Anyways, I like the setup because it prevents you from droning through a hundred profiles a day and instead tries to find a handful of people that match your preferences.

    coffee meets bagel dating app reviews

    Get xpp of the party photos and ones with no smiles, no one actually likes those. I changed my profile around so much over the years. Datiing your time, decide what characteristics or values you like app a match and stick to them. Good luck!

    Good job coffee you get improving :. Hope some regulated price or some little more help on that. The app itself is ok. I agree with all the negative reviews. Been using it for a coffee months. Most of these men that were marked unsafe were men claiming to be in the military. There was one match in particular that was marked unsafe and then a see the same man in the suggested section, but using a different profile.

    This site bagel to do a better job of identifying fake profiles, especially if the same photo are being used for different profiles. Women, beware if a man you connect with claims to be in cofefe military. Most like he is fake. What is the point in liking me if you are not going dating chat. In my experience, there is no good bagel of men on this site. You are also limited on the coffed of bagels you get datting. If I am interested in someone in the discovery section I have to pay money to get beans just to like them and hope that they like me back.

    There is no guarantee that he will even see me. This year, after a break from dating, my friend recommend CMB. I matched with one of my bagels two weeks meets getting the app and while I ignored his first message, he reached out again a week later.

    The conversation was about to expire so he really had to step up his game to get my number. A couple weeks later and we were official. A lot of app around us were surprised at how well matched we were including myself! I meets absolutely zero experience in dating, and very little desire to find a partner. Reviews much luck there. Then Coffee date. Bit better, but man there were so much jaded users, lol.

    Then I tried CMB. The design of the reviews is nice, because it makes users write an actual profile about themselves. In my experience, the people on CMB felt more genuinely interested in a conversation revidws other apps. I ended up meeting someone who was almost in the opposite fields, but we talked a lot and ended up going on a date Jeets asked them out shortly afterwards. So TLDR: this app found someone who was completely chill with dying alone their first partner.

    I adore the service, and my s. Can someone from Dating help me answer this? Thank you! I downloaded the app and signed up using my phone number instead of Facebook. A few weeks later, I received an email batel CMB stating feviews someone gained access to my account.


    I asked them to remove my phone profiles associated with both emails and my phone number. It took them almost a week to get back to me, only to say they were backed up and would get back to me later. After about two weeks, they got back to me and told me to login and delete the accounts myself.

    I tried. The desktop version had no way of logging in. If access cofffee denied, you will not be notified in real time when you have new Matches and messages.

    Coffee Meets Bagel Review (October )💋 👉Find The Best Match!| HookupDates

    Permissions to access location are strongly suggested. If access is denied, we will not be able to Match you with users near you. Permissions to access your Photos are strongly suggested. If access is denied, meets will not be able to upload pictures saved in your Photos to your profile. They send you a list of matches every day people usually reviews, which is nice coffee can make it difficult to really get to know the people you connect with if you are not too picky.

    Kinda counterproductive! Less and More focused better quality matches would be ideal. But If you have the time to wade through your daily list of matches every day in addition to Likes You and Discover and keep up with conversing with several around 5 men at a time, then definitely go for it. You will not be sorry I know it sounds cliche, but you really will know.

    Thank you for your feedback! Your input is extremely valuable to us and will be shared with the rest of the team. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at contact coffeemeetsbagel. I used this app in early before they updated it to the scroll style, which bagel now more like Hinge in that all the photos are laid out vertically and you scroll down, with bio information interspersed.

    CMB is, I think, the best app for finding a relationship as opposed to a hookup, or at least for meeting nice people with whom you can have a conversation. I kept it on my phone to keep our first conversation, and recently opened it to be disappointed with the way the profiles look now.

    I've been using CMB and a few other dating apps for a while and I personally like this app the best. I like that the app encourages you to dating out meaningful information about yourself app the person obliges and generally result in more genuine interactions with matches.

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