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  • Well, the rest of the clones do parody historic figures. She's the female goth friend of Abe Lincoln, along with Gandhi. She's a witty and outspoken vegan feminist. But she suffers from mundane angst, especially from her unrequited love for the clueless Abe, who instead adores the conceited Cleopatra. Joan has a tendency to erupt melodramatically into tears. The show is a parody of teen dramas prominent at that timewith a pop rock intro song and a "very special episode" every time.

    Labels: protagonists. In Memory Of. Alas, these Goth girls only appear in a single episode. The episode is alongside "Crushed!

    Of course, Malaria is the one the Grim Reaper would fall for better get old hopes up, fellow admirers of Death. She appears in the show's opening sequence from then on. Created by Jhonen Vasquez, dating author of the dark comics Johnny the Homicidal Maniacthe show was unfortunately canceled before Tak becomes the main antagonist in future episodes doom be hailed upon Nick!

    She only appears once as a Mary Sue-sque character, yet becomes an instant fan favorite. After chick Zim during Valentine's Day, she reveals her grudge and plot against him for unwittingly destroying her chances to be an Elite Irken Invader. Argent in " Calling All Titans! Aside from Raven, Argent is another dark and gothy superheroine. Year even asks for a black communicator to go with her outfit.


    In the episode, she meets Starfire and becomes an honorary Titan, but she is soon captured by the Brotherhood of Evil, because they want year super power. Argent can fire crimson energy beams, and can use that energy to form objects, similar to Green Lantern. She can also fly at high goth and speeds. In the original comics, she's half-alien, summoned during her sweet sixteen party, and instead of crimson, her plasmas are silver, like her skin, and usually turn into daggers.

    In this non-Spongebob episode, Pearl's friends are too busy working in the mall to hang out with her and talk about boys. One of them is Nocturna, who works as a cashier in Scorched Coral, but she finds it heinous and greets people to go away.

    She even dating a customer choke on a spiked bracelet. Pearl tries to get a job there, too, but a Goth look-alike already gets hired and hisses at her.

    When Pearl starts working at Grandma's Apron, she gets ridiculed by Nocturna and the others. For more one-time Goth characters, go to Almost There. Labels: once. Girls Gone Goth. Some characters have gone Goth themselves. When Lisa finds out old her baby sister, Maggie, has a higher IQ than her, she suffers from identity crisis. She tries out different character gimmicks, like cowgirl, soccer player, cheerleader, stand-up comedian, etc. Goth is her second choice, and calls herself Ravencrow Neversmiles.

    But Milhouse ruins it when he asks her to make out with him in the cemetery. He even mistakes her as an Oakland Chick fan.

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    Candace in " Flop Starz " Phineas and Ferb. This only happens for a second because Candace is trying out different outfits before going to a concert. Her bestfriend Stacey comments, "Too Goth. She finds it embarrassing when her cick Goth phase goes viral. Jeremy sees her, and she panics, but then owns it anyway. In " The Curse of Candace ", she believes she's turned into a vampire, so she visits the gorh only Goth store, Whateverhoping to find apparel that will datlng her better from the sunlight.

    Nebula in " Lights Out" 6teen. Her real name is Starr, Jude's g irlfriend. Before she becomes a hard-core Goth, Starr is into skateboarding, veganism, yoga, poetry, and New Age. Come to think of it, some Goths are also into such things. Though touched by this, Nebula feels they should stop dating. Numbuh 3 in "C.

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    We've seen the happy-go-lucky Kuki turn to the dark side, like when she becomes the Grim Reaper's replacement in Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure.

    But in "Operation: Candies Are Really Altering Many Extraordinary Lives", Heinrich Von Marzipan, the infamous candy hunter, uses a sacred toth ritual dating creating the perfect golden caramels by sacrificing his victims' most valued quality. In Numbuh 3's case, it's her bubbly personality, which even Vating finds too sweet. Once removed from her, what is left is a total glum girl. Forgetting about their anniversary, Aladdin rushes for a gift, year unknowingly gives Jasmine the Blue Rose of Forgetfulness.

    Confused, the amnesiac princess runs away, and comes across the villain, Abis Mal. He convinces her she is his daughter, and they are there to take over the palace. Jasmine then dubs herself " the blackest, most twisted heart in Agrabah: the Scourge of the Desert. Of all the various stylish outfits Kimiko wears in every episode, only dating one has I found to be close to Goth.

    And Kimiko even wallows and cries here, because her father is turned into a zombie by Pandabubba using the Zing-Zom Bone. It is indeed a dark episode, with all the zombies and the Shroud of Shadows, since the style is chick nod to retro horror movies. Yin is forced to be Coop's girlfriend for the day. She finds out that, when aggravated, he can become extremely evil, zapping chaos and darkness even onto clothing.

    And yet, in his evil phase, he becomes extremely attractive. Yin finds this as a problem; he can't be hot, at the same time, good. Coop's solution is to turn Yin evil and Goth! Yang finds evil Yin, or as she calls herself, Eve, impossible to defeat. Sharon gets jealous when her mean girl, Nina Harper, starts going to her mom's therapy sessions.

    She becomes mad at her mom for goth caring for the things she cares about, like going to the Vice Grip concert. Sharon then thinks her problems x not big enough, so she tries to become a Goth apparently she thinks that's a big issue when it happens to a child. Her gifted little brother then starts goth ominous music on the piano.

    Yet, their mom thinks it's only a theater arts project. Stella in chick Exchange Students " Winx Club. Stella, the most fashionable of the fairies, has gone Goth, too. Well, only in her imagination. Sating the Winx hears the news that they're going to Cloud Tower and work with the witches, Stella imagines her self in different Goth witch outfits. But she doesn't like the idea very much. Also in this episode, Mirta has a major role as she accompanies the Winx Club in her former school.

    More of Stella's Goth outfits are in this site. Of all the thousands of comics, this is the only one that features the Goth culture. At first, Betty feels ignored by her friends and meets two Goth girls in old new coffee shop.

    Rating adapts their Goth style to get attention chock her friends but she realizes she was just ignoring them, like what they did to her. Extra Shadows. Television writers have been fascinated with the Goth archetype, and considered them as side characters and year comic reliefs in their shows.

    However, Goths are portrayed as stereotypes, and sometimes, the borderline between Goth, emo, metal and punkrock becomes thin. Disclaimer: I own nothing Triana Orpheus from The Venture Bros. She is the daughter of the melodramatic necromancer, Dr.

    Byron Orpheus, who turned her closet into a secret gateway to the Necropolis. He sometimes overprotects her, calls her pumpkin, and still sees her as a child, though she's more mature than what he believes, going out in parties, drinking, old smelling of cloves.

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